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  • After I saw all your conversation with others, I think you need to improve your attitude and relearn the code.
    And, looking at all the incredibly intelligent requests for help on this forum, do you think it is easier to get everyone to do things right 100% of the time, or just tell them dynamic triggers are bad and trust that they will believe you?

    This shouldn't be a discussion about a particular case or even a particular system. What I'm trying to do is better the Wc3 community as a whole. The purpose of this forum is to help people make their maps become a reality, so that we have more things to play on bnet. Well, we can't give very good support when problems with dynamic triggers arise - they can totally screw up everything. Maybe a spell is bugging because somewhere else, a person used dynamic triggers incorrectly. They show us the spell, and it works fine for us; we have no idea what is going on. That map is as good as dead.

    Just because you can do it doesn't mean everyone else can. Come on, this isn't all about *you*, is it?
    They are buggy just because Blizzard failed with their handles. The only problem is that they cannot be fully recycled (due to events not being cleaned) and with the possibility to create handles with identical IDs (though, that's the user's problem since he would have done that) they aren't a preference and a lot of people tend to avoid them. The point is to avoid using actions in triggers and your problems are all gone since you can't start new threads with TSA (even though you should be using timers) ... And if you code all of your things in your map it is impossible to crash it. All in all, they come with good and bad sides but when handled correctly nothing can go wrong
    Dynamic triggers are bad? You seriously need to learn to code - you definitely have no idea what you're talking about. :D
    It's not my problem that you can't handle them correctly. If you want examples of good usage of dynamic triggers go play Mini Element Arena or Pyramidal Defence or Spirit Wars or even DotA (I guess you haven't even heard of it?). Seriously, I understand what you mean and you think dynamic triggers are going to corrupt your map which is totally wrong ... Code with it will never break, it's just "retarded" people like you (like you said) that won't understand that. But I don't expect you to do so, myth boy.
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