TD X-Maze Tower Defence v1.0


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Hello everyone

This is my first Tower Defence map i have created

I have used 2 weeks creating this map and since its my first time making such map i had a bit trouble, but figured it out mostly myself but with help from all you people :)

please give me comments if you have played it.

Map Name: X-Maze TD v1.0 By Exuro
Map Size: 181kb
Players Suggested: 2-4
Download: Linkage

Short Description:

Build your own unique maze to surive the waves and defeat your opponents by using the Arcane Vaults!

With a good maze you will advance trough 20 waves of creeps where wave 5,10,15 and 20 will be damage meter waves!

The more damage you do to them, the more wood you will gain to use in your arcane vaults!

Eliminate eachothers until your the last survivor!

Wave 21 will be an endless wave which increases in difficulty and wood will be given every 30 seconds until 1 player remains!


Good Luck and please enjoy, and bare in mind that im no expert map maker so be gentle with the critics hehe


Ya Rly >.
Hmm, good job. It's not horrible so you don't need to worry about that.

I won't be a critic so i will give you an opinion that i didn't really think through to increase your self asteem.



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That'd lower my self-esteem if you where commenting about my map.

We want screenshots :p


Rise with the Fallens!
- Nice Ideas
- Overall balanced

- multiple glitches/bugs
- Gets too easy when you maze all over the map
- Try using color codes other then red
- lack of towers
- the fact we dont build towers that attack make the game boring when u played it once or twice

Try to fix the cons and it will be nice :D


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thanks for the feedback, ill look into the various stuff you mentioned!

kinda released it a bit fast, (maybe to fast), but got another idea which i wanted to make more hehe!
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