Campaign Queltor - The Defender (A TD campaign)


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I want to present you my current project "Queltor - The Defender".

For the beginning a short preview/trailer:


Queltor is a tower defense campaign with diverse modes of tower defense and some other modes, that are based on defending. (I'm going to explain later)

The project

The Story

Toran Queltor, a normal guy lives in a peacefull village in the lands of Ageados, the human empire. One day the village is attacked by Orcs and the whole village is destroyed. Queltor was able to save himself by building defense structures. After he is found by troops of Ageados he got a job as a defender.

Defender is a special unit in the army, that is specialized in building towers and siege structures.

Now Queltor is going to experiance a great adventure in far lands and countries, defend cities and going to be the greatest defender in the history.

The system

- The campaign is going to be played in single player mode.
- Every Map is connected to the next. Follow a continious story.
- Each mission is going to have a own map. The gameplay is attended to story elements - You play a part of the story.
- From mission to mission Queltor learns to build more towers, so you have to play it complete to receive all towers.
- The maps are going to be alternate. In some maps you build in the path, in some maps you build at the side.(More Information below)
- Queltor is able to get equipment to improve his abilities like walking speed or health points.
- The 4 basic folks stay like that with some modifications. Except some small folks that are special.

The modes

Direct defense:

You build in the path of the enemies. The difficulty is that the troops can attack your towers and your builder. Think of the best position of the towers, save them by building barricades.

Indirect defense:

You build your towers beside the path. Your builder and your towers are safe.

Offensive support:

A little bit like AOS. You support troops that are attacking a point by building siege units like catapults or ballistas. You have to help the troops so that they can move forward.

Important aspects:

- The campaign is going to be weighted on story: The characters shouldn't just tools for building towers but should have an own story and a soul. You should be able to put yourself in the position of the characters.

- The tower models and the Units should fit into the theme of warcraft (e.g. no sci-fi /future models).

- Each map has the same unit pack. So if you meet the same unit in map 2 and map 6 you can be sure that it has the same stats. (That doesn't mean that you fight in every map against the same enemies)

- The terrain should be realistic: If there is a map in a forest, the ways are irregular, hills and valeys. Much doodads. If there is a city it can be regular and ordinary.

The size of the project:

- The project contains 15 maps.
- There are 10 root towers with 6 upgrades. (Tower List).
- It is going to have an own logo and an artwork around it with e.g. loading screens are going to be customized like in the way of the regular campaign with the path of the journey.


Current intro:

Some screenshots:

Plan of development

A clear plan and organization of the project and it's development is important, otherwise there is going to be chaos and the progress stops.
In my opinion a campaign with elements that are in every map (like the same Unit set) have to be developed in a different way than a single map.
That's why we have defined following development plan:

The single steps are grouped in 3 Phases:

Phase 1: Creating "the shell" and the basic story

At this phase we create the basic maps, making the basic terrain and the basic gameplay/story flow.
We define cinematic parts, gameplay parts, win and lose conditions.
The basic "world" and the rough story flow from map 1 to map 15.

Phase 2: Fill it with life

After phase 1 is finished, the rough story is implemented, we fill it with life.
That means: Creating spell systems, quest systems, enemy types, armors, skills. equipment systems. etc.
Creating waves and AI.
Everything that improves and defines the gameplay itself. The thing's what giving character to the game.

Phase 3: Polishing

At phase 3, after the systems and waves etc. are implemented we start to balance it and give everything the last changes.
That's where the detailed work begins on e.g. improving cinematics, testing it, error fixing, balancing it etc.

Current status (Date: 6th January 2012)

Phase 1: about 50% (Finished at Map 1 - 7 )

What we're looking for:
Generally we look for everyone we can get

At the moment we especially looking for triggerers (Both GUI and Jass(etc))

What we can offer:
- A nice and motivated team.
- A forum for sharing information/planing/organizing.
- Data and map management via Dropbox

Your requirements:
- JNGP and basic knowledge about mapping, the editor etc.
- Skype for communicating.
- Fun at mapping, imaginative working.
- The endurance for working everything out and make it perfect.
- The will to help and join in a great project.


1. via PM
2. Join forums:


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Looks good! Rather unique I believe :)

Any trigger help required I can happily help with as long as its achievable with GUI.

Happy Mapping :D?


And you know it.
Now this actually sounds original for once :p

I might be able to do some artwork, if i am not too busy...
I could also help with other stuff I guess.

Bonus points for actually having anything done before you posted the thread :D


And you know it.

I am writing this to let you guys know we are not dead. We are currently working a whole lot, but we still need more help...

We are currently looking for:
- Triggerers
- Beta Testers (Though you won't do anything for some time :))

If you would like to help us, either send us a message or drop by the forums at


We have now worked out the entire story, but most of the maps are not started. We have the terrain done for 6 maps. We still need a lot of triggers done though, so we do not have a clear release date yet.

Thank you for your time!

~The Queltor Team


I have now changed this in the User CP
I would be willing to beta test if/when you need. I love td's and have been searching for a good solo one for a while now, hopefully this is it!


I didnt slap you, i high 5'd your face.
i am a good gui triggerer/terrainer, if you needed anything small done u could have me take a look at it, keep in mind though i am working on other things so dont rely on me to program half a map :(


And you know it.
Thank you for your interest guys!

@Jaujarahje, we will contact you when we need a beta tester.

@GFreak, we need all the help we can get, I will talk to zteve later today and get you in!

@Everyone, we still need some more triggerers, or i will have a very boring time when I finish the terrain and art. So if you are up for it please post here or contact us through other means :thup:


Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.
"Down" meaning at home, the place from which I usually work. I posted that at school. >:|

Anyways, I got a new broadband, but the speed sucks.


And you know it.

We are having a week off development for various reasons. If anyone would like to help us we still need triggerers. If you can come up with something else I will see what we can do :)



hey, your project looks good, id like to join u. im a jass triggerer (some work at epicwar link)
im really good at jass and gui, my last map Crixalis Wars is %100 jass and others old tds like Td Beyong Time and OhMyLord! are all gui.
i did a campaign too, it's a remake of Reign Of Chaos campaign. i added a nice hero selection. u can play all roc campaign with your fav hero including ingame cinematics. it worked out great.
u can see on epicwar i did a lot of tds and modifications, like AzureTD or StrongerManOnEarth, so no problem on concept or whatever.
so, this is my email;

regards =D


And you know it.

Hello! This is the second official update of our progress on the Queltor: The Defender campaign. It is a unique TD campaign in case anyone forgot, and the team is growing bigger and bigger! With all this recent interest we have of course made more progress.

Even though we are getting a lot of interest we do still need help on specific things:
- We need a modeller for certain (secret) ingame things. You need to be able to model and animate with some skills. We are looking for the best we can get, but anyone is certainly welcome to try!
- If you can think of anything else we might need, now or in the future, don't be afraid to ask! We need all the help we can get.
- Lastly, we need as much attention as possible around the project. This helps us recruit new members for the team, so keep the thread alive and we might just hold a few Q&A sessions!

Here I would like to spend some precious space to advertise our website,, where you can post any ideas you have for the campaign, and where most of our discussion is held. (This is in private sections though, it's no fun to get it spoiled!)

Whtether you are interested in joining us, playing the map or just thinks we should stop, thank you for reading this (assuming you did) and have a nice day!

~The Queltor Team


I didnt slap you, i high 5'd your face.
like i said if you need anything specific like a spell done i can help with that, but i cant get immersed fully into another project

and i can now do jass as well
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