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  • Oh hai. You're still active? Haha. I just wanted to let you know that I randomly decided to recode your Electric Focus ability (that placed.... first?) from the third spell contest hosted here.
    Current plans:
    1. Getting out of compulsory military service
    2. Getting a place at university
    3. Getting a place to live at while I study

    I do agree that the data editor is immense, I also think that it has enormous capabilities. There is lots of things I would've done differently, and galaxy is done poorly.
    I'm currently writing a galaxy -> GUI compiler.
    Apart from that, I'll probably be working with my friend say_no on a battleships for SC2, once the german license is out - depending on which rights blizz reserved when it comes to SC2 maps.
    great to hear you're back amongst us = )
    I see you already made yourself familar with the editor. I don't have time to do that right now =(
    It was certainly a good IDEA, it just wasn't setup right ;)

    It's their first AI contest though, we should give them a break :p

    I really wish I could have participated.

    The only code that would have been faster than mine would be an event based AI.

    Mine was based on an infinite instant loop.


    call KillUnit(CreateUnit(Player(0), 0, 0, 0)

    I think that's correct syntax for CreateUnit >_<

    But obviously, there's more to it than just loop do stuff endloop ^_^

    It would have crashed if not for my good friend's ingenious looping macro.
    Yeah, I would have gone:

    Think, Code, Rethink, Recode, Rethink, Recode, Rethink, Recode. -_-' And that's if my last code was really my last.

    Meh. I don't really care. This AI Contest, IMO, wasn't very good. >_<
    I hope you havent given up on Dungeon Crawler, it's addicting, even if it is pointless :p . If you have, I would request you post the unprotected map.
    Hey, I was wondering if maybe I could have the unprotected Dungeon Crawler? I'd love to see how you made those SFX and your codes :)

    And where in Norway do you live?
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  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    count on it then cause you don't live that far from me hah
  • The Helper The Helper:
    really that is cool!
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Hey Tom I added a new Weird tag to the News Prefixes
  • The Helper The Helper:
    What is up Blackveiled?
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    Chillin', lurkin'. :D
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I am working on a bunch of site projects right now doing a bunch of behind the scenes stuff and trying to clean up some stuff that I let slide when I got lazy with the site for a few years...
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Are you in Houston Blackveiled or just in Texas?
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    I've been living here since 2014.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    OK banlord we need to get together soon! The only other member of the site I know in Houston is XXX Conan
  • The Helper The Helper:
    and he does not want none lol
  • The Helper The Helper:
    he put up a picture of his mom one time and she was HOT!
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I wish we still had that
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    Lmao you scared him off I see.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    he will be back
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Conan was like 12 when he started here
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I literally think I was his male role model
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    Yeah I was 12 when I started here as well.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    you guys were just kids
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I was in my 30s when i got the Blizzard MVP
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I am 53
  • Wizard Wizard:
    Happy Birthday!
  • The Helper The Helper:
    not my birthday
  • The Helper The Helper:
    but thanks lol
  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    and I'll be 30 in January lmao


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