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Damn, them balls is good indeed! After a 20 year slumber, the smallest of burning embers have been re-kindled. I'm setting up a GIT repository of some of my ancient Nuon stuff. It will remain private for a while. The reason I am setting it up, is I am resuming work on my Breakout demo since the emulator is a decent enough dev environment. Also, DVDs can now be signed so ALL Nuon owners will be able to see this.

Don't expect quick progress, but I have decided to do some concurrent demo code for a very obscure Atari 8-bit hardware upgrade called VBXE, and the Nuon. It just so happens, that some 6502 code I am doing has reminded me of the next major upgrade planned for my Nuon Breakout game.

So with that a new project has been started to test the concept. It will be using Jeff Minter's libsprite2 library. Is there any interest in a tutorial for this? If so, what topics would you like to see? Setting up a dev-environment, general coding help, a follow-along during various steps of this project, emulator setup?


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I think another tutorial that would be good to do is how to burn a game to a disc to test on original hardware. Not sure how helpful that'd be for devs but it would be helpful for people who want to try out homebrew on their Nuon. Also, should a dev want help from the community to beta test their game, this would be great to have.

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Awesome! We are moving forward with the NUON-Dome Demo Disc that would be a perfect platform to showcase your work! :)
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