Spellpack Frozen Pulse, Ice Ring & Rising Ice


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Ice Lord Eye Candy Spells by hell_knight99

Just pick one or more of these spells and add them your ice hero, these in my opinion generate great eye candy great for an ice hero which wants to stand out should be leakless but due to my basic MPI , its not gonna be MPI unitl I practice some more with the newly learned concept.

3 Spells at the moment.
Terrain was based from good ol tinki3's spellpack majorly editeded, still credit/reference was given.

Frozen Pulse
Creates a powerful pulse around the caster which expands and deals 100/200/300 damage and slows.


Ice Ring

Dug up from my older spellpack but it leaked miserabally.

Conjures many ice rings around the icelord then explodes them for 100/150/200 damage each.


Rising Ice

Ice bolts rise from the ground which slowly expand outwars causing ripples in the earth and giving nearby units frostbite which causes them to move and attack slower by 20/25/30 % and take 100/125/150 damage. Lasts 5 seconds.


To Import :
1. Have create unknown variables enabled in World Editor Preferences.
2.Copy over all the triggers , ( or the folder ). All the variables should be copied over as well if step 1 is complete.
3.Copy over all the dummy units making sure ALL the properites are the same , pitch roll , locust , ect!.
4.Copy over the abilities / dummy abilities and give them to whom they belong.
5. Uh I think your done ;D.




oooooooo.. ahhhhhh... Shiny *_* I like I like :D looks cool

i especially like the Rising Ice spell


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Thanks guys, if you use it something like credit/rep would make my day. Hope you enjoy them.

Just a question but does the spells lag, some of the users with slower computers might notice.


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Yo, if it leaks dun post it! Read up a leak tutorial!!! (They are easy :))

If you can't I could remove leaks for ya... I'm sure a lot of other people would too


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Shit guys forgot that I was in a huge rush I even forgot the poll uploading stuff now.

I used custom scripts on my unit groups and points so it should be leakless.

Off Topic:

elmstfreddie where do you live in alberta? I live there too.


We are all noobs! in different states of Noobism!
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Hey this is really good! Probably a bit overpowered but still, very good job.

Since these have a fast cooldown I tested it out fully. I spammed those spells and had 3 going all at once. There it got a little laggy, but acceptable considering what was happening...Dunno how well this would work on B.net but it looks pretty impressive and as far as I can tell (only from playing ingame and spamming) it doesn't leak, so I'd be pretty optimistic about playing it on B.Net.

As a computer benchmark I have HP Celeron 2.93Ghz, 512 Ram, onboard intel video.

Good job! +rep for you.

Tom Jones

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It looks nice.
Is there any reasons for the ice ring effect being seperated in 4 triggers, instead of using a loop?


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To chovynz: Thanks a lot 3 spells running at one time may cause issues though thats why I reccomend adding 1-2 or even all 3 to a Ice hero to make him stand out more.

As I said it was dug up from my old spellpack then just copied with memory leaks fixed. I don't know why I did that :p

Chocobo is there anything wrong with your computer cause the first picture is just a normal GIF like in popups or in my avatar.

Effects Per Spell: No idea but plenty try it see if it lags or not...


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Very good spells. Though I think you should stop the casting unit from moving while casting the spell because it looks a bit strange if the spell is happening and you can walk off.


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If you want it like that you can just add pause and unpause?

This dude just points at the ground and ice shoots up what uber skills.


Ultimate=Iceplosion, damages all targets in(playable map area) for 100000, and then ressurects them as icezombies...

xD nice pack


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Sorry for the wait.
Indexed. Although I'm not really a fan of eye-candy spells with a lot of effects, they are very nice and leakless.

Anyway I can add a poll but first tell me what options etc.
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