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May 6, 2017
Dec 9, 2006
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I'm lost

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Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator, from I'm lost

Staff Member
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May 6, 2017
    1. Artificial
      > I play all races.
      Awesome! Replays. :)

      I got an US client, so I got to download it before it came available in EU. :thup: Too bad I gotta wake up early tomorrow. :(
    2. Artificial
      So zerg is your main, eh?

      > a proxy hatchery in the opponent's base(didn't work)
      Orly. I'd imagine they can't have such a hard time spotting the creep it puts all over the place. <_<

      Anyway, send me some replays, I like watching them. ^_^
    3. Artificial
      I have never used pygame. I'm hoping I won't get to the beta, as I should really be studying for the entrance exams instead of playing it. x)

      Anyway, how good are you? League & rank & race plox.
    4. Artificial
      > Meanwhile, read this(and rep!):
      Didn't I do that before you posted this VM? o_O I'm not gonna do it again!

      > press "p"
      Oh, you meant the keyboard. Buttons could be e.g. on-screen buttons and such, too. :P (In case you didn't find it yet.)
    5. Artificial
      Whaddayamean with button pressing? o_O And btw, was the text thing any good?

      On a totally unrelated note, I need a big programming project to take up some of my already limited and valuable time. Any suggestions?
    6. Artificial
      I think this looks pretty helpful for writing text.

      "The mouse buttons generate pygame.MOUSEBUTTONDOWN and pygame.MOUSEBUTTONUP events when they are pressed and released. These events contain a button attribute representing which button was pressed." (Source)
      So you can just check for that event in the main loop. When triggered, just check if there's something in the mouse's current position.

      Did you even try google? ^_^
    7. Artificial
      Oh, it was that I was supposed to look at. Was looking at all other kinds of stuff in the pic. Stopped using chrome as the "This site is written in XXX. Do you want to translate it into some kind of Finnish that doesn't make any sense?" was so annoying. :| It was so utterly useless even in situations where I would've wanted to translate the site.

      But neat project there, you got some balls. :thup: Maybe you should store from info of the blobs and display it when you click on them, for example their age, generation, and such. :P
    8. Artificial
      What do you mean unrelated note? This is totally related.

      Make a program that composes beautiful classical music when run.
    9. Artificial
      I don't see what the problem is. Don't you like classical music?
    10. Artificial
      The multiprosessing library?

      I think the "doing something before kill" thing sounds a bit silly, though. I mean if such a thing was possible, you could just start a new process every time your process is about to get killed, making eliminating the processes impossible?
    11. Artificial
      I thought we were friends. :( Unless that's your bro talking there.
    12. SerraAvenger
      = )
      do you still have problems going on msn?
      how are you posting this?
    13. SerraAvenger
      friends, calm down!
    14. Artificial
      Hehheh, like I'd tell you! :)
    15. Artificial
      Then why did you falsely lead me to believe your name was Erik? :( I hate you.
    16. Artificial
      Your brother's account? o_O You mean Erik (which'd lead to that you both having the same name, which I'd find rather weird, especially if you'd be logged on your brother's account) or Siretu@LastCode (which'd lead to that you likely lied to me about the text adventure creator being yours (or at least letting me assume so), which I'd find rather weird, especially if you'd be logged on your brother's account)?
    17. SerraAvenger
      Big A seems to be really into you = D
    18. Artificial
      [jass]Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "Path\", line 226, in <module>
      pop = checkgen(mutchance,pop)
      File "Path\", line 188, in checkgen
      l = generation(mutchance,l)
      File "Path\", line 160, in generation
      l = killbad(l)
      File "C:\Documents and Settings\Erik\Mina dokument\", line 131, in killbad
      raise quit
      TypeError: exceptions must be classes or instances, not Quitter[/jass]
      There's your problem! :)
    19. SerraAvenger
      In fact, I gave you Big A's MSN via MSN.
    20. Artificial
      > You're right
      True that. :)
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