Politics United Nations to hold crucial meet on Hong Kong protests

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    WASHINGTON: As protests across Hong Kong against a controversial extradition law enter its third month, the United Nations (UN) has decided to take up the matter in a crucial meeting, sources said.

    On Wednesday, Beijing slammed the "terrorist-like" attacks by protestors on its citizens during the chaos at the city's airport.

    The pro-democracy movement achieved early success in June with the suspension of the proposed bill that would have allowed the extradition of criminal suspects from Hong Kong to mainland China. This followed unprecedented peaceful demonstrations that brought up to two million people on the streets.

    Since then, the UN has shown concerns over human rights violations, especially the use of unethical measures as pepper spray on protesters.

    The organisation also said that the meeting would focus on the role played by China during the protests.

    Flights operations resumed at Hong Kong's airport on Wednesday after two days of disruptions in the semi-autonomous Chinese city.

    Read more here. (New Indian Express)
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    Pepper spray is unethical? I wonder when the UN will set it's foot down about that in the U.S.

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