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I only played 3 games of Warcraft last night.

Thats because, my last 3v3 random team game was almost TWO HOURS long.

After the inital skirmish of petty units, both my allies managed to drop within 30 seconds of eachother. Had the other team worked together as a team, mounted an army, and came after one town at a time - they would have won.

But they decided to be assholes about it, and switched to guerilla warefare. Each player hit a different town. In the cheapest ways. Fully taking advantage of playing against 1 person.

When I took the army to stop an attack, another player would hit where I left, and the other would run. Then they would hit another town, and run before I got back. Over and over, hit and run.

I took out a base and a half, and started defending. So they pulled some of the CHEAPEST shit I tell you.

The undead took all his feinds into one base. When I got there, he burrowed everything. Damnit. Fine. I buy dust of appearnce. One army defeated.

Orange used the flame mage to flame strike everything. When I got there, he'd teleport. He teleported about six times. I grow very angry.

The orc had an army of wyverns. And flew town to town killing gold mines, OVER, and OVER, and OVER. Damnit I hate that. I HATE THAT.

Such bull I tell you! And run away every time I come.

What wins warcraft games?
-A single town hall
-Teamwork (um, okay...)

Me: No base left. Get the sources. Get it now. Get it from three mines. Feed the other two colors.
Pink: Get the units. Get em fast. Three racks at a time.
Purple: Establish the alamo. A heavily, 20 towered base, with a wall of racks, and our last, substantal castle.

Two attacks on the base. With no stunners, starfall won it for me both times.
Killed two players.

More cheap shit. Mage used pehonix to repeatedly kill all workers. Lich death and decayed the base. Orange made steam tanks too. More wyvern attacks. Sigh.

Systematically, I took out about 5 full bases, and 6 expansion mines. Lost a few myself. Started leaving 3 knights at every mine. A decent group of griffons fixed the steam tank problem. Steam tanks slow. At this time, I had about 14k gold between the three players.

Green called me a cheater, for guarding the gold. Sorry, resources win games. After two hours, I saw the victory dialog.

Whats total BS?
-Wyverns attacking mines and running away
-15 spiders burrowed in your own base
-Death and decay from across a peninsula you can't get to.
-Attacking someone and TP away six times
-Steam tanks....
-Losing 2 partners...
-Talking shit because you forgot to mine gold earlier

You know what else is total bs?
-Getting hero rushed by two Shadow Hunters who both learned serpent ward
-A ward that costs 30 mana, has no att cooldown, does 30 damage a hit, and has 150 or so life, with no casting cooldown.
-Raiders can net anything they want. Even heroes. Fiends can only net air.
-KOTG cheezing your hero with entangle, while other heroes beat on you

I think I hate warcraft. Or I hate people on bnet. One of the two. I tell them

I want them to know, I hate them. I hope everything bad in life happens to them, and only them. Nobody else.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go home, and fill their mama's dish.

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ROFL, while those tactics are not what you'd call respectable :p They are smart. No offense, I agree with ya that it's sort of stupid to do something like that against one guy (even if you did control the other two players, you can't be in 3 places at once, like they can) instead of just rushing and overwhelming the loner... But hey :p Gotta admire some of those smart moves. Wyverns to attack workers, classic. The uncatchable Blood Mage was pretty damn smart, and had to cost a bit of money, too. TP's aren't THAT cheap. Um, what was the point to burrowing FIFTEEN Fiends IN YOUR OWN TOWN?! Rofl! I mean, with towers he should have had the advantage, unless I missed something?

Well, hey, at least ya won! ;)

(Now I wanna see that replay, though, sounds fun to watch! :))


Gone but not forgotten
Damn ryoko you went to hell and back, btw you should have saved that replay that would have been a kickass match.

DM Cross

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If it was the last game he played, he'll still have the default "Last Replay Played" or whatever... You just rename it and it saves :D

Shadowy Fear

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Grr, I hate the steam tank thing -_-

One time, me and 2 friends were playing, and the enemy just pooled their resources to ONE PLAYER and then started pumping out steam tanks.

WE were busy making an 'alamo', when the steam tanks hit. Hard. A dozen tanks versus footmen and guard towers ~_~. We were barely able to kill TWO of them before our defenses were overwhelmed. They just went straight in and wiped out our bases. Boom. Boom. Boom. All 3 bases dead. Poof. As we start to rebuild, they follow up with MORE tanks (that go straight for our town halls) and a medium sized army. Workers targeted first. Now no base, no workers - no game -.-.-.-.-.-.

Lol, poor you, Ryoko :p

At least they didn't try and mine the gold mines --- mine as in goblin land mine, that is :>)

DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
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Ugh, I hate when someone sets up mines around a gold mine -.-

And by the way, you think THAT'S bad?! Classic strategy I've seen and used before:

Get the Archmage. Get him to level 6. Research Adept and Master level of training for Sorceresses. Cast Invisible onto a Peasent. March him into the center of the enemy base. Have a good 8 Steam Tanks, a small army, and your partner's heroes around ya. Cast Mass TP on the Peasent.

Watch the enemy town burn! :D


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hey if i was the 3 on the 3v1 i wud just get my teamates go 2 1 leaver, destroy the town, go to the next leaver base, and finnally its 3v1 w/ prolly fully uped tier 3 units and boom u win

but i must say congrats on pleing it out, u dun find that much :D


It only does everything.
Wow Ryoko..
Im good at ladder games but I am so bad at controlling other players..
Its cool hearing all your stories about leavers..
Do they actually get a free point? If so, they shouldn't


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This is why I only play 1v1 and 2v2s :)

1) If someone tanks, just block with your own seidge, since they can't attack them.
2) If some ass is being annoying and attack gold mines, build some towers at the rear of your base, and keep archers/ spiders/headhunters/guns there
3) wyvern stupidity, bat riders/guns/fiends usually work really well
4)Night elf annoyingness, build a bunch of tree's and eat your way into an unknown forest, and see if they get impatient enough to leave :banghead:
5)Blood mage- I don't think this is a problem, but I would just entangle and surround with bears, and he'd be gone in 2 seconds. Also would work with Chims.
6) that death and decay crap would be really hard, I guess you would need to zepplin over..... or mass air. It would be ALOT worse if it was earthquake.

Well, I woulda gone crazy before that, and probly left. Oh well.

It would be nice to see that game replay, if you have it. :)
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