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Hi guys...

Here i wanna show you my current project. The name of it is Hell vs. Heaven : Elements of War like in the title.

Everybody who has played Hell vs Heaven (VM, Issued, Final or another version) knows what this game is like (there are many changes but the base idea is the same^^). All other i´ll tell now.

There are 2 teams : Hell and Heaven. In both teams you can choose a hero at start and go fighting. Every team has his own heroes means that you can choose other heroes when you´re in Heaven than you´re in Hell. What you have to do is to level your hero, get good items and kill the heroes of the other team a certain times. With special items you can walk somewhere (into a circle of power a lightning or somewhere else) to get a better hero.

Thats the base idea of the game. Now my changes.

Ranked Heroes

Every Hero is ranked. It starts at Rank 1 and ends at Rank 6. The basic hero can rank up to Rank 3 afterwards you have to use certain items to rank up.

This system was made to solve the problem that pros easily got an unbeatable hero after about 10-15 minutes of gameplay in Hell vs. Heaven.






The terrain also changed completely. Now you have a base for each team. One on the left, one on the right. Between these bases is a field to fight. Creeps and each other. Above and below this area are "labyrinths" of ice, fire, poison and water with a medi-boss and a boss at the end. Between the top "labyrinths" is the area for ranking up. At the bottom of the map is the arena area. 3 different type of arenas are there.



The Arena System is complete new. There are 3 different types of arena fighting.
1. One Hero of each team against creeps
2. One Hero of each team against creeps and each other on 2 different arenas at the same time
3. A random number of Heroes against the same number of Heroes of the other team

Item System

Also the item system is new. First of all the items are ranked too so that everyone can see how good they are or which is better. The ranks are [Rank1-6] and there´s also another classification : (common) ; (uncommon) ; (rare) & (unique). The ranks show how strong the item is and the classification shows how often it gets dropped/can be fused.
Secondly there are 2 shops in the bases : a weapon shop and a armor shop. everything you can buy there is [Rank 1] (common).

Itemlist Weapons :

Itemlist Armor :

To upgrade the weapons you have 2 possibilities (Both possibilities are 100% successful) :
1. Rank up with a pale orb.
2. Enchant with an enchantment.

With ranking up the weapons (maximal until Rank 3) you upgrade the main thing of it (damage/mana).
With enchanting it it gets a passive skill (evasion/poison damage/higher movementspeed/critical hit/+X to all stats/etc). There are really powerful enchantments(rarely dropped) and not that powerful enchantments("often" dropped).

List of Enchantments:
+X to all stats
higher movementspeed
HP bonus
permanent immolation
ice damage+bonus damage
mana regeneration
mana bonus
poison damage
higher damage
critical hit
attackspeed bonus
bonus armor
damage reflecting

The higher the rank of the weapon is the higher the bonus of the enchantment is but if you rank up a weapon which is already enchanted the enchantment is lost so you have to decide what you prefer...more damage or the enchantment.

To get weapons with [Rank 4-6] you need to fuse the weapons [Rank 3] with specific items or get them dropped.

For upgrading the armor you have only 1 possibility... :
Rank up with an orb.

...but you can choose between 5 different orbs : fire , poison , ice , water & darkness. Every orb gives another skill (active OR passive) and other values. Means if you upgrade a belt with a fire orb you get another skill and other values by fusing with an ice orb.
By fusing with an orb the armor ranks up automatically.

If you fuse an armor which is already ice for example with an darkness orb the skill and the values change means you CAN´T get 2 elements on 1 armor. Sometimes the skills change if you rank up your armor with the same orb ,too.

And here still the same : to get [Rank 4-6] armor you have to fuse [Rank 3] armor with specific items or get them dropped.


Wanted System
Every X seconds a unit-type will be wanted....means the unit-type, the bounty you get for killing etc will be shown and the first player who kills the unit will get the bounty. The bounty can be gold, items (the stronger the wanted creep the better the item), and some other features you will see^^

Terrain : IIIII IIIII 100% (changed terrain screenshot will be added in some days...too lazy to do it now^^)
Trigger : IIIII IIIII 100%
Systems : IIIII IIII. 90%
Heroes : IIIII IIIII 100%
Skills : IIIII IIIII 100%
Items : IIIII III.. 80%

some number you could be intrested in
: over 800 items at the moment; 66 different heroes in total (with the 3 ranks of the starting heroes 114) ; over 50% triggered spells

Finished heroes Rank 1-3(picture will be added)
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Melee damaging

1. Meditation
The Warrior rests in the motion he is and restores HP over time. He is unable to attack, cast spells or even move no matter whether hes attacked or not.

2. Burning Muscles
The Warrior concentrates all his strength in his arms and legs to move and attack much faster but this is so sustained that he loses HP over the duration.

3. Stamina
No matter whether he is perished or not when he concentrates his stamina he attacks stronger.

4. Blade Whirlwind
The Warrior let his sword rotates over his head with all his power so a whirlwind appears. With this whirlwind he damages all units in range. When he moves a bit it could be that a little whirlwind breaks out and moves away from the Warrior. It's not long lasting but as fatal as the big one.

Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Holy Magic

1. Silence
The Priest casts a spell that disables the spell casting for the units in a certain region.

2. Blessing Ward
The Priest calls a holy ward down from the sky that heals all friendly units in range as long as it's alive.

3. Rain of Light
The Priest calls down pillars of holy light healing all friendly units and damaging all enemy units around him.

4. Holy Stars
The Priest asks the stars to help him. Therefore they fall down on the enemies damaging them extremely.

Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Fire Magic

1. Lava Soldiers
The Firemage summons soldiers made in the earth's core to help him. The better the spell in learned the more powerful soldiers come and help him.

2. Spew Fire
The Firemage takes a deep breath and transforms it into fire that he spews out like a dragon.

3. Concentrated Fire
The Firemage is able to attack with stronger fireballs but this costs mana every attack.

4. Wheels of Fire
The Firemages creates 4 burning wheels surrounding him. These wheels throw burning balls of lava at enemies in range damaging them. Also the fire burns all enemies coming near them. After the duration the Firemage calls massive explosions damaging all enemies in range.

Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Mana Magic

1. Spirit Ravens
The witch calls 7 spirit ravens. These ravens fly around in a region around the Witch destroying the mana of enemies in range. This mana destroying damages the enemies the same amount as the burned mana.

2. Ancient Witchcraft
Every 10 seconds its possible that an ancient witchcraft absorbs all mana of enemies in range and fullfils the mana of the Witch.

3. Mana Barrier
The Witch creates a shield of pure mana that absorbs all damage the Witch should get but this protection casts mana per a certain amount of damage.

4. Mana Explosion
The Witch concentrates all her mana in 8 waves of pure mana flying away from her. Every unit hit by one of the waves get damaged in the same amount the Witch's mana was at the moment of spell casting.

Nature Mage
Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Nature Magic

1. Nature Ball
The Nature Mage throws a ball of pure nature power on a targeted enemy stunning and damaging him.

2. Thorned Roots
The Nature Mage calls thorned root to immobilize and damage a targeted enemy.

3. Fossiled Bark
Some parts of the bark of the Nature Mage gets fossiled. These fossiled parts can avoid some damage.

4. Nature's Revenge
The Nature Mage asks the forest to help him. Therefore poisonous bees, omnivorous locusts and tree soldiers, the warrior of the forest with blades of pure nature power, appear and fight by the side of the Nature Mage.

Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Tanking

Defensive Training
The more the Defender trains his tanking skills the more his defense raises.

Magical Defense
The Defender concentrates on guarding his body against magic. Therefore the magic damage is reduced but he moves and attacks slower.

Powerful Punch
Because of his incredible thick skin his arms are really heavy. Therefore its possible that a punch of him hurts more then normal.

Earth Spikes
The Defender punches the ground with all his power and spikes of stone raise out of the ground throwing enemies in the air, damaging and stunning them.

Icy Beast
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Frost Magic and Damage

Ice Totems
The Icy Beast summons Totems of pure ice at the targeted position. These totems shoot with icy missles damaging the target and slows it too.

Shattering Ice
The Icy Beast throws missles of ice at the targeted area damaging and freezing the enemies hit.

Frozen Claws
Every attack the Icy Beast has the chance to freeze the hit unit.

Ice Age
All enemies around the Icy Beast get frozen to the ground. They can still attack but are unable to move. Because of the cold ice around them they got damaged all the time until they are free again.

Primary Attribute : Agility
Specialized on : Techniques & Electronic

Suicide Bomb
Whenever the Tinker dies he has a chance to explode immediately and damage enemy units around with high damage.

Repair Troup
The Tinker sommons a troup of repairing units repairing the Tinker as long as they exist.

Electric overcharge
Whenever the Tinker has less than 30% of his HP his eletric goes crazy. Because of this it could be that some lightnings jump towards enemy units.

Producing Factory
The Tinker creates a factory producing little machines rapidly. These little machines attack enemies and explode when they die.

Venom Spider
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Poison Attacks

Whenever the Venom Spider kills a Non-Hero unit there a chance that a spideregg appears at the position of the killed unit and after a few seconds if the egg wasn't killed a little spider gets born and fights on the side of the Venom Spider.

Mana Poison
The Venom Spider passivly destroys mana every attack. DOES NO DAMAGE!

Poison Spitting
The Venom Spider spits poison at a unit. The unit gets damaged over time and slowed down.

Blood Bite
The Venom Spider bites the targeted unit and drinks the blood of that unit. Therfore the Spider gets healed and the targeted unit get damaged.

Primary Attribute : Agility
Specialized on : Arrows

The Archers hides himself and runs faster. Also he does a little bonus damage if he attacks someone while hiding.

Barbed Arrows
The Archer shoots with barbed arrows remaining in the targets body. Therefore the target moves slower until the arrows are gone.

Hunter's Mark
The Archer just aims the targeted unit for the next time. While being the only target of the archer the target is slower than normal.

Elemental Arrows
The Archer passivly shoots a random elemental arrow (poison, shadow, fire or ice) onto a random enemy unit in range.

Water Spirit
Primary Attribute : Agility
Specialized on : Water Skills & Spells

The Water Spirit splits himself to make a duplicate of himself dealing damage and getting damage.

The Water Spirit has the chance to vaporize parts of his body to avoid attacks.

Rainy Day
The Water Spirit let it rain. Therefore it moves faster and does bonus damage as long as it rains.

Water Ball
The Water Spirit creates a ball of pure water which attacks enemys around. If it dies it splits into 2 lower balls.

Dark Magican
Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Dark Magic

Portal to Hell
The Dark Magican opens a portal to hell. Therefore a random number of hell creatures can escape from hell and fight by the side of the Dark Magican.

Every unit attacked by the Dark Magican falls in agony. Therefore it gets damaged all the time and if it dies under the effect of Anguish the soul collases, explodes and damages units around.

Shadow Attack
Throws a magic ball forcing the shadow of the target to attack it's owner.

Raising Dead
Raises invurnable corpses in a small region around the Dark Magican.

Demon Soldier
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Melee Fighting

The Demon Soldier hits damn hard. Therefore he damages enemies around the target.

Unholy Frenzy
Raises the attackspeed by 75% but reduces the HP as long as the spell duration is.

Demon Call
Calls an infernal to targeted position. The impact deal more damage each level.

Triple Wave
The Demon Soldier calls 3 shockwaves to the targeted position. Each wave deals the same damage but is called with a bit delay.

Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Blood- & Sufferingspells

Blood Drops
The Vampiress get drops of blood onto her skin while fighting. Her skin absorbs them regenerating her HP.

Pay(n) Back
Creates a stream of blood and pain dealing damage equal X% of the damage the vampiress got till now.

The cold-hearted Vampiress fears enemys around. Therefore their heart beats irregular damaging them.

Back to the Crypt!
2 possiblities : Target an enemy -> enemy get catched in the crypt and damaged over time until the crypt is destroyed or the duration is over.
Target yourself -> you go and hide in the crypt and regenerate yourself until the crypt is destroyed or the duration is over.

Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Armor reducing & Damage Avoiding

Makes the target sleep for a while.

Ghostworld Escape
The Ghost switches to the ghostworld at the moment he's attacked to avoid the damage.

The ghost goes straight to the target and when its 500 range away from the target it gets invisible. The target armor and movementspeed is reduced when the ghost gets invisble. The attack of the ghost gives additional damage.
(If the ghost walks away from the unit or casts a spell it gets visible again.)

Astral-Aura effects allys and enemies. Allys get bonus armor and enemies get reduced armor and damaged over time.

Flesh Giant
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Strength effecting spells

Strength of the Dead
The Flesh Giant eats a corpse in range and regenerates a percentage of his HP immediately and has a chance to get strength permanent.

Throw Body Parts
The Flesh Giant cuts a human being out off his body and throws it onto the targeted enemy. It loses strength doing this.

Stealing Blood
Creates a vein of rotten flesh between the Flesh Giant and his target pumping blood to the Flesh Giant healing him.

Power of 100 men
When activated the Flesh Giant uses the power of the men he made off increasing his damage massively.

Cursed Beast
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Small AOE spells & spike spells

The Cursed Beast stomps on the ground with all his strength slowing and damaging enemies around.

Spike Bash
The Cursed Beast throws spikes made under his fur around him dealing damage to every enemy around.

Thorny Coat
The Cursed Beast fur is like little diamonds cutting the skin of enemy attacking him.

Double Slash
The Cursed Beast hits with both of his spikes for the next X seconds.

War Mage
Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Spells creating weapons

Futuristic Weapon
The War Mage calls a weapon of the future damaging and stunning enemies in the targeted area.

Creates a mine at the targeted position exploding if an enemy runs over it.

Magic Swords
Summons swords attacking enemys around.

Summons 5 hammers flying around the Warmage. Whenever an enemy unit comes in range the hammers call a chain lightning damaging each unit hitten by the same amount. Whenever one of the hammers hit an enemy unit it gets stunned and damaged. After duration the hammers just disappear.

Shadow Walker
Primary Attribute : Agility
Specialized on : Shadow Spells

Shadow Cripple
The Shadow Walker learned how to handicap aiming of enemy by crippling his shadow.

Shadow Step Trap
For the next 12 seconds the Shadow Walker leaves a shadow footprints every 200 range he walks. After the 12 seconds a circle of those footprints appear around the last created one. If an enemy enters this circle it is trapped in the shadows and moved to every footprint created and damaged when he reached the last one.

Cut Shadows
The Shadow Walker now uses his knowledge to cut off the shadows of the units he kills and saves up to certain amount in him.

Shadow Warriors
Summons all cut shadows as invurnalbe shadow warriors fighting for you.

Primary Attribute : Agility
Specialized on : No Specialization / Hybrid Build

Poison Net
The Assassin throws a net soaked in poison.

Paralyzer Trap
After years the Assassin learned to use metal and electricity to work for him. Therefore he created a trap using electricity to stun enemys around and destroy wards.

Wound Healing Lotion
The Assassin uses a self-made wound healing lotion to heal himself or an ally over time.

Assassin's Rage
Everytime the Assassin is damaged there's a chance that the Assassin boost his attackspeed for 3 seconds.

Javelin Thrower
Primary Attribute : Agility
Specialized on : Javelin spells/Ranged spells

Javelin Rampage
The Javelin Thrower gets increased attackspeed but reduced accuracy for 20 seconds.

Fire Bomb Javelin
Throws a javelin with a napalm bottle tied to it to the targeted point. When it reaches his destination point the napalm bottle crushes and sets the ground on fire dealing damage per second to all enemy units in it.

Piercing Javelin
The Javelin Thrower throws a big and sharp javelin with such a power that it hurt every unit in his way. Travels 1250 range.

Berserker Blood
The Javelin Thrower uses an old troll technique to strengthen himself. (Increases HP and Attackspeed)

Dead Commander
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specializied on : Summoning

Summons several Dead Soldiers in front of you.

Draw the Bows!
Summons several Dead Archers behind you.

Commander's Motivation
Adds bonus damage to the Dead Archers and the Dead Soldiers.

War Victims
Kills all living Dead Soldiers and Dead Archers healing the Dead Commander by 1/2/3/4/5% per unit.

Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Surviving

Poison Shield
Covers the Slime in a shield made of poison contaminates every unit in 200 range. Also deals damage to every unit in 200 range every second.

Supersonic Scream
The Slime "speech" is much higher than normal. Therefore if he screams the sound handicaps units around. (reducing damage by X for Y seconds)

DevourCould be replaced because it's not working at the moment.
The cellular structure of the Slime is extremely elastic so he can devour creeps to digest them, even if they are much bigger than himself, and regenerate his HP.

Field of Death
Creates a field of destructive matter around the Slime. Damges every unit in it every second. !Even the Slime!

Finished Heroes Rank 4
Blade Dancer
Primary Attribute : Agility
Specialized on : Blade Throwing

Blade Rain
Throws 6 Blades in a huge arc onto the targeted unit dealing damage to every unit hit. DOES NOT DEAL ANY DAMAGE TO AN AIR UNIT AS TARGET but can hit them on the way to the target.

Breaking Blade
Throws a Blade onto the targeted unit. Upon hitting it it breaks into a circle of blades flying away from the hit unit. Every blade deals damage to every unit hit on his way.

Blade Dancing
Grants evasion & critical chance to the Blade Dancer. Additionally grants bouncing attack.

Blades in the Shadows
The Blade Dancer throws a slow moving big blade to the targeted direction. in the shadow of this blade many small blades shoot to random directions. Each blade, the big one and the small ones, deal damage to every unit hit. The big one deals much more.

Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Summoning

Wind Totem
Creates a Wind Totem at the targeted point granting attack- and movementspeed to allied units in range.

Snakehead Wards
Creates some Snakehead Wards at the targeted point attacking enemy units.

Earth Elemental
The shaman uses his natural powers to create an earth elemental in from of him. The further he lerned this spell the stronger the elemental gets.

Shaman's Secret
Summons the secret of the shaman, the ultimate totem. This totem grants damage bonus, attack- and movementspeed (stacking to the wind totems) and bonus mana regeneration to allied units in range. Also it attacks enemy units in 1200 range.

Magic Sheep
Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Sheep Spells

Get Wool on your Skin !
Transforms the target into a sheep for some time.

Glowing Wool
Grants the Magic Sheep bonus armor for the duration and heals the Magic Sheep over time.

The Magic Sheep throws an copy of itself onto the targeted unit dealing damage and stunning it for some time.

Sheep are falling onto enemies in range dealing great damage.

Pandaren Mindmage
Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Specialized on : Windspells

Gone with the Wind!
The Windmage calls strong winds dealing damage to enemies nearby and pushes them backwards.

Wind's Help
The Windmage controls his projectiles with the wind increasing his damage.

Cutting Winds
The Windmage calls a strong wind moving to the targeted direction dealing damage to enemies hit.

Absolute Vacuum
The Windmage creates a tornado in front of himself sucking enemies into it and dealing damage per second.

Dead Pirate
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : nothing

The Dead Pirate searches for gold in corpses.

Aye Aye, Captain!
The Dead Pirate calls his old ship rushing from his postion to the targeted point dealing damage equal to his Intelligence every second to enemies around. When it reaches it destination X old crew members appear to fight by for him.

The Dead Pirate sacrifices life to deal 20% of the max HP of the target to the target.

Envy & Greed
The Dead Pirate deals (0.2 x Skill Level x Numbers of items in the inventory of the target) damage to the target.

The Dead Pirate don't wanna die so he is able to relife.

Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Selfhealing

Preskill:Energy Hammer
The more HP the Paladin has the more bonus damage he does.

Holy Sacrifice
The Paladin sacrifices X% HP to fulfill his mana.

God's Help
Every X killed units the Paladin gets healed.

Devine Rain
The Paladin asks God to let a healing liquid rain down from the sky healing allied units in range as long as he is channeling.

Heaven Sending
The Paladin sends all souls of the dead units in range to heaven. Therefore God heals him by 500+(number of corpses sent x 50).

Pandaren Swordmaster
Primary Attribute : Agility
Specialized on : Melee Fighting

Everytime the Pandaren Swordmaster attacks there's the chance that he stabs through the target dealing agility damage.

Panda Roll
The Pandaren Swordmaster rolls forward for 1 second knocking back and damaging enemies.

The Pandaren Swordmaster dashes forward that fast that only 2 shadow of him are seeable. When reaching the enemy it got damaged and knockbacked towards the casting position.

The Pandaren Swordmaster creates a ring of shadows of him. Each dashes towards the target dealing massive damage.

Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Earth Spells

The Scarab sends some small parasites to the target drinking its blood. When drunk enough blood the pop out and fight for the Scarab.

Ancient Defense Mechanism
Incresing defense and deals damage to melee attackers.

Quicksand Trap
The Scarab burrows creating a quicksand-trap sucking in enemies and dealing damage per second. The Scarabs gets damaged every second because of the massive effort.

Ground Shatter
Smashing the ground stunning and damaging. Additionally rocks brust out of the ground dealing damage when breaking.

Root Demon
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Nature/Demonic Spells

Summons a not-attacking BLOB at the targeted position. Every X seconds a tentakel brust out of the ground in range attacking enemies.

Unholy Nature
Increasing HP-regeneration but reduces movementspeed.

Demon Rooting
Roots enemies in range with demon roots attacking enemies in range.

Cursed Tree Giant
Summons a Cursed Tree Giant attacking enemies. It has Massive HP and damage but moves very slow.

Primary Attribute : Agility
Specialized on : Arrows

Burning Arrows
The Ranger sets the arrows on fire dealing additional damage.

Split Shot
The Ranger shoots several arrows towards targeted point.

Eagle Eye
Passively increases her agility.

Deadly Precision
The Ranger shoots after some seconds onto the target dealing massive damage.

Dead Prince
Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Nothing

The Dead Prince enslaves up to 6 units in range but he gets damaged for each enslaved unit by X% of his HP.

Don't touch me!
The Dead Prince gets unvurnable for a short period of time.

Torture Ball
The Dead Prince throws a ball of torture onto the target. If the targeted unit is non-hero and has less than 20% HP it fights for the Dead Prince.

Royal Blood
For X% of his HP the Dead Prince heals the HP of allies units in range completely.

Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Metamorphosis

The Schizophrenic let his dark site take control.

Dark Schizophrenic
Specialized on : Darkness Spells

Shadow Move
The Dark Schizophrenic moves behind the targeted unit leaving a fighting shadow at casting position.

Shadow Dance
The Dark Schizophrenic jumps around leaving at each position a fighting shadow of himself.

Shadow Drag
Drags the targeted unit towards his position dealing damage based on the distance between the hero and the target.

Corpse Shadow
The Dark Schizophrenic summons the shadow of a corpse to fight by his site.

Primary Attribute : Strength
Specialized on : Melee Fighting & stunning

Every hit has the chance to stun the target for 0.2 seconds.

Crushing Axe
The Berserk throws an axe with brutal strength to the targeted point breaking the ground damaging and stunning every enemy in range.

Blood Rage
Everytime the Berserk is attacked there's the chance that he gets angry and boosts his damage by 100% for 5 seconds.

Pure Brutality
The Berserk hits the target several times. Each hit deals damage equal to strength.​

that it is so far....i hope i forgot nothing^^
feedback or questions? just write it down ;););)

greetz happy






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I suggest using some hero selection if you know a little bit of jass, in my opinion, the classic hero selection takes a lot of space, anyways good luck!! :)


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thanks for wishing good luck xD but i dont get what you mean with
I suggest using some hero selection if you know a little bit of jass, in my opinion, the classic hero selection takes a lot of space
could you explain a lil bit more pls?


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@ waaaks! : thanks for the idea but it was my purpose to show the 3 ranks of the heroes...
@ Nherwyziant : thanks for the 'translation' ;) ^^

some little updates in the text


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finnally got time to continue working on my map...working at the spells and systems at the moment...

because i dont have much time at the moment i cant tell when an alpha version is released but im working on it...

still intrested in feedback/questions/opinions....


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The heroes are ranked now means at the beginning you choose for example Warrior (Rank 1). At a certain level you walk in a circle of power (on the screenshot its the cirle where the "RANK HERE" is^^) to rank up. With ranking up you get stronger and you can reach a higher level means your skills can get a higher level and this makes you stronger, too. Should be traceable, isn´t it?^^ This way round you can level until you´re Rank 3. When you´re Rank 3 you have to get a special item to get a higher ranked hero. Max Rank is Rank 6. Which heroes you can get you can see on the 2 pictures below. (only rank 4-6)

I'm not sure I understand, are the ranks like levels?


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you could understand them like another type of level yes....

i try to explain it a bit more detailed...

lets say you choose warrior at the beginning....its level 1 and rank 1.
when you kill creeps you get exp like in normal maps but now you can get until a certain level and then you go into a certain circle of power. when you reached this circle your hero "transforms" into a stronger version of your hero....means you have now a warrior level 1 but rank 2. this hero can level again but it can reach a higher level and is stronger than the rank 1 version of your hero. that you can reach a higher level has some advantages you should know ^^ : you can get higher levels of the skills ; your stats get stronger because you level can be higher.

i hope its better to understand now^^

ahhh...and can get up to rank 6 but only lvl 1-3 are versions of the hero you chose at the beginning...after this you can get one of all these heroes on the pictures in the first thread (first rank 4 for sure then rank 5 and at the end rank 6).


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nope...i made this because of if you played hell vs heaven you would know that you can get an unbeatable hero after a few minutes with a bit luck and this way round i avoid this....because it would be shit if someone who knows the game really good can get an unbeatable hero after a few you have to become rank 3 before you can get a stronger hero and its that balanced (or better will be hopefully^^) that a good equiped rank 3 hero can beat a rank 4 hero...


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Okay, that makes sense, just initially it didn't seem to serve any purpose other then 'to have a cool system' and was therefore redundant

But that makes sense

However have you considered another way to do that?

Just make the gamble and risk not reward players with items that are amazing, also make it so players can't sit there and get everything they need to make most of the items in the recipe list

Which I found to be a major flaw with HvH, all you had to do was farm, gamble, and eventually you'd have everything you needed to make...just about anything and everything


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that i do too^^ and i really dont know whether i add gamble and risk but ^^ xD and the items are completely different so just more +stats, spell immunity and immolation (different colors and more damage) doesnt exist anymore...every (and i mean every^.~) item has different values and skills (active AND/OR passive) so you have to choose the items depending on the advantages of your hero and depending on what you prefer^^ and because of the masses of items (like already said in the first post over 800 at the moment...but thats less than the half^.~) no iventory can be like another....sure at start its hardly the same because you can buy the same items at start but after some time everyone has different items^^ so i avoid this too Durandal ^.^


Isn't Trollin You Right Now
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Hmmm i think these maps are way over made but yours brings new things so i might support it. Good project.


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Hmmm i think these maps are way over made but yours brings new things so i might support it. Good project.

yes they are but there are over made but there are too many "bad" ones so i decided to make one with all the things i would like to have and sure all the things other people told me they would least everything fitting to my map^^

and im glad to hear that you support this project xD


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added finished heroes with skills...

would be glad to hear some feedback xD
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