Guitar Hero 3


Yea, it is part of the last four songs:

- Raining Blood
- Cliffs of Dover
- Number of the Beast
- One

I still can't beat raining blood on hard. :p

Also, here is a cool trick which makes the songs sound tight because you are in control:

Go to "Options | Audio" then set "Band" and "FX" to 0 each. This will make only the Guitar Sound.

Now do a song with a good guitar like Cliffs of Dover.

Then it sounds awesome, and it is without the cheers or anything else. xD Just a guitar.


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i can play stricken... on easy mode >.<



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Hm, I played Guitar Hero once. It was at Wall Mart. It's a pretty neat game. Something I probably wouldn't use my time for, though.


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Yes... its... evil..

I STILL cant beat Before I Forget. I get 76-79% through and then I die... hundreds of times in a row..

I hate WoW too, yet i was playing it about 20 min ago :banghead:
(my friend got me back into it after i was WoW free for over 4 months)


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thats what happened to me but i played it so many times i could play it up to 70% with my eyes closed lol. Fricken Evil Song!

seph ir oth

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I consider it one of the 3 musical instruments I play:

The drums (both set and marching snare/quads), guitar, and Guitar Hero.



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In fact, if you value your fingers, I would stay away from it anyway. My fingers a re murderously painful... it's especially bad in the cold.

And guess what? I've got GH III sitting on the table in front of me right now! At last! All I've gotta do now is wait till my brother gets home... he paid for half of it so I can't really play it straight away.


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dont play dragonforce on expert its impossible
I beat it and got an achievement unlocked (Xbox360)

I am going to buy the PC version later, so I record my videos and upload them online. :D


What is this i dont even
dont play dragonforce on expert its impossible
Dude i was just about to say someting about that song XD.

Called Through the Fire And Flames, btw.

Ok, anyways, the message no matter what for TTFAF on expert is "Good luck".

What they should say is (Contains Strong Language so im spoilering it, people 13+ should already hear these words daily at school though)
They should say:
Lawl!! Your fucked douchebag!


I seriously can't even get like 1% XD


Missy wants blood!
I can't even unlock TTFATF yet. I played it tonight though 'cos a friend came round and so cheats were used :p

Once I get past the intro (on multiplayer only, sadly) I'm pretty good, it isn't as hard as it would seem.
The intro's a bitch though, I get 1% at most. Better than my brother's first attempt, he reached 0%.


I got 1%. On the slowest speed, I can do the intro like 100%. :D

On slower, I can do about 80-90%.

On slow and full speed, barely. :p

Try Impulse, then pause at the begginning, go to "Options | Audio" and turn all off except the guitar. It sounds awesome.

(Impulse - Endless Sporadic (Unlock it))


Lol, I've got to try that. On Expert, right?

I haven't ever done four note chords... It seems hard.. What if they had five note chords... :p
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