Defense Desert Survivor [Vampirism Alike But...]


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Desert Survivor

Current Version: v0.711 Beta
Download: View attachment Desert Survivors v0.711.w3x



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Avoid Peons Getting Trough Gabs... Link
Voting Kick System Link

Desert Survivor is a Defence map upto 10 Players,
8 Survivors and 2 Slayers.
The Map is much like Vampirism or Island Defence, same kinda gameplay
with a pretty big twist which "I" always wanted in the 2 maps mentioned above.
The twist is... Custom Base Layout.

Now what does Custom Base Layout mean?
Well All players start within a Walled area. This area is filled with Crates which is only destroyable with the main builder by using 2 abilities. One for single Crate destruction and one for Multiple Crates at a time.

Features Completed:

Custom Base Layout
Enables all Survivors to manually design their "Base/Defence Point".
This way players can decide by them self if they want to make mazes with strong towers defending, or perhaps you want to make a path which leads right into Shitloads of Towers ready to Spank the Slayer.

Custom Base Layout.JPG

You design your area with 2 abilities. One called Destroy Crate and the other Destroy Multiple Crates. You then select the abilities with either hotkey or manually and selects the crates you wish to destroy. Screenshots listed further down the post.

Survivor Options:
The Survivors main goal is to Defend and Defeat the Slayers. This can be done in many ways. You can lure a Slayer into a loong maze while you take a shortcut to Block his path, so he cant leave your base. Now this may sound as a stupid idea, BUT if the slayer cant get out while he is on low HP, you can corner him in and Defeat him.

You can also choose to make a super strong Force Tower Defence.
These Force Towers are dealing Very high damage but with a slow rate of fire. If plenty of these build and upgraded you may have a chance to surprise the Slayer with the high Alpha Wave(Dmg from first hit) to kill him or atleast get a chance to get a second wave in which proberly will be a killing blow.

Buildings Currently Available:

1: Arrow Tower
Small Ice Tower
Ice Tower
Improved Ice Tower
Description: This tower is the first available tower which upgrades into the Ice Towers. These towers have a speciality of slowing the Slayers Attack Speed and Movement while dealing a low damage amount once upgraded into Ice.

2: Cannon Tower
Small Fire Tower
Fire Tower
Improved Fire Tower
Description: This tower is available once the Research Center have been constructed. This towers speciality is Fire which works like a Flamethrower firing Very Fast with a low damage. This tower is very good at taking down the hitpoints of Slayers.

3: Magic Tower
Small Force Tower
Force Tower
Improved Force Tower
Description: This tower is available once the Research Center have been constructed. This towers speciality is dealing a tremendous amount of damage each shot. The downside is that its rate of fire is very slow compared to the other tower types.

4: Walls
Description: These walls are your main buildings for keeping the Slayers out. These building have 10 upgrades into stronger walls to increase your chance of surviving. All buildings can be repaired by your main worker.

5: Farm 1
Farm 2
Farm 3
Farm 4
Description: This is the main source of Food Capacity. To secure a great defence you Must have this upgraded into higher lvl´s to gain more Slaves to harvest gold to you!

6: Research Center
Description: Research Center is the place you Upgrade various things like Slave max gold amount they can carry, improved hitpoints on your walls, the technology of being able to spot invisible Slayers and more.

7: Altar of Protectors
Description: This is a very important building if you want to have a chance against the slayers. This building produces Protectors. 1 Protector is allowed per player. The main purpose of this unit is gathering Lumber for the advanced upgrades on towers. The source for lumber is at the center of the map next to a Tree of Life which gives Lumber every 30 seconds. This place IS also the Slayers "Nests". So keep an eye on your Protector as much as possible.

8: Regeneration Tower
Description: This building is regenerates nearby buildings which is very good close to your walls etc. when your repairing them.

9: Invisibility Detector
Description: This building is very important at some point in the game. The Slayers can get permanent invisibility when the Cloak of Shadow receipe is full. Get this and place it well spread around your base so you can detect them.

10: Lumber Generator
Description: This Lumber Generator generates +1 Wood every minute and is very vital if you want to be able to hold your defence.

11: Tower Upgrade Center
Description: This is the research center for towers. This building gives many upgrades to each tower with Damage, Attack Speed or Range.

Slayers Options:
The Slayers purpose in this game is to defeat all Survivors. He can do that by charging trough the Survivors defence if he can. If not then he got various features to make him stronger. Slayers have Level towers at their disposal, various tomes and items. The Slayers also have several very powerful abilities they can choose from to make the survivors cry.

Available Features:

1: Leveling Towers
Description: This tower is pre-placed 2 places on the map. They both give +1 level to any nearby slayers (Or Survivor Protectors) every 30 seconds. This is a very good place to get the uber hand. But dont wait to long at it as the Survivors gets strong fast aswell.

2: Fountains
Description: These Fountains are pre-placed aswell and only have the purpose of regenerating units hitpoints or mana.

3: Items
Description: Several Items are available to the Slayers to improve them and make them pure killing machines. Some items will give the Slayer higher movement speed, Attack speed, Damage and a special item which will turn the day into night enabling an improved hitpoint regeneration of all slayers. That item is expensive but very well worth it.

4: Consumables
Description: The Slayers also have the benefit from buying consumables like tomes and ankh´s Etc. These tomes give higher HP, levels or attribute points. and there is the Ankh of Reincarnation which we all know. revives the slayer if he happens to die. These consumables is most likely any Slayers first choice if he got well feeded by newbies.

5: Abilities
Description: The Slayers have several abilities available to them to make them survive the pounding from survivors heavy defence.
The Abilities they have at the moment is Wind Walk, Death Coil, Devotion Aura and Attribute Bonus. All Abilities have been raised a great amount to stay in line with the Survivors defences. The wrong mix of the skills above can determine wether the Slayer will win or lose.

6: Tree of Life
Description: The Tree of Life is the same as the one mentioned at the Survivors Options, It gives lumber to nearby hero´s. But this doesnt mean its ment for the Slayers. Slayers should only protect this so the Survivors wont get to Uber. Slayers get ressources from destroying Survivors buildings or the Survivors themselfs.

7: Receipes
Description: Check your questlog for Receipe infomation.

8: The Kings
Description: The Slayers have 2 Hero´s to choose from. Each unique and custom.
First there is the Death King:
Death King.JPG

And the Skeleton King:
Skeleton King.JPG

And the Shadow King
Shadow King.JPG

Try both to see which one you prefer the most.

Here´s a few screenshots from ingame while i create a base for myself as a Survivor.


area almost done.JPG



Version: v0.711
-Changed the hole intro to a more pretty one which people will read.
-Did a little adjustment to balancing
-Lowered Staff of teleportation Delay time but made its Cooldown Longer.
-Made changes to various triggers so they work with the team function.
-Made the ability Destroy Box a lot faster for faster casting.
-Made Peasant Movement speed twice as high.

Big-Change-Changed the hole build system and improved the "unit trough Gab system". It is now Impossible to exploit the box´s, and you now never have the problem with buildings self-destructing.
-Peasants can now move trough every building as they want.

Added new Slayer (Shadow King), Screenshot added in Slayers options.

Version: v0.65
-Reduced repair time on walls.
-Fixed a typo in Survivors Tips.
-Changed some gameplay constants to make a better difference between agility armor bonus and devotion aura.
-Fixed a bug that made Stone Wall appear like 500% larger.
-Changed model of 3 walls.
-Fixed typo on one of the wall description.

-Added a few new items for Slayers.

Version: v0.61
-Made Slayers attack speed faster
-Made Slayers damage higher
-Given Slayers more HP @ STR
(Reason: New Walls Made Survivors to strong).
-Changed some item stats.
-Quest Items added.
-Fixed Bug in Feed Slayers upgrade not giving the Slayers Lumber.
-Changed Various tower missiles art.
-Fixed a bug which made survivors able to escape their area.

Version: v0.60
-Fixed a typo which didnt give the same amount of attributes when gaining a level.

-Wall System Completly Changed, 10 Walls added and models have been changed.
-Added Regeneration Tower which regenerates hitpoints of all buildings.
-Added Invisibility Detector which detects invisible units within range. (Long Range).
-Added Receipes to random items (Currently only 1 Item receipe).
-Added Mask of Death Item which gives lifesteal according to the damage you deal.
-Added Lumber Generator which gives +1 wood every minute for each mine you have.

Version: v0.54
-Improved and Elite Slaves are now Cheaper.
-No Limits on All Towers (Except Regeneration Tower).
-Protectors Tooltip Changed so its easier to know where to get Lumber.
-2 Slaves are automaticly made at the beginning of the map and ordered to harvest gold.
-Changed the Intro to a little more Desciptive one with Added pinging on the Minimap showing the goldmine and Tree of Life during the Introduction.
-Changed a lot of Interface Colors for that "PiMp LoOk".

-Added Vote Kick System.

Version: v0.52
-Fixed the bug which caused attack speed bonus to do 1000% Speed increase and not 10%.
-Fixed the bug that made protectors un-attackable by slayers and little demons.

Version: v0.50
-Changed some text colors.
-Fixed the Feed Slayers upgrade.

Version: v0.49
-Survivor amount were still not fixed but should be fixed now.. "who knows i might be lucky"
-Fixed bug where Protectors couldnt get targeted.

Version: v0.48
-Fixed a bug which made it possible to kill your fellow survivor team mate.
-Fixed a bug which made Slaves survive the death of a survivor.
-Fixed the Protectors Tooltip
-Fixed an integer that counted survivors left which caused defeat when more survivors were still alive.
-Fixed the selection size of the Death King so its now possible to target stuff around him.
-Re-Edited the values for the Snippet so its a little easier to place buildings without the error from building on top of your peon.

-Created a 10% Chance of 1 lumber dropping from the buildings the slayers destroy.

-Added new building (Tower Upgrade Center), It contains 9 upgrades, 3 for each tower type with Improved Damage, Attack Speed and Range. These upgrades cost a lot of gold and no lumber to make a better use for gold than previous.

This map is already 100% Playable and Fun on Any idea´s to what could be cool in the map is greatly appreciated as i need the "Final Touch".


No Marlo no game.
I have played some version of this once. It is kinda good idea. I was one of those base builder guyes, but I didnt really get defending my base, because all hunters but one left the game. :(

Anyways, I will play this again if I see someone hosting it.

Also: When I upgraded my tower, it became smaller and had less damage. ( I dont know if it had more attack speed or something. I just tought it might be some mistake, you know.)

edit. In that version there was lil´trees instead of crates.


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Ye all the things you mentioned Viikuna is fixed.. and a lot more have been added! thanks for posting your experience with it :)


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Those versions are ofcourse free to test, but their all beta version and may have either small or major bugs in them.

So when testing the maps above that Daskunk linked, please bare in mind that it aint the final version.


Minecraft Server OP, Inactive.
Alright. I'll test.
Put me on your beta tester list! :p
EDIT: Responses:
Workers need a blink
Multiple break sometimes creates lag spikes.
Goldmine can run out
Lumber getting is too hard


New Member
1: Giving Workers blink will never happen.. If i did that they could make a hole in the middle of their area and blink in there and laugh.

2: Multiple what?

3: True (havent been a problem yet thou. I have tried games lasting up to 2 hours and i still had 500.000g left.)
Just some math:
IF you had 50 slaves collecting gold, and you upgraded your gold collecting to max.
then they would get:
10g each run X 50 = 500
1.000.000 / 500 = 2.000
Each run takes about 5 seconds
5 X 2000 = 10.000
So we will end up on: 166 Minutes of gold collecting before the Gold mine runs out.
And that will never happen.

4: Lumber aint surposed to be easy to get. i could make it easier, but then i would also make the buildings cost more.. would equal out anyway.
TBH i dont see whats hard in getting lumber.. your just standing there.. if your smart you only blink in when the lumber timer is about to end.


You can change this now in User CP.
I played this and it was easily one of the best maps I have ever played. REALLY GOOD! :) Could need some better instructions though.


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I never had it lagging PureOwnage.. are you sure you just didnt activate it while the slayers spawned?

when the slayers spawn they make most players freeze for 1-2 seconds.. it werent that you experienced was it?


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I newer seen this in a map like this:

If a player leaves, replace him with an AI (Only for slayers)


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Chara: you mean preplacing the 2 slayer types so the players have the model alrdy loaded?

Leazy: Thanks for the nice reply. Making an AI slayer is proberly not very easy heh..


You can change this now in User CP.
Chara: you mean preplacing the 2 slayer types so the players have the model alrdy loaded?

Leazy: Thanks for the nice reply. Making an AI slayer is proberly not very easy heh..
I think AI is not so hard for a map like this, just attack, low hp = heal, if it is on cd, wind walk then heal when you can, low hp and cd on wind walk / heal / low mana, go to base. It does not have to be perfect, it's better than nothing. Also, if your the only survivor left you get defeated. I had a sweet base and then this bug came :p


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Dunno, I was alive and then suddenly it said that I lost :O I was building wrong, so I got that error thing and the tower was destroyed at the same time as an ally die, could it be that?


New Member
Sounds wierd. never experienced that tbh. it may have been a fault in the trigger that detects how many survivors are alive.

Anyway ill keep an eye on it. what version did you try? the lastest or some old one?


You can change this now in User CP.
This version.
Now I got defeated again when I had a maze... :p

Could I get a later version to play? Because I really love this game, just that they never get to my maze... the game always shuts down before.


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You trying to play this alone?

If there are no Slayers in game it wont work. and give victory to all survivors.
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