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I'm still pretty new to the Editor and I'm making some custom items. As I look at all the different tutorials with images for the Editor, I noticed something weird. Within the object editor, the value names don't show up for me, they are either weird "a" like symbols, an "S" or a "T" as compared to the images which have something like " Sound-Effect Sound". It's aggravating me because it's preventing me from knowing what half the values on the page are for. If someone could tell me how to change it, so that it actually says what the value is, please tell me. I attached an image of a random item to show you what it's showing me.


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It seems like the tab is stretched all the way to the left.

Look at that object editor where it says "Value" (right below all the tabs for units, items, buffs, etc. and right above the field values). Click on that line to the left of it, and try dragging it to the right.
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