Environment Architects are turning to cannabis-based ‘hempcrete’ that could revolutionize the way we build our homes

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In search of more sustainable ways to build our homes, some architects are turning to a surprising resource — hemp, the sister plant to cannabis, which can be transformed into a material called hempcrete.

What is hempcrete?

Hempcrete is a carbon-negative building material made out of hemp, which is increasingly being used in place of concrete.

The biocomposite material is created from hemp shiv — the woody core of hemp stalks — and mixed with a binder, such as lime powder, and water.

The result is a tough, adaptable material that can be mixed with varying proportions of hemp and lime depending on its intended purpose.

Hempcrete is most often suited for building internal walls and insulation, but it might also appear in roofs, attic spaces, and flooring screeds. Recently the material made headlines when a 12-story hotel was built primarily with hempcrete.

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