Defense DotA Ultimate 1.0b (newbie maker)

Discussion in 'Members' Projects' started by sarjono21, Mar 20, 2012.

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    • Project name:DotA Ultimate 1.0b
      • Project description:Spawn creeps and battle to fight The Frozen Throne. Be a winner!
      • Places to fulfill:
      GUI: simple coding spell
      JASS: use very simple Jass
      TERRAINING: two kinds of terrain in one maps
      MODELLING: simple editing
      TEXTURING:remake a few icons
  2. C-Death

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    any screen shots to post with it?
  3. Jaujarahje

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    You will probably want to say exactly what you're making that will separate it from Dota. Why would I want to play this instead of the official dota version? Or any other AoS for that matter? Are you adding anything new, how much of the map is done, etc. People won't jump on board unless they have enough details to know what is going on

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