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  • Dont worry about it :) , since you took to long to reply Dinowc had already begun working on the mage,and its near the end of completing it , thanks for wanting to help tho :thup:
    I'm saying that comma's are never seen in real math..
    If you want to write 3 million point 50, you'd do this:
    3,000,000.50 not 3,000,000,50.

    , is not a replacement for .
    I've never seen a comma in real math.
    And a period always represents a decimal point.

    , or . =/= multiply.
    * == multiply.
    lol your absolutely hilarious, and whats really funny is you think your cool

    "Check it out, I've been a member for ages. You'd expect me to know the rules by now.
    You didn't expect idiots such as yours truly to break the rules after being a member such a long time. >.>

    Edit: (Yes, it's edited) What am I? An elite? "
    and maybe your just bein smart, bein a new member an all, but really, come on
    btw, welcome to :)
    No. As when you save it, you save the main key, the parent key, as the handle id of the caster, and the child key is simply there so that you can differentiate between them. Hmm. Get an MSN so I can add you, it will be easier.
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