Game Soldat - 2D, multiplayer platform shooter


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Sargon said:
No, you would think that the Russian one would be called "??????."
You need to have the Windows language thingy to see other language letters. They display as ??? whenever you see those on pages or someone puts them in.

For instance, I cans witch all of Windows to Japanese and read it that way if I wished.


Another great game

Another great online multiplayer game is high velocity paintball. its very similar to soldat but a bit more complex. It has different classes, a lot more weapons and equipment to choose from. You also progress in levels and gain more money as you play more. There are also tournaments ran daily which you can compete in.

The link is

In my opinion its better than soldat


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Hmm... thread necromancy :p Anyway, going to play this game now, as I just now found out about it. And btw, "soldat" it's the word for "soldier" in romanian, too, and with that exact writing.

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How is this for thread necromancy? :) BTW, I just checked, and the game is still around. That is going to put this into the Hall of Fame!
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