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The 8th Day of August, for ever year, is now declared "TheHelper's Taco Day".

Why was this holiday made?
To Commemorate the day TheHelper ranted in TH Chat room for 4 hours wishing he had tacos... (and talking how hot Conan's Mom was, and how his mom was good at making Tacos...)

How do we celebrate?
We have no clue :rolleyes:

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I'm gonna go get some awesome soft shell tacos later today. I'll be back with pictures unless my phone decides to be stupid. :thup:
I will be eatings mexican later today. I shall get pics too.
It'd be nice if the THTacoDay accounts age is set to 0.

Ahsum thing!
Too late I'm the first one! All the way from Tijuana


Happy The Helper Taco Day!!!
In the end I was up against $20 worth of Taco Cabana Tacos and it was worth the wait.
> Is it a coincidence that 4chan died on this same day?
Then there's one more reason to celebrate.
so today i go to work, and guess what i make?

Tacos are yummy.. My family has a taco tuesday every other week.. Homemade tortillas too ;D my dad's very mexican xD.
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