So, you're going to be shocked.


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Sun Rock Retreat is a Horde Base in the Stonetalon Mountains area. Your obviously ally and well... It's obvious what is going to happen when the opposite faction runs into the other factions base.

Stone Talon Peak = Alliance
Sun Rock Retreat = Horde


No no, it's a horde camp, I just didn't know that when I went to explore it.


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about some of the things mentioned earlier:

1. defensive stance will become more useful at higher levels, in low instances holding agro is not that hard, but because if the increase in healing/dmg output of your group members it becones progresively tougher as you level(modifer are -10% dmg intake, -10% dmg output, +30% threat output)

2. DO NOT USE FEAR INSIDE INSTANCES, on paper its useful indeed, and if your lucky it does its job well but more often then not those 5 mobs will return with another group behind them, something you dont want if you need to fear mobs anyway

warrior talents have pretty much defined roles in the game
arms - pvp, dps, raid utility(improved thunderclap > most bosses) and tank
fury - grinding, dps, pvp if insanely geared
prot - tank and cannon fodder in pvp

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WOW is pretty much why SD_Ryoko left the building... He got WOW life sucked
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