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  • Yea I'm also stumped on where to put the text file for the cliffs. I didn't see a folder called UI so i made one and put it in there but nothing happened :/
    And almost forgot to ask! :)

    You said .txt file should be placed in folder called UI - where do I find it? Get into my W3 folder and wast able to detect it - is it ok If I create that folder? Will it work that way?
    Hello there! :)

    Have took a time to read your very very useful post "Terraining - Advanced" learned alot, so taking my opportunity to say thank you for taking your time and writing this all in all - good work! *clap*. However one thing get me bothered :(

    In a section where you explain about cliff "...You might have noticed the straight cliff in the picture above. You can make straighter cliffs than the World Editor normally allows you when you copy a specific .txt file in a folder called UI inside your Warcraft III folder. (The file is attached at the bottom of this post.."

    Tried to reach to that "attached file but couldn't find it! is it attached? Or is it attached with second post? Or I simply missed some thing? :)

    Well thanks any way for making things clear! Good luck!
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