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  • Hey mate, I've posted a problem I've got with game caches on going back and forth from maps, if you could check it and maybe leave
    an answer that would be great!
    Hey Exide, im having some trouble setting up the next level of a map,could you please re-check your tutorial of how to make a custom campaign, i made a post there ....
    If I don't receive a decision made by Snadjy by the new Extended Deadline of Wednesday 15th. You will automatically moved to the Round of 4. So be prepared for battle ether way.
    I meant that if you are submitting a spell to a site it is good practice to use the BJ, I meant 'you' as in anyone, not you personally :|
    Funny thing that, I couldn't watch most of the replays for some reason or another. But you were doing well as the blademaster (sucks for the guy who got Shadow Hunter!)
    Well then I'm sorry I bothered you. It's quite an old problem now actually, I found the DotA source code, and from there I've been able to construct a skilled AI. Like I said, I just heard from someone that you were good at it :S guess they were wrong.

    I guess the AI competition did kinda die out. Maybe they'll do it again sometime, I'd like to join this time :D
    Hi there exide sorry to bug you but I heard you know something about making AoS AI's, and I was wondering if you had a spare AI map around that I could have a look at.
    Thanks, da1nOnlyEd.
    :( I already gave away my beta keys, :( Sorry man.
    Sad face.

    But I shall see if anyone else has one to give to you.
    What's your email? (it's sent to your email)
    HoN IS DotA, they actually asked Icefrog about it, too. :D Like 90% same heroes, just different names, models, effects, etc. But it's smoother and more advanced, so obviously HoN should be more fun. And they have 3 maps currently, not just one, and a few of their own custom heroes, lol.
    Ow, well, maybe fix leaks, null variables... If your map continues to work over 9000 then there's not really much to worry about. The lag could come from the units and mainly from corpses. I personally have never experienced lag and with my testings I started getting huge lags around 400,000 handles... I don't know, I'm not really an expert. :p
    Destructables (they're static so, for example, on map startup you will always have 1,000 handles), groups, units, triggers, locations ... The usual ones.
    It's actually quite normal - the game is allocating new handles and should free them at some point of the game (actually, when you free them :p). If they're bellow 8191 then there's nothing to worry about. If not, then you know the usual problems that might happen depending on your systems.
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