Triggers - Heal All: A tale of ancient GUI and modern JASS


Change can be a good thing
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that much be the longest tutorial ever....


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Whoa. Awesome stuff. I especially liked the thread title lol. But seriously, great job! :thup:


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I only read about 3/8 into it and then stopped,
But from what I read it's a very well written tutorial [besides a few spelling/grammar errors :) ].
I might actually read the rest later today and get into JASS because of it ;) .
Very good job AceHart,


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Nice writing :)

Understandable, funny, and clear.


It's been a long, long time.
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Why is everybody saying that all guiers should be turned to jassers?
there always going to be around no-mater how many you convert.

I'm now a mostly converted GUI user. The only reason I use it now is that I'm familiar with it.
Excellent job aceheart I bow my head down to you and your teachings.


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Aside from that GroupClear which isn't needed, this is very well made. It's interesting, detailed and funny.


I'll also change the prefix to [Tutorial], seeing as this is actually explaining how to convert an old GUI spell to Jass.


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A boolexpr is a handle type returned by the Condition() or Filter() natives, which each take a code variable. The function refered to must return a boolean.


set Gwypaas = Guhveepaws
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Still, it seems like an awfully long length to go to just to fix a small spell :p

I am an intermediate JASSer who does much more complicated things than this, and I can say I learned a few things. I'm pretty sure a lot of people wouldn't go through all the steps if they had other things to do on the map rather than optimization, but the spells simplicity shows a lot of things can be optimized even in such a small spell. These optimizations probably don't really change the in game lag on its one, but it is still optimization =D
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