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Just for the record, the technological advances in man's civilization over a span of a few million years would be astronomical and unfathomable, to say the least. There would be no farmers. There would probably be no Earth, after we'd stripped it of all of its resources and moved to a different planet because we'd have the ability to. You should change that part back down to 100 years, imo.


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Atreyu, the archeologists aren't the Chaos Guild. The Chaos Guild is later, as in after the discovery of the island. And they are the "bad" creatures and stuff that invaded the island. There were some errors there...
but it's pretty cool story...

LALALA! i dont think linamus needs another part anymore so...


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Kay fatmankew your story really pwns. It's kinda long, so I don't really know if I would be able to make cinematic with it. Wanna try to do it yourself? ^^
@thewrongdude - wanna try to extend once again? who knows ^^
@ atreyu - sorry your story isn't really perfect, +rep for an attempt


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-> The Land Of Wonders
-> Simple Equipment System TuT


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Yes, English is a very confusing language. That's why it is one of my favorite languages of all time. But not colloquial American English; British English is the better form of the two (or more)
There :thup:
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