Nov 23, 2007
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    1. Jedimindtrixxx
      I'm in gold league, it was matching me up against silvers a few days ago but now its gone back to matching me against golds (which makes me hope im improving). that game was a gold vs gold.
      i'll look into both those see if i can learn smething from it. also, banelings come after expo?
    2. Jedimindtrixxx
      that's actually what I've been watching, i've seen about 5 of his vids already, really long though. the loss of infestors was shitty micro, i was planning on fungal growthing so the banes had an easy target but it all went to hell when i realized wc3 didn't teach me anything bout micro haha. @ the pool/extract i thought i had it at 14 O.o il have to look over that i mighta messed up lol. well yah il watch some more videos and practice some more. would you be able to look over another in like, a week or two from now when I (hopefully) am doing betteR?
    3. Jedimindtrixxx
      oooh that site is nice ty :D. it was a ZvT (which i lost). i tried looking over my own replays but i just cant figure out what im supposed to be looking for.
    4. Jedimindtrixxx
      Is there a way to attach something to a visitor message or a private message?
    5. Jedimindtrixxx
      Hey vestras do you still do the whole 'looking over zerg replays' thing by any chance?
    6. Whitesock
      Sowwy, but remember when I said I would be busy this weekend/early next week? I'm not in my house much. Maybe I can get skype on my new phone though :)
    7. Whitesock
      No it just hates skype. I've had to reinstall it like 3 times now because it crashes a lot.
    8. Whitesock
      Oh sorry I keep my skype off usually cause it kills my CPU performance D: I'll turn it on real quick
    9. Sevion
    10. Sevion
    11. Sevion
      You know what. Nvm. I'm tired.
    12. Sevion
      Wtf why aren't you on Skype you dumbass.
    13. Ioannes
    14. tooltiperror
      I'm starting to give up on WC3.

      Ideas for new stuff to do on a shitty PC? :D
    15. Ioannes
      Why do you still have a Christmas avatar? :D
    16. Artificial
      > Your website is the spokesperson on behalf of you and so it must expose your business and the products or services you provide positively facilitating the very purpose it is intended to accomplish. A well-crafted web design should therefore constructively concentrate on the core requirement of your customer both in terms of accessibility and information, thus helping in effective decision-making.
      Which is why you shouldn't have a navbar just 'cause you like it while the alternative solution I suggested is better for the customer "both in terms of accessibility and information." :)
    17. Artificial
      <link rel="canonical" href="/pages/contact/" /> <!-- TODO: modify? -->
      You know what rel=canonical is? You're using it in the completely wrong way, it shouldn't be there at all. :P Related reading: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Specify Your Canonical.
    18. Romek
      Bsod... "/
    19. Romek
      Thanks dude! <3
    20. Sevion
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