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I am wondering how I can create an effect similar to "Value of a is: " + a with the GUI editor.

This is what I have now.
  • UI - Display nightNumberConverted for (All players) to Debug area

What I want it to do is
  • UI - Display "Value is: " + nightNumberConverted for (All Players) to Debug area

Any help?

Edit: I guess it is actually text concatenation, since it's not strings that are posted as text messages.
Text Message
    Message: Combine Text
        Text 1: "Player "
        Text 2: Combine Text
            Text 1: Convert Integer To Text
                Value: Arithmetic (Integer)
                    Value 1: HunterInteger
                    Operator: +
                    Value 2: 1
            Text 2: " is the hunter!"
    Players: All Players
    Message Area: Subtitle

That's what the function should look like. (Copied this from my map. It has a total of 3 texts combined to one message)
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