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    Judging from the amount I post these days it's probably still going to take a few months. :p
    Rep is the easiest way to respond to a post, short of replying in the original thread. I had to choose either red or green. What basis is there for your indignation, anyway? Do you feel like your right to express an opinion is being violated?
    Heh if you think about it, your contest map is like the opposite. The Undead are defending from the Light, :D
    We can sometime yeah.
    And ehh @ THW.
    I'm quite content just being active on
    I might submit my spells at THW, just for people to comment/have but probably wouldn't post their like I do here.
    i just saw you 'Location: Locations leak. Use x/y.' in one of your was kind of funny ><
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