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Have you ever hosted a project and needed help with it, but just couldn't find the right helpers?

Have you ever searched for a project to join, but haven't find an interesting one?

Fear no more!

Ad wall is here to unite helpers and the ones who are seeking for help!

Basically, this thread will begin to accommodate help advertisements from different projects in a tidy and ordered fashion.

If you need help with your map, just fill in the template and post it here.

Filled template example:

  • Project description: A small-scaled tower defense, which is playable by 4 players max. The goal of the game is to prevent creeps from gathering enough forces to demolish you. Your arsenal contains 8 epic towers with special abilities.

  • Places to fulfill:
GUI: coding simple spells
JASS: coding an unique pathing system
MODELLING: modelling 3 final bosses
TEXTURING: recoloring a few simple icons

Template copy&paste code:

  • Project name:
  • Link to thread:

  • Project description:

  • Places to fulfill:

NB: Any posts except the ones that are looking for help are deleted!

Also, poorly written ads!

If you've found somebody that'll help you, or you no longer want your Ad up, please PM a World Editor Help Zone moderator to remove your advert.

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  • Project description: A mini arena for 10 players (5v5). The main goal is to score kills with your teammates until a set amount is reached. Features a lot of systems and gameplay improvements, being made in JASS (if that matters...).
  • Places to fulfill:
TERRAINING: I'm in need only of a very good terrainer to overhaul the whole map (64x64 size) with Ashenvale tileset, except the two parts I've stated at the bottom of my thread. Keep in mind the things I've also noted. Unfortunatelly, I can reward only +rep...


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  • Project description: It's a small mini game consisting of 12 players max shooting missiles at each other.

    Look at youtube video for a example:
    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
  • Places to fulfill:

JASS: Must know advanced JASS.


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  • Project description: 10 player RPG map lvl 1-50 (there will be another one containing the same save/load system for lvl 50-100)
    6 diffrent hero classes (will be increased with every main version)
    3 skill trees per hero
    5 active and 3 passive skills per skilltree
    individual damage system including spelldmg and attackpower
    16 slot full screen equipment system containing helm, amulet, gloves, boots, chest, legs, 2 shoulders, 2 rings, bracers, 2 charms, mainhand, offhand and belt slots
    42 inventory slots
    save load system for the hero including the 16 equipment slots
    lots of quests with story
    3 difficult modes
    lots of diffrent items
    and many many more
  • Places to fulfill:
JASS: need a good JASS coder


You can change this now in User CP.
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  • Project name: Warcraft IV: the New Age
  • Link to thread: WCIV:NA
  • Project description: A pretty massive campaign, with the first "Act" involving Darion Mograine's life through death and the Ashbringer, and further on if I explain anything it will reveal spoilers. Also involves new melee maps and revised old melee races, as long with one new one.
  • Places to fulfill:

- J.A.S.S./Spell Making (Spell Making may need JASS, besides that I don't need too much JASS so far)
- Modeling (It's a pretty large task, but imagine the rep that will role in)
- Texturing (Skinning, Icons, Loading Screens, and General Artistry. This isn't a big one as I do already have kingbdogz making my icons and he said he will do some skins as well)
- More Ideas! Check out my thread.


Is riding a roller coaster...Wee!
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  • Project description: Roller Coaster Is a game, that allows you to construct your own roller coaster. They are also ride able.
    There are 3 Game Modes Planed, that Vary From objectives to no objectives at all. 1-7 players

  • Places to fulfill:
GUI/vJass: Mini Games, the bulk of the game is layed out, but many of the functions are still empty. They are fairly straight forward.
TERRAIN: I have done the outline, but all the detail work will need done. But kept simple
Modeling: A few Models, Support Beams, etc.



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Dalaran Defense

  • Project description: A multiplayer melee-styled map based on the WC3: RoC undead campaign map.
  • Places to fulfill:

JASS: I do not know if any JASS will be required yet, if anyone is interested they're welcome though.
TERRAINING: I'm looking for a terrainer to create Dalaran (whole map).
OTHER: I will need people to beta test with eventually, but we're far from there. I want more feedback, comments and suggestions in the thread.


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  • Project description:

    When the extermination of the Goblins was imminent, a desperate attempt to survive was made by the Goblins. They snatched up the most intelligent and ingenious scientists of the land of Northrend in hopes that these brilliant minds would somehow help them.

    After ages of researching, the scientists finally found a solution. The Goblins could clone themselves with the hearts of the Abominations. They built a prototype Clone Generator and it was success. This break threw led to the creation of the CGU (Clone Generator Ultimate), which worked in a bigger area. Unfortunately, four of the Abominations who were selected for the experimental uses had escaped their cages. They were out for revenge, and the entire plot to save the Goblin population was in grave peril.

    1. Teleport the Abominations to the Clone Generator with your teleportation stone.
    2. Survive for 20 minutes and activate the Clone Generator Ultimate.

    1. Kill all the Goblins within 20 minutes.

    Thanks Ninva.


    The map will be consisted of 2 teams, 8 Scientists/Goblins versus 4 Abominations. Both teams will be spawned in a place called The Labaratory, which is located about in the middle of the map. The Abominations will be spawned about 20 seconds later so you better get your ass of the lab and hide somewhere. Yes, you have to hide. Even though it's 8 vs 4, 2 Goblins are not equal to 1 Abomination. An abomination is strong as 5 goblins. But since the goblins will have AoE spells I hope it will be balanced out.

    And also, the Abominations cannot die. When they "die" they will instead be stunned for 8 seconds. 1 of your objective as a goblin is to teleport theese abominations back to the lab and clone them into a goblin (which means he/she will join the goblin team). But teleporting takes 6 seconds, so "killing" an abomination would give you the best chance to teleport them back.

    Your second objective is to survive for 30 minutes, run back to the lab and activate the Clone Generator Ultimate.

    As a abomination, it's pretty simple. Kill the goblins.
  • Places to fulfill:

Idea Generator - Need someone (a CO-Idea Generator would be good too) to give me idea, spell, gameplay etc.


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Forest CTF

  • Project description:
    Forest CTF is a 2 team game, in which each team attempts to steal the enemy flag and bring it back to their base.

    Unlike some Capture the Flag games, Forest CTF is all about teamwork, and working together to bring the flag to home base, similar to Warsong Gulch from World of Warcraft

    One of the newest thing about Forest CTF is its AI feature, meaning players can play both offline and online with bots and/or other players.
  • Places to fulfill:
BETA testers: providing feedback, and reports of crashes and bugs. Two easy ways to BETA test are to simply play the game (online or offline, doesn't matter.), and post what you thought about the map (the more details the better!), or contact me, and I can organize a multiplayer game (I can host!).​


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Modern Sniper Wars

  • Project description: A 6v6 modern day 1rst person sniper with realistic camera/unit control. Move with a,s,d,w keys. Arrow keys up for grabs. TURN UNIT USING MOUSE!!! Shoot with mouse. Hero Sniper Selection. Multiple items/weapons/vehicals/Turrets. Snipers will be able to get in and out of said vehicals/Turrets and be able to kick enemy players out of them as well.
  • Places to fulfill:

GUI:Need help fixing bugs and adding features listed on thread.

JASS:Need help fixing bugs and adding features listed on thread. (Some features will be jass only! Need intuition and some experiance.

TERRAINING:Would like to completely remake entire map and base it into a technological setting/modern setting. Or just stick with any suggestion or ideas. Multiple maps will be made based of of this one.

MODELLING:Need a few models. Need a central tower model. Need a sniper model. Could use a nice loading screen in game that has a loading bar. Destructables as well. As could use a tank jeep and helicopter model (already have these but if you have one better I'll put it in!!!

TEXTURING:Only if you see something you would like to fix/add.

CINEMATIC'S:Opening and Ending Defeat/Victory cinematic's. Would like a cinematic's for loading screen that also uses the requested loading model above. Credit cinematic the show selected units/objects/builds anything that a contributor would like to use to represent themselves in the intro.

IM me at [email protected]
or pm me.
or leave a post in the games thread.


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  • Project description: Double hero defense.
    Get a friend, choose a hero both of you, and survive. Dont let the creeps reach your goal.
    When all other teams fall, you win the round.

  • Places to fulfill:

TERRAINING: Need someone to do the fine tuning, dooading, etc. Get the terrain to not hut the eyes of the player, beucause right now it's ugly like hell.



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UPDATE - 5.4.2009
  • Project description: A completely new kind of battleships. Instead of Weapons in from of items, ships have their custom onboard weaponry that can be upgraded via items (quite much like in Battletanks). Instead of perfect equipment, team play and ships stand in the foreground, with each ship having certain advantages and disadvantages.
  • Places to fulfill:
BETATESTING: You will be sent the newest beta and will have to search bugs, find imbalancement and other stuff like that. As reward, you will be granted special control over the gameplay at runtime. Once the map is released, all betatester accounts will be downgraded to moderator accounts. This still allows for more control over the game, but will decrease your influence on gameplay (like giving gold or exp to all players)​
SPELL GENERATOR: Give Spell Ideas for the ships. Spells cost mana, are static (no learning/levelling) and have a really low cooldown​
SKILL GENERATOR: Give Skill Ideas for the ships. Skills are leveable hero skills. These cost no mana - the only cost they have are their cooldown.​
SKILL/SPELL DEVELOPER: Code Spells or Skills for Antarctica. There are some restrictions on what systems to use, but you will be granted administrator control and will get full credit.​


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  • Project description:
    The world's first melee RPG (I think ;)), combining base-building and rpg elements. You pick one of 14 custom heroes, then build a base and defeat your opponents. The experience gained from the fighting is important in large dungeons, where you battle epic bosses. Features also include random weather effects that actually has effects on your units (rain slowing them down etc.), sea battles, and two subfactions for each race.
  • Places to fulfill:

BALANCING: I need the help of a skilled balancer to, well, balance everything :D


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Farm Arena

* Project name: Farm Arena
* Link to thread:Click here.......

* Project description: A some what small sized arena where you fight to the death with creatures you might find on a farm.

* Places to fulfill:

- J.A.S.S./Spell Making
- Modeling (I don't need to much)
- Advanced Triggers
- look for more on the Thread


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Battle Arena Epsilon

  • Epic-scaled Hero Arena which is plalyable by 10 players max and can be played solo with or without computers. the goal of the game is to defeat the other team a certain amount of times or finish all the little side quests to get the best ending of the game:
  • Places to fulfill:
GUI: coding simple warp-to's and item creation and random mini games and side events. simple spells as well(not alot of these though)
JASS: coding medium, to hard difficulty spells
TERRAINING: not very hard job, just want to know opinions on what tile set would look best with the map and to make the terrain not look so poorly and quickly made.
MODELLING: not truly needed.some specific heroes would be nice

Builder Bob

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  • Project description:
    Single player dungeon crawler.
    Randomized gameplay for increased replayability.
  • Places to fulfill:

MODELLING and TEXTURING: I need variation within the random dungeon design. You will be working with me to create walls and flooring to fit in with the story I'm creating. If you want to create models as well, that's a great bonus, as there are monster types that I'd like to introduce but don't have models to represent them. However, this is secondary to walls.

MUSIC: The warcraft 3 music is not dark or intense enough for this map. I don't know much about music, but maybe someone who does would like to help me out?

SOUND: Monster sound maker for monster specific sounds:
  • when attacking
  • when hit
  • when lurking to create atmosphere.


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* Project name: The Godlike PvP Project

* Project description: A hero arena focused on a very active pvp playing, involving cool skills, very customizable heroes and features like pets and random events.

* Places to fulfill:

No matter your knowledge, there will be a place for you.


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  • Project description: Offensive/Defensive style campaign that are currently under development. For more story about it, download the trailer map and watch it. The Human Sin - Trailer
  • Places to fulfill:
Terrainer: Able to terrain any type of environment, capable to make a extraordinary beautiful terrain that makes user seen it with "WHOA" feeling.

It would the toughest task as there is 9 map need to be terrain. So far only 1 of the map terrain was done.If you think you're up to the challenge, you're welcome to terrain it.



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  • Project description: Hero arena focused on PvP.
  • Places to fulfill:

TERRAINING: Making my crappy terraining look better. :D
BUG TESTERS: I need lots of bug testers.
BUG SQASHERS: Some bugs I have no idea why they occur.
(BTW: I used WEU in making this map, so having that would help..a lot)
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