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  • Thanks!

    Lol and yeah, I started out by triggering a dota style map from scratch, then a capture the flag map, then a capture the flag/dota style hybrid (That was... interesting. @[email protected]), a king of the hill map, as well as plenty of other maps I've made that have absolutely no heroes, lawl :p

    Finally I got sick of it and decided to start programing a few heroes and seeing what I came up with. xD


    "Added Camouflage its not exactly how you wanted but I don't have time to create it right now. Maybe a little later."

    Don't worry about polishing it up xD I need to figure this stuff out so I can learn how to do it on my own in the future. :] Thanks again!
    I saw that, and I appreciate it! (+ rep'd for the help) Your really helping me grasp ability creation :p For the last several years that I have been tooling around with world editor on and off, all I have been focusing on is GUI triggering for game play mechanics on maps that aren't even mine, haha.

    I started working on the other abilities, most were easy enough to create, but I hit a roadblock while working on Camouflage.

    Like my thread stated, I would like to make it into a no target instant cast AoE buff that lasts just a few seconds, but I'm not quite sure what approach I should take. xD

    At first I thought maybe I could use a dummy unit with an invisibility aura that followed the caster around for a short while, but I'm sure there is an easier way.

    If you could point me in the right direction as to what approach I should take for this type of ability, that would be great!
    Greek isn't really useful as a language, more useful for roots.

    Portuguese? I don't think Portugal should be a country, I have an anti-portugal campaign because it bothers me so much, so I can't say much about it.
    I wish I knew a good language, all I know is latin, sadface.

    ego non habeó bene potentus.
    >>I have no good skills (in languages)
    This year in school I took a class on Apartheid and History of South Africa, was curious since I saw you're from Pretoria. the cake is not a lie man, not a lie.
    My name... I believe it was a friend that came up with it when he didn't like my nick on Counter Strike XD That was like 3 years ago, and I'm still using it for everything XD I have no imagination myself... :(

    For the Starcraft avatar, are you sure it is from there ? :S XD
    Didn't know that, and I'm definately not leaving this forum to play Starcraft ;)
    Not even sure I'm gonna buy it...
    And anyways, this forum has got a Starcraft II sub-forum now too :D
    lol, just sometimes, heh. I like soccer. But I don't watch too much TV in general anyways. But since I do like soccer, I keep up with the big events.
    You don't need a custom editor to check for Locust in GUI. Just create an ability variable named "Locust" and add this custom script to your map initialization:
    • Custom script: set udg_Locust = 'Aloc'

    Then you can just pick the ability on the variable list instead of the drop-down list.
    You need to create a function that checks the integer level of the ability and returns a boolean value. Converting a simple "If then else" action using the condition from GUI will show you the code structure.
    Umm... well since I started the random conversation, all the pictures in your panda spellpack are gone. :p You probably know this though...
    Thanks :) I'll try to start with your hero tonight (to be honest I don't want to give mapguy any suggestions because quite frankly I think he's a deuche, but I made a promise to committ to everyones' requests so)
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    Thanks for the context.
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    Happy Hump Day!!!
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    TH old fart gotta have a beer with me one of these days
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    I am down anytime Blackveiled
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    count on it then cause you don't live that far from me hah
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    really that is cool!
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    Hey Tom I added a new Weird tag to the News Prefixes
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    What is up Blackveiled?
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    Chillin', lurkin'. :D
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    I am working on a bunch of site projects right now doing a bunch of behind the scenes stuff and trying to clean up some stuff that I let slide when I got lazy with the site for a few years...
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    Are you in Houston Blackveiled or just in Texas?
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  • Blackveiled Blackveiled:
    I've been living here since 2014.
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    OK banlord we need to get together soon! The only other member of the site I know in Houston is XXX Conan
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    and he does not want none lol
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    he put up a picture of his mom one time and she was HOT!
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    I wish we still had that
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    Lmao you scared him off I see.
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    he will be back
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    Conan was like 12 when he started here
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    I literally think I was his male role model
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    Yeah I was 12 when I started here as well.
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    you guys were just kids
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    I was in my 30s when i got the Blizzard MVP
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    I am 53


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