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Discussion in 'NUON-Dome General Discussion' started by Skah T, Nov 29, 2006.

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    You need to get the internet demo
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    I was lucky and got my Wii online shortly after launch at JCPenney.com (thanks Cheapassgamer.com). It's been good so far, though I really haven't played it much lately. Oddly enough, my Nintendo DS has been taking most of my playing time of late, thanks to 2D Castlevania titles, heh.

    As for the XBOX 360/PS3 question, I have a 360 and enjoy it, but have no plans to buy a PS3 currently. Show me one software app out now that's worth the $500 price...there really aren't any. Give me some killer apps and a price drop, and we'll talk. I'd probably be more gung-ho about the PS3 if I also wanted a BluRay player, but good old progressive scan DVD is still good enough for me.

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