US News United States Surpasses China in Coronavirus Cases; Now Leads the World

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    The United States has surpassed China as the world leader in cumulative coronavirus cases.

    At the time or writing, the US has 81,332 cases of coronavirus, while China has 81,285, according to live statistics tabulated by WorldoMeters.

    The virus originated in China in December, 2019. However, China was able to sharply curtail cases by late February. In the meantime, while President Trump downplayed its threat to the average American, the coronavirus began to spread rapidly in the United States.

    The sharp rise in cases in the United States in February and March has caused the US to eclipse the numbers of China. The US is seeing an increase of more than 10,000 cases per day, including over 13,000 today alone. In comparison, South Korea, which had its first confirmed case the same day as the US, is averaging approximately 100 new cases a day over the last week.

    The coronavirus has lead to nearly all states cancelling schools for the time being, and hundreds of millions of Americans being advised to quarantine themselves to help prevent the pandemic any further.

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