[Sarcasm] tags? Can we get these?


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Just wanted to ask you guys if we could seriously implement [sarcasm]tags[/sarcasm].
This would be pretty cool. (In my opinion at least)
Just in case the forum administration did not notice >this< piece of community gold.

On a sitenote: [firecat] tags would be awesome too, they would randomly set " around some of your words.
Oh crap, I guess you can skip that last part. Just saying ;)
Come on guys, everybody who thinks this is a good idea or just supports random stupidity in general: like the first post to show the big guys what you want.
we already have I tags, but I approve of the FC tags on the condition that they also remove any form of subject, and would like to propose an "invisible" tag that only shows up if a person is quoted
Hmm Why not Just make a poll? Do you approve or disapprove of **
choosing/Voting between "all of your hmm "ideas!"
Well, it doesn't hurt to have a poll. Just saying.

why not enable all of them, and let the users have the choice of when to use them?

P.S. - FC, what is your native language?
I am not really sure how necessary such a tag would be? Speaking you can often times convene such terms with emoticons or italics.
I am not really sure how necessary such a tag would be? Speaking you can often times convene such terms with emoticons or italics.
But think about how awesome it would be.
You say you are a member at thehelper.net and somebody asks you why that is such a big deal and you reply: Because we have the f*cking sweatest sarcasm tags in the whole f*cking internatz.
I really like the firecat ones personally.
To make this fair and square, we also need to have a few tags in honor of members who are proactive and have laid down their famous quirks here.

  1. FireCat tags: As the name suggests, FireCat made us remember the way this person speaks.
  2. Accname tags: Strong criticisms, harsh reviews.
  3. Varine: Smart guy who knows how to counter one's statements.

Necrobumping a thread?

Not unless you have a large presence in our forums, and we get to know you more (such as having an avatar or profile picture, make yourself stand out in front of us, etc.)
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    This drink recipe I have had more than a few times back in the day! Mind Eraser https://www.thehelper.net/threads/cocktail-mind-eraser.194720/

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