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Discussion in 'The Graphics Zone' started by guitarplay, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. guitarplay

    guitarplay Guest

    the forums are at

    Please if you know how to code using C++ help me out. I need someone to code a game for me. I know its a lot to ask and im looking for an engine right now, however im hoping there is someone out there who is skilled enough to do what i need, and at the same time nice enough to actualy help me out by doing it.

    ***************The Curse
    -a 3rd person fantasy rpg

    Long ago, there were witnesses of a fog, a dark fog.
    People thought it was just low clouds,
    but everyone soon grew to fear it.
    Two villages already fell victim to the fog,
    they were all completely paralyzed.

    Then, a Psychic from the grand city of Iveril came forward.
    He told the king of the fog and its spreading power.
    Within weeks the world will be consumed by it,
    if nothing is done to stop it.

    The only problem was, they did not know what was causing it.

    All of the greatest warriors, magicians, and prohpets,
    from around the surrounding lands came to a meeting, held to
    determine what they should do.

    a great summoner told them all of a great treasure and a dimond that
    was curesd since the beginning of time. It was hiden away where no
    one knew where it was. When the dimond was removed from its rightufll
    place, gread fog begin to consume everything searching for the dimond.
    Anyone caught in the fog is parylized.

    There were rumors of a man traveling from town to town with gold and
    jems. Always followd by evil.

    One knight at the assembly told them of how on his way he was
    confronted and injured by this evil. He is the greatest knight in all
    the land and they decide that the best place to start their surch is
    at this town.


    -You will start with 250 gold coins, a bow, a dagger, and no armor.

    -When you start as the mage you will get 500 gold coins, magic armor,
    a sword, a magic staff, 2a ring and a necklace. When you find the
    archers body you can take whatever you like so it is transferd to knight

    -When you change people, all items will be transferd except when you
    switch from archer to summoner. (knight is given summoners items
    to aid him in his quest, and mage is given items from the dying knight)

    -Archer: skilled with the bow. Quick and agile in combay yet his
    attacsk are weak. Is better than the the knight with magic
    yet only cast simple spells such as stun, revive, and shooting magic
    bolts from his bows. The archer is an all around good fighter, but has
    a weak defense and does not survive attacks long.

    -Summoner: skilled with magic of all sorts, as well as a skilled
    fighter with sword and bow. He casts more advanced spells capable
    of summoning minions, or controlling fire to his advantage. with his
    staff. Is weak and looses health easily, yet he can use his magic
    to compinsate.

    -knight: a very strong fighter who inflicts much damage with his
    sowrd or closs combay weaponry,
    and can take even more in return. Can use the bow but not too
    well. The only magic he can do is enchanting his swords to inflict
    fire, ice, or poison damage.

    -mage:the all around fighter. This mage can use bows,
    swords, spears, and magic. This fighter can effectivly kill any enemy
    with her veriety of weapons.


    -have meeting and meet all chars (summoner, knight, archer, mage)

    -Archer ( ) is given quest to find dimond.
    --First he must travel to the city where the knight encounterd the evil
    ---Do minor quest to get someone to tell you where he was going.
    --Follow trail to next city which evil monsters have been ravaging
    ---Kill monsters
    --Follow trail of evil
    --Take dimond

    As the dimond was being removed from the pocket of what use to be a man
    the fog came, and it came without warning. A suddon cloud appeard and
    enclosed everything within it paralyzing the great archer.

    -Summoner ( ) must retreive dimond
    --Go to city that was full of monsters.
    ---kill all residing monsters to find out where the knight had gone
    --Find knight and kill all that had been attrackted to power on the way
    --Defeat the fog that tries to consume him.

    When he returns with dimond he gives it to a more skilled fighter,
    the archer. He is a great summoner capible of many feats, but he is
    old and he would be no match for evil ahead.

    -Knight ( ) must find cave
    --Goes back to cities to find if anyone heard where the caves were
    --reaches the far peaks of the mountains
    ---kill all bandits who are attacking city to meet ruler
    --goes to peak of darkness that ruler showed him
    --encounters spirit of the man who stole the dimond and must defeat it

    the knight was badly injured and as he stumbled back to the
    City of Iviril, he noticed the fog. The great city was consumed,
    so he waited for it to pass, and went to the summoners house, and
    took the dimond. He then turned to the last person that could save
    their lands, the young mage.

    -mage ( ) has to put dimond back
    --must find mountain city
    ---saves mountain city of all evil to recive weapon and mercinaries
    --explore caves to find dimond room
    ---finds she needs a key and has to find the body of the man
    --returns with key and unlocks great room

    The mage confronts and kills main boss, puts the dimond back
    where it belongs and undos the evil.

    ***************Miniquests to be put in wherever:

    -must find a missing son who is lost in desert

    -must find a missing family heirloom stolen by bandits
    --find banits and kill them
    ---find heirloom in a tunnel maze
    --return with heirloom through attacking baindits

    -kill evil spirits that have been haunting a village

    -find a magical gold sptor to give to an old man in return
    for a great weapon

    -help some bandits raid a town to receive as much gold and loot
    as can be found
    -help defend the town for a reward of $1,000 gold and a magical charm.

    ***************creeps (not done yet)


    -Orc Tamer
    2D art
  2. Jindo

    Jindo Self Staff Member

    Put me down for other ;).

    I don't have any knowledge of C++.

    I can skin a bit but not too well.

    I can only model on Swift3D (.swft files (exports to flash)).

    However, I got tonnes of ideas for you :).

    When I get back tomorrow (I won't be on at all tomorrow, so maybe the day after) contact me on MSN (if you've got it), then we can discuss more about this game, I'm sure you'll like my ideas :).

    (my msn is ku.oc.rekimedaka@revilo (other way round for reason ;))).

    Good luck with the game :) (Is this the right forum? I'm not sure where I'd put this lol).

  3. Rabarber

    Rabarber You can change this now in User CP.

    I know 0.3% JASS, if that helps :)

    I could help, but i'm kind of busy with Ghostbuster Complete.
  4. I guess I could , if possible, join as a modeler - My knowledge is a bit limited, but I am advancing quickly. I think you saw my work, so you know of what I can do (Well.. it's a bit old info thou :rolleyes: )
  5. fratleyslaye

    fratleyslaye Guest

    He is looking for real game crew if I am correct, you do mean a real game with a good game engine, correct? Well if this is true, most people here won't be able to do anything, and knowing .3% JASS is like saying you know how to plant a tree in WE :p

    Notr to offend anybody, but unless you have a good solid storyline, or good gameplay initiatives, it is kinda pointless because nobody will want to join a team that has no plans/ideas. holds alot of people that are good at what they do.
  6. Whitesock

    Whitesock Graphics Help Zone Moderator Staff Member

    That's what Other is for. :)

    I'll do skinning, if I get the areas for the skin.
  7. w/e

    w/e Boaroceraptorasaurus-Rex

    Menu design?
  8. Nezgibs

    Nezgibs Guest

    im tempted to say put me down for c + + but i dont know it yet :D im getting a few books this weekend about it tho and if i learn enough from those books ill tell you. So idk how quick u want to fill in spots but if u give me a week or so i will probly get the hang of the language from the books (I learn super speedy) :D
  9. ReVolver

    ReVolver Moderator Staff Member

    I can do alot of stuff (mostly) Skinning :cool:
  10. guitarplay

    guitarplay Guest

    aight well im learnin a bit of c++ but i cant even get anything to complile due to all the crappy freware. understand programing, and can do things in java. I read through a bunch of pages of C++ tutorials, mainly refreshing things and memorizing new synax. i dont think il be able to get as far as i need though, so i may outsource to differen sights.

    Ok, so lets add new spots. Idea people. Lets get some conecepts running since it was "pointed out" that i had somewhat of a feeble storyline/concept.

    So the simplst thing im gonna have to say, would be some sort of simple 3rd person action game. Lets say There are a few charechtors (few), some simple quests, and somewhat limited scenery possibilities. Lets try to make it origional.

    1'st, what are the weapon sets/ setting.
    -futuristic human
    -futuristic fantasy

    2'nd, where is this taking place. Names environments, "levels"
    -one large terrain (GTA)
    -multiple small levels (warcraft\starcraft)
    -small levels genericaly "connected" into a large terrain (fable)

    3'rd what is the choice of charector. Again, names sorys everything
    -Chose one from a selection (Diablo)
    -Start as one continue as one (Halo)
    -Start as one, change from time to time (warcraft\starcraft again)

    last, quests
    -1 main quests with few small quests
    -lots of small quests
    -one quest leads to another, to another (go get the ring. Ring is guarded by the dragon. Find the magic septor to slay dragon, find all 3 of peices of magic rune to summon septor, kill dragon with septor, return with ring)

    aight. Lets make this at least somehwat organized. Before people start yelling out ideas, lets get at least 2-3 people together to organize and finilize plot. They can take suggestions, pick and choose what they like, and coordinate to come up with a fully functional master plot.
  11. Whitesock

    Whitesock Graphics Help Zone Moderator Staff Member

    Can I also do 2d art?

    Also, a good thing I learned about generating original characters is to go as far away from the subject and back.


    [U]What's your favorite food?[/U]
    [U]What is steak like?[/U]
    -Juicy, tender, and for stong people!!
    [U]What is strong?[/U]
    [U]What is the color of metal?[/U]
    -Usually a plain gray.
    [U]What is usually plain?[/U]
    [U]What is cardboard like?[/U]
    -frail, but useful!!
    Taa daa! A good character. A sidekick that can't do anything to protect himself, but is super useful, like a geeky main character helper.
  12. Nezgibs

    Nezgibs Guest

    theres some name generators on the internet u can use to get level names and unit names. i forget the link tho :banghead:
  13. Whitesock

    Whitesock Graphics Help Zone Moderator Staff Member

    This is acually a character generation method. It generates a personality of a character.


    [U]What do you like to do?[/U]
    [U]What does the Gimp logo look like?[/U]
    -Kind of like a dog.
    [U]What do dogs do?[/U]
    -Crap on yards and make people mad, but look cute doing it!
    We can stop here and have a nice looking villain, but acually evil on the inside, or we can go on.

    [U]What is the opposite of cute but bad?[/U]
    [U]What food is most like a motorcycle?[/U]
    [U]What are ribs like?[/U]
    -Soft but hard on the inside.
    And now we have 2 characters, the one mentioned before and a person that looks frail, but is acually strong or, as some people say, U3BR.
  14. Jindo

    Jindo Self Staff Member

    I just saw the 2D art part, I call that :D :p.

    (seriously, put me down for that, I'll have plenty of time tomorrow :)).

    And I've bolded my choices:

    1'st, what are the weapon sets/ setting.
    -futuristic human
    -futuristic fantasy

    2'nd, where is this taking place. Names environments, "levels"
    -one large terrain (GTA)
    -multiple small levels (warcraft\starcraft)
    -small levels genericaly "connected" into a large terrain (fable)

    3'rd what is the choice of charector. Again, names sorys everything
    -Chose one from a selection (Diablo)
    -Start as one continue as one (Halo)
    -Start as one, change from time to time (warcraft\starcraft again)

    last, quests
    -1 main quests with few small quests
    -lots of small quests
    -one quest leads to another, to another (go get the ring. Ring is guarded by the dragon. Find the magic septor to slay dragon, find all 3 of peices of magic rune to summon septor, kill dragon with septor, return with ring)

  15. Rabarber

    Rabarber You can change this now in User CP.

    Sign me up as a skinner, anyways. :rolleyes:
  16. wonderpriest

    wonderpriest New Member

    I would say sign me up for C++, but I'd be biting off more than I could chew since I'm not grand master godly and couldn't do the whole thing myself. Plus it would mean I would have to forsake my other projects :eek:

    Good luck though, and remember to start simple and get something working first :)
  17. guitarplay

    guitarplay Guest

    ok guys. What i mainly need now is coders. I realy dont wanna get to far down the line before we know that it can actualy get working. I have asked for help at another forum hopefully il get some people.

    Now 2D art is what w/e requested. It will mainly be menues and loading screen type things. Any non skin 2D art will go there. This also inclueds icons, maps, and whatever else.

    now for wonderpreist. What can you do. I would like to get a DirectX window that can be used for the game. If you do know how to use C++ please if you can find out how to do that, it would be awsome.

    I know you need to have a compiler compatible for DirectX and you need to actualy have DirectX

    come on though. Anyone with a nice imagination, please sign uf for plot development. We need to get a storyline going.
  18. Whitesock

    Whitesock Graphics Help Zone Moderator Staff Member

    Ok so I'm under skinning and 2d art. You can put me under storyline and other but make sure you have characters before you start making a conflict.

    Also, is this going to be a cartoon-like game (stuff like spyro and ratchet and clank) or a sirious game (halo, half-life, most star wars games)?
  19. guitarplay

    guitarplay Guest

    well now that your under storyline (incluedses charechtors and stuff as well) i guess thats your decision. Id prefer it to be somewhat serious, but its not gonna be amazingly long or complex. Jindo has shown us what he wants, and hopefully others will give us some more suggestions.
  20. Nezgibs

    Nezgibs Guest

    i could give a wack at plot developement :D ill be thinking up some ideas. if ur interested pm me and i can pm u the plot line to the rpg im making on wc3 which im probly gonna have to drop since when school starts i can only go on wc3 on the weekends :( but i can be active on these forums. :D

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