So, you're going to be shocked.


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Im so noob.

Hmmm trouble finding information on building a warrior.

For every guide I find, theres 50 other people shooting it down saying its wrong. I guess its all opinion. Each one posts "you have to have this" or "you have to have that"

Plus nothing suits what "I" want to do....sword / shield and PVP, who can help when needed; but not dedicated.

Theres just too many benefits of a shield to ignore it (block, defense, bonuses, warrior skills)

The highest defensive skills look sweet (mmm stuns) but the REST of the tree isnt that appealing.

Basically, all the guides point to 3 major paths.

Be a dumb rock and hold agro for everyone else
Be a super DPS warrior but can't defend himself
Be a blend of two but not great at either

Plus the guides for PVP are mostly dual wield, or axes...etc.

I guess eventually I'll know enough to craft a build... but right now, when I look at the talent tree, theres a huge questionmark over my head... im clueless LOL


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I am not shocked, I m level 4 :p
happy late birthday, by the way.

Look, all you gotta have is stunch faith and astounding will and you'll become a worthy player :D
What server you on? Better be Twisting Nether!

For a warrior you can go fury spec and still tank good for instances up to around level 50 and easily defend yourself. Until you get duel wield use a 2h'er or even stay using a 2h'er, just depends on what talent spec you go.

Shields in WoW are a lot different than in SRO. Shields are almost completely worthless in PVP since your not going to block barely any attacks. Usually when PVPing you have a healer in your group (priest, druid, pallidan) that will heal you and keep you up. You need groups for a large part of WoW and won't accomplish much without one.


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How useless? you get extra def... bonuses... possible stats.

Um, were on Kul Tiras. Which is a normal server not PVP. But you can do PVP instances and events.

We kinda forced there, because tom's wife hates PVP... she gets ganked training or gathering herbs, she throws a cry fit, gets mad, goes to her room and won't play anymore. Steves guild broke up or something, so he paid 25$ to move his 60 hunter there where is brother is

I have a good 2 hander (green, stats) but I take too much damage with our group of 2-3. Thats why use shield.

And and.... the protection series (shield?) has awesome ending skills, like the 5 sec stun and bashes.

But I don't know :(


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Hmm I think theres a Kul Tiras US and a Kul Tiras EU

That would be messed up if his wife picked a Euro server.

Actually, I'd be kinda pissed.

Errrr wait... our party member is from the UK...

Hmmmm :( But when you install the game and pick a realm, I wouldnt think it would show EU servers....

The people on it are awefully nice; people run by and buff you all the time, and someone enchanted my weps for me free ^_^


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:eek: :eek:
:D :D :D :D
Welcome back to the dark side my friend, and to the wonderful WoW!
Currently I have been not playing. The comp I run it on is mega fried, but soon hopefully I will be getting the OS system needed to run it on my other comp and then I will see you on your realm! As a newb myself since my guys are stuck on LLane.
Awww, you went Alliance, how sweet, I guess I can go with that LOL
But sweet, I look forward to you getting totally hooked and bein back here in the WoW section of TH



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My warrior was my main for a good year are so, so I've got some experience under my belt -

At your level, a 1h/sheild is perfectly fine, but once you get 20+, you'll notice your DPS starts to slide and your sheild loses alot of its use outside of group stuff. You'll be better off with a 2h (If your arms) or dual weilding (If your fury) at 20+.

Honestly, it really depends. If all you want to do is group instances/tank higher instances, go Protection. But I promise you, you're going to hate it leveling by yourself. The only good solo'ing ability in that tree is Concussion Blow, but even with that, your DPS is going to be horrible. It's mainly for end-game instance, where you're basically forced to be a tank in instances.

Fury's mainly for PVP, not as good all around though for instances as you'll be dishing out a lot of damage, but using a 1h/sheild, your DPS drops sharply. And with Fury, past 40 you could still get some of the key skills from Arms that every Warrior needs.

Arms is the two handed tree, with some insane burst DPS you won't get from the other two. Fury's more about steady, but insanely fast DPS, and Protection is protecting you from damage.

Arms has two, very essential talents in it:

Tactical Mastery: You keep 25 rage points when switching stances, (You'll be doing this alot) otherwise without it, you lose every rage point when switching stances.

Anger Management: Your rage decays 30% slower outside of combat, which is very good for all around, as you essentially get 20% more rage throughout all combat.

But it's really up to you. I really wouldn't go Protection unless you really want to do instances to gain most of your levels. (Which is harder than you think)

Fury is MAINLY for PVP, but it's still very good for solo'ing, and you have alot of sustained DPS, but don't fret if you're missing half of all your shots.

Arms is my personal preference, seeing as it has Tactical Mastery and Anger Management, and I'm more the type to hit slow but very hard.


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Heh heh... I did PVP last night for the first time

It was fun... I kill a lot of people :D some higher

But this guy... horde rogue.... he kill everyone. Even a group of people couldn't stop him :( And when you surround him... he cheap fker and spam the jump back and forth so you can't click / attack him. Not like that at all :( And the second time, there was like 3 alliance and 6 horde... and they camp the graveyard / ridge so we couldnt respawn. Not very cool either.

And twice... TWICE after the battle was over, some dudes brought this dragon and her minions into stormwind and I die >_>

This group of people took me through DM :D and I got like 5 items I can use and 2 gifts for my friends. (^_^) but..... forgot to get the head of the boss so I have to do it again. Oh well.... more item! Everyone was pretty nice, cept for one person who couldn't swallow the fact I was new 17 and constantly complaining about it. So she left and we finish without her...

Thats funny, night elf girl dance like shes giving a lap dance, but the human girl dance like sober people at a wedding.....

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Dear God, I just spent 5 hours with a girl last night who plays this, at work. And now Ryoko's back to babble about it? :D My poor intelligent mind!

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Or I was kidding? Sheesh, what's got you so touchy?

I look in here every now and again to see if anyone posts little stories about what happens in WoW. I know Conan used to post a lot of them about what happens with his guild, or him and a buncha people hunting or whatever.

I love war stories, so I had hoped there'd be more stories about the battlefields :D But whatever.

I was also kind of acknowledging the fact that you're back, but since you're apparently not in a good mood, I won't bother.

But this guy... horde rogue.... he kill everyone. Even a group of people couldn't stop him And when you surround him... he cheap fker and spam the jump back and forth so you can't click / attack him. Not like that at all And the second time, there was like 3 alliance and 6 horde... and they camp the graveyard / ridge so we couldnt respawn. Not very cool either.
That rogue was a twink I'm guessing, which is a person who made a character and leveled him to 19 or 29 and got him the best gear and enchants possible at that level just to own everyone in the battlegrounds.

And twice... TWICE after the battle was over, some dudes brought this dragon and her minions into stormwind and I die >_>
Ah Onyxia, a level 60 end game boss. It's part of a chain quest to get attuned for the instance just for you to be able to enter it.
When they start the quest an NPC travels through stormwind to the keep where the battlegrounds are and he turns Lady Prestor into a smaller version of Onyxia.
Heres what the real Onyxia looks like.


It only does everything.
Okay so based on that, and guides, sounds like a primary of Arms and a seconday of some fury skills would be best (for now)

Would you reccomend one hand sword/shield, dual weild, or two hand sword? What about maces and axes?
Duel wield axes/swords.

Axes are usually PvE and swords PvP.

Or so I hear, im not a warrior >.>


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Your best bet is to go Arms for now, using a 2 hander.

That's really the best talent build to go with for now, considering you just started. It's a very good starting tree to go into.

As for a shield, I'd use it only when in instances and you're the tank. No matter what you're build, you can still tank, but you lose a lot of your DPS outside of instances if you're using a 1 hander and a shield.

Warriors are a great class because you're never really locked into one tree. When you get higher, it'll be a lot easier to figure what exactly you want (Slow burst DPS, fast steady DPS, or high defense) but for now, being new and a low level, your best bet is Arms with a 2h for solo'ing and a 1h/shield for instances.

As for what type of 2h, it really doesn't matter until youg et into specializations at around level 30. Just pick the strongest, or what looks the coolest.


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Hehe. Welcome to WoW Ryoko.

Good to see your liking it. And yeah, I dont reccomend going into Battlegrounds between level 10-29 because of 'Twinks'. As Im_On_56K said, these are people with the BEST gear you can get in that level bracket with enchants (the enchants cost a lot. Twinks are just bored level 60's alt's used to own people in BG's).

Conan seems to be guiding you well with the Warrior thing, so I wont say much else apart from enjoy the game!


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Well right now im 19 and I am using this sword and this shield

Ya ya, twinks. There was a guy last night from "Twinks gone wild" on our team like that. Thats kinda BS to the people who just wanna test out there char and see how they do against people their level. But you cant really say anything about it, its not cheating or anything... just kinda lame

I dunno if I like this PVP system... all people do in duels is jump sparatically and go in circles so you can't click them or use your skills. Its pretty damn lame. At least in SRO, no matter which way your facing or where they go, you target them. Its 10x easier. All these ppls do is confuse your mouse hand so that they win ......

And the warlock just fear you over and over and over; can get maybe 1 hit in before he fears you again, its annoying as all hell...pretty cheap IMO


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For your sword, in the screenshot right below the description, it looks like he's holding the same kind of sword in both hands, except one's glowing white and one's glowing green :confused:
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