WIP World of Warcraft3 Instances [Pre-Release Thread]


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Map name subject to change

I'm looking for a coder now.
If you can make and code spells, please contact me.
You must use the Damage system though.

I am not creating World of Warcraft (Herein 'WoW') in Warcraft 3 (Herein 'WC3');
I am creating the dungeons and instances part of WoW.
Just want to get that part clear.
You're not going to find Ogrimmar, or Dalaran in my maps,
You're going to find Ragefire Chasm, and Violet Hold.
Now, let's get this party started!

As in the title, this is still a WIP.
This information section will include my plans for the map when it's done.
If you want to know what's currently finished, look below for "Project Progress".

My project, WoW3, is going to be a series of maps.
In the very first map, Ragefire Chasm, is where you pick your class.
There's going to be a save/load code system in effect.
This way, you actually level your hero from 1, all the way to 80.
I'm going to make all Horde/neutral only (for now) dungeons, no Alliance, sorry.
Everything from Ragefire Chasm, all the way up to Halls of Reflection is going to be made.

  • Melee DPS:
    • Frost/Unholy Death Knight
    • Feral Druid
    • Retribution Paladin
    • Rogue
    • Enhancement Shaman
    • Arms/Fury Warrior
  • Ranged DPS:
    • Moonkin Druid
    • Hunter
    • Mage (Probably a mix of all three to start; Later on one of each to choose from)
    • Shadow Priest
    • Warlock
  • Healers:
    • Druid
    • Paladin
    • Disc Priest
    • Holy Priest
    • Shaman
  • Tanks:
    • Blood Death Knight
    • Druid
    • Paladin
    • Warrior

Every class is going to have five spells except the DPS Death Knight.
The Frost/Unholy Death Knight is sort of two classes in one.
He has 8 spells in total, with only 4 being able to be used at once.
Please feel free to offer suggestions for classes that don't have spells yet;
And changes for the classes that do have spells already.

Normal text indicates an active spell.
Underlined text indicates a passive spell.
Italicized text indicates an auto-cast spell.
Bolded text indicates the heroes auto-spell*.
Please feel free to give feedback/suggestions on the spells!
  • Melee DPS:
    • Frost DK:
      • Frost Presence: Increases damage of nearby allies by a percent.
      • Obliterate: Brutally strikes an opponent, adding high damage to your attack.
      • Howling Blast: Blasts a target with freezing cold, dealing damage to the target and in an AoE. Applies Frost Fever, causing targets to be slowed.
      • Chains of Ice: Causes the target to be immobilized in chains, unable to move.
      • <To be announced>
    • Unholy DK:
      • Unholy Presence: Increases attack rate of nearby allies by a percent.
      • Plague Strike: Strike an opponent, dealing extra damage and applying Blood Plague, dealing damage over time.
      • Death Coil: Sends out a coil of death, dealing damage to a target.
      • Unholy Frenzy: Increases the attack rate of a target, but drains health per second.
      • <To be announced>
    • Feral Druid:
      • Mangle: Mangles the enemy, dealing minor damage and causing it to take an extra 30% damage from Claw. Rewards 1 combo point.
      • Claw: Claws the enemy, dealing extra damage based on Agility. Rewards 1 combo point.
      • Ferocious Bite: Bite the enemy, dealing damage based on Agility increased by combo points. Has a chance to use only 3 combo points up, else it removes all of them.
      • Prowl: Go into a prowl, going invisible while slowing movement by 30%. If Prowl is broken by an attack, it will deal bonus damage.
      • Ravage: Gives a chance to induce Ravage, causing the Druid to attack extremely fast for a short period.
    • Retribution Paladin:
      • Judgements of The Wise: Regains mana back and deals damage if there's a seal active.
      • Seal of Truth: Gives extra damage, and applies a debuff causing other spells to do 15% increased damage.
      • Crusader Strike: An instant hard hitting attack, dealing extra damage based on Strength, with a moderately high change to crit.
      • Divine Storm: Instantly deals damage to all enemies in melee range of the Paladin.
      • Retribution Aura: Blesses allies with an aura that deals damage to melee units that attack them.
    • Rogue:
      • Shadowstep:
      • Kidney Shot:
      • <To be announced>
      • Stealth:
      • Deadly Poison:
    • Enhancement Shaman: <To be announced>
    • Arms/Fury Warrior: <To be announced>
  • Ranged DPS:
    • Moonkin Druid: <To be announced>
    • Hunter: <To be announced>
    • Mage: <To be announced>
    • Shadow Priest: <To be announced>
    • Warlock: <To be announced>
  • Healers:
    • Druid: <To be announced>
    • Paladin: <To be announced>
    • Disc Priest: <To be announced>
    • Holy Priest: <To be announced>
    • Shaman: <To be announced>
  • Tanks:
    • Blood DK: <To be announced>
    • Druid: <To be announced>
    • Paladin: <To be announced>
    • Warrior: <To be announced>

  • Casting bar system; Full channeling/casting bars!
  • Casting Text system; See what spells your allies are casting!
  • Full combo point system; Rogue's and Feral Druid's rejoice!
  • Unique character spell*; Every class has a unique feel!
  • Five* spells per hero; Ten levels each!
  • Every Horde/Neutral dungeon; Experience WoW in WC3!
  • <More coming soon!>
* - Every character has four spells, and then a default passive.
This default passive is always there, from level 1-80.
You do not have to learn it, or spend points on it.
It levels as you level.

Project Progress
Pre-Map Things
Expected Release Date: Not yet set.

Heroes: 2/21 : 9.52% Complete

Spells: 21/113 : 18.58% Complete

Systems: 6/6 : 100% Complete

Overall: 29/140 : 20.71% Complete

I'm doing things in a certain order.
I'm not doing any terrain, or making the map until the above things are done.

Other Notes
I will update this thread and post often to let everyone know how things are going.
Feel free to post suggestions and things.
Just wanted to get this basically posted so people know!


  • test-WoW_RagefireChasm.w3x
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you're turning the most boring part about WoW into a Wc3 map :/

questing, raiding, PvPing = :)
dungeons = :mad:

why don't you make your own RPG, with your own story, systems, classes?
or at least don't base it on WoW, it's already became a cliche, cause I could always just play WoW instead of your map

though it's my opinion
It's quite fitting, IMO.
For people that have quit WoW, but would still like to do some things WoW-related.
It's also a 5-player map, so a small group of friends can have a map to play together.
For my opinion,this is just awesome, and sure doing RFC or any other instance in WC3 would give a totally different feeling from that when doing it in WoW,so that will be interesting :D, i wish you best of luck in this project,and hope you dont quit :thup:

Ps. When you feel bored or anything, i wouldnt mind helping you out...with minor things such as Tooltips and Spells :) , just sayin'
I really miss Candy War style of maps, there Blizz made their version of WoW heroes and abilities. It was pretty amusing. I am really distant to WoW, but will there be hero like Blademaster who can smack things up and collect points by doing it and then can spend it on more powerful attacks?
This is just a series of maps, with the classes from WoW.
Check the updated original post for the class list.
I like this. I will definitely play. Let me know if/when you need any testers.
Death Knight fully complete.
Feral Druid underway!

Casting bar system, using Zwiebelchen's Casting Bar System (Possibly might make my own)!
Casting text system, see what spells your allies are casting!

Skill point system in place, you get one ability point every two levels.
Hero selection system finished.

Updated project progress bars!
Added auto-spells: There are spells that every hero has from 1-80, and automatically level with you!
Feral Druid half done!

Combo Point system fully in place!
Currently, the Retribution Paladin will have:
Judgements of The Wise: Regains mana back and deals damage if there's a seal active.
Seal of Truth: Gives extra damage, and applies a debuff causing other spells to do 15% increased damage.
Crusader Strike: An instant hard hitting attack, dealing 135% weapon damage, with a moderately high chance to crit.
Divine Storm: Hits all enemies in range for the heroes attack damage.

I haven't decided on his auto-spell.
I might change the seal to that, and add in an extra spell.
Feel free to offer any ideas/changes to these :)
Hey Wolfie, yo i was wondering, are you going to make the terraining on your own aswell? , just out of curiosity
I had my real-life friend helping me, but he's MIA/AFK.
So everything is going to be done by myself.
Retribution Paladin half done!

[del]Added a "Spell Descriptions" section.[/del]
Merged into "Spells" section.
Please feel free to give feedback/suggestions on the spells!
I assume that "auto-spell" means the passive?

Suggestion for the passives: This doesn't need to be for all of them, but maybe make some of them proc-based instead of just constant or aura? For example: You could change the Ret Paladin's passive so that it has a X% chance to proc on each attack or spell cast. When it procs, it gives all of his abilities 15% bonus damage for 10 seconds. Or something like that, that is just an example.

Suggestion for Hotkeys: Make all of them Q W E R D F, based on their position in the UI. Those keys are the most natural positions on a keyboard, and it makes it really easy to learn them.
Not all of them will be passives, which is why I didn't just call them "Auto-passives" or something.
Also, there's already one out of the three that is chance, look at the Feral Druid.

And I was thinking of doing a QWER(T) hotkey system.
I might change to that.
I can agree with tommerbob and you to assign the hotkeys to QWER(T).
My friends and I are impatiently looking forward to the first release.

It would be cool if you could make the boss fights as challenging as in Wow,
for instance there should be a lot of action keeping everyone busy and stress them to the maximum.
I'm going to make the hotkey change today, before I finish up the Retribution Paladin.
As for the difficulty, I'm going to get it as close to WoW as possible.
But I mean, RFC bosses aren't going to be crazy action/stressful like, say, a Pit of Saron boss or something :p
The difficulty and spells are supposed to match that of WoW.

Don't be too impatient with me either, I'm only one person working on this quite large project :eek:

Hotkeys changed to QWER(T).

Auto-spell leveling system in place.
Auto-spells level every four hero levels.
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