Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Suggestions & Ideas


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So, I haven't made a thread for quite a while but this is something that has seamed to peak my interest. I am a big fan of the COD series and I found out that a sequel to COD4: Modern Warfare is scheduled for release in Fall of 2009.

So, that being said I was wondering what some of you think should be implemented into the new edition of Call Of Duty. Remember it is in modern times or near future warfare and that all ideas are up for debate, discussion and just for fun. Please post weapon ideas, description, general ideas, perks, attachments etc.

Here are some of my personal ideas and a few I saw other places and modified:


- Perk 1 -

Allows the main weapon to have two attachments. Excluding Grenade Launcher etc.

Snake Cam:
Allows the placement of a camera to see around corners and in rooms.

Allows the placement of a device that creates a red dot on the minimap for opposing players to distract them.

Replaces the knife. Provides a greater radius or width of swing with the knife.

Timer Mine:
An explosive device that discharges after 10 seconds of placement.

Allows the placement of two ammunition boxes for you or allies to reload their weapons with. One full ammunition reload per box.

Allows the player to fix vehicles such as Tanks and Cars.

- Perk 2 -

Trench Runner:
Allows the player to sprint for short distances in the prone position.

Ghillie Suit:
Cloaks the wearer in a ghillie suit even without a sniper rifle to increase camouflage. (No effect on snipers.)

Allows the player to climb up onto higher ledges and environment. Also allows the scaling of trees.

- Perk 3 -

Allows two pistols to be equipped and used at once for greater power and fire rate.

Shortens the amount of time it takes to cock the gun in between shots in bolt action rifles and shotguns.

When you kill someone, their killcam is blocked out completely.

- Vehicle Perk -

Flame Tank
Adds a flamethrower as the alternate fire of the tank.

Steel Plating:
Adds additional armor to the sides of the tank or jeep. Making it harder to destroy.

Spread Shot:
Increase the area of the main tank fire.


Tazer: (works like the grenade launcher)
Provides two Tazer rounds to be fired from the main weapon that severely slow and slightly daze the enemy.

Tag Launcher:
(works like the grenade launcher)
Provides two Tag rounds that hit an area with red chalk and smoke that mark the effected players on the minimap to you and allies. (Effect dissipates with death).

Heavy Silencer:
A silencer that attaches to the sniper rifles and shotguns but reduces bullet damage slightly.

Night Laser:
Laser Pointer projecting from the gun for better reflex aim and accuracy. Only effective when night vision is turned on.

Kill Streak:

3 Kill - Tracking Device (Periodically shows the location of all enemies on the minimap.)

5 Kill - Annihilation (Allows the player to call in a two stage bomb strike in the selected area on the map. The first wave drops a gas bomb which slows and disorientates all enemies in the area. The second wave drops napalm which ignites and burns those that are gassed and are still in the area.)

7 Kill - Jet Reinforcement (Calls in a fighter jet to attack enemies in the map. Fires missiles and a machine gun.)

12 Kill - Thermal Vision (Grants the ability to see enemy players through walls and obstacles with thermal vision).

15 Kill - SWAT Bodyguards (Calls in a team of 4 armored SWAT members to guard you. These bodyguards act like a shield and will reduce bullet damage and fire at surrounding enemies.)

Other Suggestions:

Clan Roster and Tag Insignias
Customize your own clan icon that appears on the tag and actually make a clan roster to manage members and clan ranks.

Clan War Team Deathmatch (TDM between one clan and another).

A box that you can check so that you are unable to join matches that have already begun.

Gun Skins
Skins rewarded for headshot kills. They need to come back.

Jeeps or Transport Vehicles
They would have lower health and armor than a Tank, possibly have a manned turret on the back, but are mainly for transportation.

Large Maps
Along with the transport vehicles, they should make larger maps to spark new strategies.

Character Editing
Ability to edit your soldier's appearance in small ways to make him unique. (one for each side online such as Taliban, British, and Americans).
Including Female character models for those girl players. I think that would be a great addition to the online play.

55 level cap, then ability to Prestige 15 times.

Prestige Rewards:
1st - 5th Additional Class Editing Slots
6th - 10th Exclusive Gun Skins
11th - 15th Special armor and equipment for your character.

So there is what I have and make sure you briefly explain your idea so it's not just random and misunderstood.
Have fun and please give feedback or rep where you feel it's needed. I'm looking forward to seeing any ideas.


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Links to proof? COD4 is already a title, so unless it's COD6 I'm going to have to call BS on this until you provide links. :p


Yeah the title is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I have no reason to believe that they would title the next one Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2.

It's either COD6 or COD5 (depending on whether or not you believe the die-hard fans who say that 'World at War' isn't part of the series because it doesn't have the 5 in the title)


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It's a working title and may be called COD6.
It's coming out on multiple platforms and has a generally set release date.

I figured someone, especially like you two would Google it quick, there is quite a bit of confirmation around it. That is why I didn't feel I had to prove the title or game confirmation. And besides, it's an idea thread for creativity and suggestions, the actual title of the game isn't even very relevant.


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It will more than likely be like World at War, and not have a number after the name because of being a Sequel.
In all reality though, if they keep releasing new COD titles so fast, they're going to kill the game fast because people won't be able to keep up...


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I have already looked into this. If you guys want to bash the game or the idea of a sequel, search it first please.

It will be either Call of Duty 6 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Like I said it is a working title. The old era warfare was just in World at War and is considered to be the 5th installment of the game. The next installment of the game has already been confirmed to be taking place in modern times or shortly futuristic warfare.

This is all I know about it and I'm not going to hand feed links to justify my information due to the fact that this thread was made not to discuss the name and details around the release of the game, but the actual content and gameplay in it and anyone who was actually interested in discussing that.


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I'm not bashing it, I'm just wondering about the name. I personally love the COD serious, and play COD: WaW almost every day. :p


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ok, well It just kinda sounded like you were against the whole idea of it and ignoring the reason of the thread.

Sorry about that, heh... I'm actually playing WaW right now..


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This one's being developed by Infinity Ward like COD4 was. So should be good.
Anyway, to make this reply more relevant to the topic than the rest of the discussion so far...

They need silenced or suppressed sniper rifles, as an attachment maybe. The whole point of being stealthy is so that people don't know where you are. When you show up as a red dot from your shot, people are gonna know where you are.

And perhaps a perk to turn off killcam? I.E. when you kill someone, they won't see a killcam, and hence won't know where you are.

And totally random spawning, not like on COD4 where I respawned 7 times in the same spot and got killed by the other team who were pretty much camping us out.

The ability to snipe the helicopter pilot and bring it down that way instead of having to point and shoot endlessly.

Fire! As in, spreadable, burny fire that can kill you. So yes, a decent flamethrower as well.

And a bigger variety of explosive devices so that the Bomb Squad perk isn't so useless.

More rewards for prestige mode (and there should be only 55 levels between prestige).
Perhaps a list of rewards, from which you pick one when you go up.
E.G. Extra perk slot, a prestige exclusive gun/perk, etc.

And more guns. You can never have enough guns in a(n) FPS :p


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this is more storyline related:
lots and lots of nukes. i loved call of duty 4 for having that nuclear weapon go off and u die from it, but i want a lot more nukes, like in cod4 series i kept wishing those nukes would hit America, which would make the storyline longer, and it would also show the awesome mushroom cloud. :D


(o Y o)
laser attachments would be nice, not that they would help you a whole lot but theyd be cool to have expecially on a pistol. dual wield pistols would be awesome but double deagles would be so rape. i really hope vehicles arent going to be in all the maps because i personally think it will ruin the game.. in waw they are retarded in hardcore and takes 6 rockets to kill one while they just sit and blast u the whole map in the same tank and get 50 kills and not die once.

really, i dont think the air strike should be like it is in cod4 but instead be a strobe, smoke, or flair. also works for if there was a chopper and you toss a flair on top or near a building the chopper would mow down that whole area in one fly by. but that might be too realistic.

mechatte would be cool but with the increased range to swing, it would be so strong you would kill like 4 people in one swing.

to be honest, i think the weapon damage like in hardcore is perfect but since the guns are 100% accurate, they should add actual recoil and mess around with it so you cant just spray. so for automatic weapons each shot will just slightly offset your ironsight up and whichever direction but when you hold down the button itll quickly veer off. but again, maybe too realistic. ;/

right... bigger maps, thats about all i need to be happy is bigger maps. battlefield: bad company destructible walls and buildings would be cool but this is cod. :p


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They release new ones too quickly, I just bought CoD:WaW and now a new one is coming out... what a waste.

But CoD: Modern Warfare will be cool. :)



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Thats what I'm talking about, thewrongvine. If they keep doing that, they're not going to sell even close to as many because they're releasing them too fast for people. It's going to kill the CoD line if they keep doing it... :(


┻━┻ ︵ ¯\(ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻
im pretty sure they are releasing it that fast is cuz the people who made CoD: WaW are different the the people who made Cod4 and are making this one, and its all about profits. for them, they arnt making any money off WaW, and nobody is buying cod4 now because WaW is out.


Missy wants blood!
Yeah, the main reason they come out so fast is because they alternate between developers, so the games are still of a decent quality.
Personally I was unmoved by WaW. I haven't had the opportunity to complete the campaign yet for undisclosed reasons, but the online just lacks something that CoD4 had.

And I know people who are still buying CoD4. Especially since it can be bought cheap now.


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i think the rate that the sequels are coming out is killing the cod community,
many clans are moving back to cod2(best game in cod series), and cod4 and this have separated the community.
If you guys like WaW, which i find disgusting, you should try out cod2 because thats what WaW its based on.(its just my opinion)

all this new flamethrower and stuff makes me sick too... as if the heavy machine guns isn't already enough and those perks, ewwwwwwwww.
we should all just play SD, and in promod too.

when you play professionally you wont get all this extra perks and stuff and its much more fun.


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lol, I'm going to try the CoD2 demo on XBox. :)

2, 4, and 6 are pro. 1, 3, and 5 are noob. :D



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Yay that means CoD 4 will become cheaper! Here in Holland CoD 4 is still more expensive than WaW :(

lol, I'm going to try the CoD2 demo on XBox.

2, 4, and 6 are pro. 1, 3, and 5 are noob.
Well 1 is still the best :)
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