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    sometimes something happens, and its so huge,
    so epic, so damned legendary,
    that all of the warring factions, all of the reaches of the internet,
    all of the bickering members of the league of faceless,
    nameless internet justice unite under one banner.
    every one of the magnificent bastards of the digital world
    comes together in a single hive mind
    written in binary. united by a cause.
    united by that one shared face of every digital vigilante

    we do not forgive.
    we do not forget.
    we are legion.

    we are one nation under the internet.


    man. the. fucking. harpoons.

    I'm at my parents for labor day at the moment and last night I needed to sleep before getting up to see an uncle I don't like (which I've already done now)
    The same thing happened to me with "The Ring"... Movie ended and the house phone and my cell phone all rang. Me and my parents just looked around like "... Okay. THAT... That was weird."

    Kinda cool :D
    Were you scared by that movie?! I didn't think it was that bad. It actually reminded me of the Exorcist in the way it slowly develops, growing creepier and creepier until the climax.

    Not like today's hack-n-slash movies where it's just constant killing in more ridiculous ways.
    My game! THE game. You just lost it!

    So did you, random person reading through these visitor messages who isn't Ren.
    Ah... I hope your new apartment is roomier then. Hopefully you don't get a "Room 13" and all.
    We're not moving into a house, we don't make enough money or have enough savings/good credit to get a down payment/loan for one. We're already signed up for an apartment like 15 minutes north of us [which is good because we both work like 30 minutes north of our current area, meaning we're halfway closer to work now] and are moving in starting the 26th :)
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