Gaming New Game Enemy Takes a Solid Day to Defeat


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"The developers of the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XI seemingly borrowed a page from the Emmy-winning South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" by updating the game with one of the longest - and most physically grueling - video game fights ever. Introduced in the game's latest downloadable update, the boss monster "Pandemonium Warden" remained perfectly fit after a group of high-level adventurers wailed away at it nonstop for over 18 hours straight."

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And I suppose the company will be blamed for illness, etc, because obviously they forced these players to sit in front of the monitor :nuts:
I can last 24 hours non-stop (don't ask how I found out) on my computer...
What the article didn't mention is that the reward for killing the boss is a permaban. It's for health reasons, you see. Good on Square for this clever bit of reverse psychology. :rolleyes:
Its really a permaban? Kind of unfair ya know. I mean might be a bunch of friends pulling an all nighter.
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