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  • Oh Sorry, I just read the thread and I thought that was your more recent request. Well no matter, if you have any more requests such as a group image. Tell me
    DDR thought after creating the group the system would allow him to switch ownership to you. Unfortunately it doesn't so I did a forced transfer so he doesn't have to manage it anymore. (I will) So if you need anything just VM or post in the thread

    PS - I do not think renaming the HKC to HKK is a good idea. Some bad references there. Though if you wish to have it renamed and some good reasons. I can see it be approved
    Thinking about it. The fun's wore off now because I'm getting confused. Find me a new one and I will.
    I'm looking forward to that!! It got cool spells and heroes. Can you add a -test function so that I can test them all without having to restart the map? XD Just wanna check out everyone there.
    Just a question, what would be the point of the Board? `cuss, everyone knows that it`s WC3, not a ghost xD

    Pretty much, it would be turn based, you would roll a die to move spaces, and you would be able to make accusations at people. I was thinking, like, Professor Peasant, Dr. Druid Clawe, Mrs. Gray, and other spoofs on the classic names. Then, we could make the rooms like WC3 related stuff. Then, pressing escape would display a list of people/rooms/weapons you have concluded that it could not be.

    I also want to do a starting cinematic, which a friend will do for us.
    Want to do the contest together? I got lots of ideas, and I can terrain it/make a board game tile/do most triggers, I have most the ideas down pat.
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