Custom Hero Line Wars - |Mod's Pick|

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Hey guys this is a hero line war map where you can build your own hero!
It's mildly team based as it's harder to solo on later levels...
Anyway, many thanks to AceHart, as I couldn't have got it done the way I wanted it without him.
So hope you guys like it. :D
Enough of me enjoy :)

Map Description/Aim:
+ Build your own custom hero to stop enemy creep from reaching your end zone, all the while summoning creep (from the your respective town hall in the middle) to the other side to reach the opposing end zone. First team to get 200 creep to the enemies end zone wins!
+ Income, income, income. every 20 seconds you will receive income depending on how much creep you summon and what kind of creep you summon.
i.e the more you summon, the more money you get, the more you can summon or better creep next income!
+ In a tight squeeze? about to die? use your spell vault (at the back of your lane) to save yourself and others from that pesky 30 second revival time. and yes! the shrine spells do keep up with the creep, so it doesn't become useless late game!

Map Features:
+ Don't have a full house? don't wanna be red? don't have to be! if there's no red player, settings are chosen by the next player, even if there's an empty slot inbetween!
+ Choose from 72 different heroes and over 90 (91 to be exact) abilities to build your hero YOUR way.
+ Team play twist. team play is encouraged as creep get A LOT stronger making soloing difficult, thus try to have different builds between heroes.
+ Repick! don't like the way you built your hero? so rebuild it!
+ Creep to ability balance, removes the need for tomes so that heroes don't get too uber so that the game is unfinishable.
+ 5 tiers of creep. a normal game should finish on tier 4, but if the other team is too good? tier 5 (end game creep) should change that! uber creep but still balanced enough to take down with enough team work.
+ Chance stealers! losing chances to leaks early game? steal those chances back!
+ Difficulty is fully customisable on 4 different levels, for 4 different modifiers: armour, speed, damage and life
+ If you don't want to pick your modifiers, settings can be randomed OR can be progressively randomed. ie every 5 income rounds modifiers are re-randomed.
+ Impossible difficulty is a real test of team work and hero building skill only for the truly experienced, otherwise its gonna be a short game.
+ Impossible to easy for you? Try godlike difficulty!
+ 19 recipe items to help your hero last!

And of course report any bugs that you find. comments suggestions are welcome too :rolleyes:

Version History / Change Log:
v1.4 17/4/07

Difficulty Select system now has greater flexibility/customisability
Removed Immolation
Removed Taunt
Removed Impale
Marine is now an Agi hero
Marine can no longer take Eagle Eye
Rabid Wolverine is now a Str hero
Warlock no longer has splash attack, since it seemed it bugged out with black arrow
Reduced number of targets Multishot hit
Hotkeys for every skill, however some skills may clash
Dragon Heart hotkey is now "g" instead of "d" to stop accidental summon
Version number in top right corner is now correct
Beefed Infernal attack and immolation damage
Slightly Beefed Nukes and made static cooldowns
Increased Tier 2 Income requirement to 20k gold
Increased Tier 3 Income requirement to 1 Lumber
Increased Endgame Tier Income requirement to 450 Lumber
Nerfed Wrath of the Wild damage slightly
Lowered Mp/Int
Lowered Mps/Int
Increased Shrine Tornado mana cost to 60
Commando Aura bonus increased
Trueshot Aura bonus decreased
Avatars no longer have reincarnation, but now have double life

Synergy (Ultimate)
Gold Rush (Ultimate)
Concentration (Miscellaneous)
Stone Wall (Miscellaneous)
Dream Eater (AoE)
Freezing Spires (Nukes)
Monster Lure (Shrine)
Progressive Random (Game Mode)
Godlike (Game Mode)
No Recipes (Game Mode)
Skill Restrictions (Melee/Ranged only etc)
Ultimate skill Repick circle
21 new basic items
8 new recipes

Minion gains max level at level 50 so it no longer drains exp
Obs gold is set to 0 when obs mode is activated
Fixed essence duration tooltip to show the correct duration
Hero is now spell immune during "Ki Ken Tai no Ichi"
Fixed the "error message missing" message
Fixed Flash Flood collision radius
Fixed Mule taking train, so Mule can now carry it to the hero
Fixed Tree being summoned if you walk between the lanes

v1.4a&b 26/5/07
Slight reterraining
Shop rearrangement
Lowered tier 2 income requirement to 18k gold
Lowered Monster Lure mana cost to 200

Range bonus from Eagle Eye no longer sticks when repicking
Various problems with recipe buying
Stat bonuses no longer stick even though you don have the item
Various tooltips

v1.41 2/8/07
Creep abilities, added abilities to some creep, increased effectiveness of existing ones
Decreased Flash Flood damage radius
Increased Speeding Slash aoe
Changed Gold Rush to have a large aoe at low levels and smaller at higher
Lowered mana cost on auto cast arrows
Increased stock of Pack Mule to 5 instead of 3
Lowered Monster Lure mana cost from 200 to 150
Increased Tornado mana cost from 60 to 80
Volcano is no longer channeling
Lowered restock time on Upgradeable items from 25s to 20s
Lowered Concentration aoe
Trees are only half effected by gamble, ie 50% of current life not 1hp

Heavenly Grace (Ultimate)
Intimidating Presence (ultimate)
Bouncer protect system to stop them from taking orb effects
All Agi/Int/Str mode
2 new recipes

Hopefully ironed out all the recipe bugs
Hopefully removed the memory leak problem
Monster Lure can no longer be killed
Monster Lure can no longer be tornadoed
Seperated Bounty On/Off options to prevent double fire bug
Incinerate is now fixed

v1.42 28/11/07
Increased Endgame Income requirement from 450 to 750 lumber
Increased Endgame upgrade cost from 500 to 1000 lumber
Lowered Cool down on Volcano
Lowered Siege Golem (tier 2 creep) pulverize damage
Creep with Thorns Aura only effect themselves
Lowered Spirit of Vengeance (end game creep) chance to critical and critical multiplier
Lowered Wrath of the wild aoe
Serpent Wards now have spell immunity
Increased Synergy level bonus
Lowered cheap mana pot to replenish 250 instead of 500
Removed Black Arrow
Buffed Intimidating Presence

Web Ward (Summons)
Orb of Annihilation (Auto-Casts)
Tainted Weapon (Passive)
Anti-Magic Potion (Magic Items shop)
All Melee (Game mode) >>> [Can be mixed with all stats mode]
All Ranged (Game mode) >> [Can be mixed with all stats mode]

Finally tracked down the source of the lag
Fixed various tooltip typos etc

v1.42a 24/8/08
Changed healing wave hot key from E > W
Change aria hotkey from F > E
Buffed Endurance aura ms bonus
Buffed Soul Strip
Buffed Brilliance Aura
Buffed Unholy Aura
Nerfed Cleave, less aoe, less damage
Adjusted some abilities duration to cooldown (mostly nukes)
Tree of Death no longer effected by damage return
Tier 3 Ogre now has Healing Wave
Endgame Vengeance no longer has Cleave
Removed Orb of Annihilation (auto-cast)
Removed Tainted Weapons (passive)
Removed Volcano (ultimate)
Added Black Arrow (auto-cast)
Added Eruption (ultimate)

Fixed Update crash issue
Fixed Multi shot [clash with missile splash]
Fixed cheap mana pot tool tip 500 mana > 250 mana
Fixed required income tooltip for end game
Fixed Soul Strip learn tooltip highlight hotkey
Fixed mule not working with shop
Fixed summoned Infernal Immolation
Fixed Troll Healing stopping them from moving
Fixed All stats to apply properly for random heroes
Fixed tier 2 chance stealer bounty value

v1.42b 24/8/08
Nerfed Lightmare duration
Change Lightmare hotkey L > G

Fixed Eruption tooltip and hotkey
Fixed Brilliance Aura tooltip
Fixed Cleave tooltip
Fixed Poison Wave leveling

v1.43/a 11/2/09
Lava Spawn (Summons)
Temporal Armour (Passives)
Vitality Crush (AoE)

Remade Carrion Beetles
Remade Dream Eater
Buffed Infernal immolation damage and armour
Shortened Infernal cooldown
Buffed Serpent Ward damage (Now have splash attack)
Buffed Ki Ken Tai no Ichi duration and damage
Buffed Aura Minion to spawn at 5x level of ability from 4x
Nerfed Avatar duration
Nerfed Flash Flood duration and beasts/second
Nerfed Typhoon duration
Intimidating Presence now also slows attack speed
Removed the melee only restriction on Intimidating Presence

Stonewall now blocks spell/magic damage
Fixed Ki Ken Tai no Ichi tooltip to highlight hotkey "t"
Fixed Netherworld Gateway to slow properly
Fixed "-zoom" command to just zoom out without moving

v1.43b 14/2/09
Increased Carrion Beetle mana cost
Buffed Vitality Crush
Decreased Vitality Crush mana cost
Added floating text to Vitality Crush to show damage dealt
Added visual effect to Dream Eater when creep are returned
Increased Infernal cooldown and made static
Dream Eater now damages creep when returning

Fixed Serpent Ward attack

v1.43c 23/2/09
Added a protect to prevent Multishot being taken with Incinerate
Stray souls from Soul Strip have a toggleable function for auto possess
Random melee hero
Random ranged hero
Challenging (All green) (game mode)
Hard (All yellow) (game mode)
Insane (All red) (game mode)
Hotkey for upgrading tier > V

Tree of Death can now be affected by Dream Eater
Increased Tree of Death minimum income requirement to 750 lumber
Increased Tree of Death income penalty to 400 lumber
Fire Storm now has a lasting dps effect
Buffed Trueshot Aura
Buffed Storm Surge
Damage modifier spacing from 175+25 to 150+50
Buffed Vitality Crush
Creep no longer have Cleave
Nerfed Temporal Armour chances and stun duration

Fixed -zoom command
Fixed Typhoon tooltip
Fixed Dream Eater aoe to increase properly
Fixed Vitality Crush to count alive enemies only
Fixed a minor exploit


v1.6/a 20/11/09
Magic Mastery (Passives)
Passive Shrines (Game mode, removes all damaging spells from the shrine)
Random Skills (Random Skill Shop :p)

Remapped hotkeys to try and minimise clashing
Nerfed Typhoon slow rate and aoe
Shortened Frost Nova cooldown
Shortened Chain Lightning cooldown
Buffed Vitality Crush damage and aoe
Shortened Synergy cooldown

Fixed Vitality Crush to reset the counter on each cast
Fixed game difficulty text on preselect difficulty
Fixed Aura Minion tooltip to properly show the correct multiplier
Fixed issues with Temporal Armour spawning bizarre things

1.61/a 8/1/10
Infernal Resurrection (ultimate)
Orb of Annihilation (auto-cast)
Ability Sell System
Implemented Solo
(NB: solo will automatically activate if there is only one player, or if there is no one else on the other team. So you can have team solo events.)

Removed Cold Arrows
Added an additional effect to Brilliance Aura
Added an additional effect to Unholy Aura
Buffed Searing Arrows
Buffed Chain Lightning damage, reduced cool down
Buffed Forked Lightning
Buffed Freezing Spires damage, reduced cool down
Buffed Frost Nova damage, aoe
Redcued Howl of Terror cool down
Buffed Quick Snipe max targets
Buffed Shockwave damage
Buffed War Stomp damage, aoe, reduced cool down
Buffed Nether World Gateway damage
Buffed Orbital Bombardment damage
Nerfed Storm Surge damage, aoe, increased mana cost
Buffed Wrath of the Wild aoe, reduced mana cost growth
Wrath of the Wild now has static cool down and duration
Poision Wave now has static cool down and duration
Reduced Vitality Crush cool down
Reduced Elemental Explosion cool down and mana cost
Buffed Solar Flare aoe
Redid Solar Flare duration to cool down ratio
Redid Soul Strip cool down growth
Redid Pocket Factory duration to cool down ratio

Fixed Random skill generator to give the proper number of skills
Fixed the Multiboard kill counter to not give extra kills
Fixed Pocket Factory tooltip
Fixed Tier 3 ogre to cast healing wave properly
Fixed Creep to not stop running
Fixed Summoning outside of lanes

1.61b/c 21/1/10
-ss command
(Used in conjunction with Soul Strip. By default the souls spawned will have auto-possess on, with this command you can toggle it on or off for new souls that are spawned)

Recipe's no longer need space in the inventory to combine
(This only applies to items from the recipe shops, and will combine without the need for an inventory slot, provided that all the required components are currently in the inventory)
Lowered Fan of Knives starting CD (final CD is still the same)
Undid Quick Snipe max target buff
Quick Snipe no longer hits the other teams summons
Buffed Lava Spawn hp and attack speed
Buffed Orb of Annihilation aoe, and added a slight damage bonus
Buffed Typhoon slow aoe
Nerfed Typhoon damage aoe to match
Buffed Infernal Resurrection damage and aoe slightly
Buffed Elemental Explosion aoe slightly

Fixed team solo mode to activate properly
Fixed Orb of Annihilation lag issue
Fixed Ki Ken Tai no Ichi tooltip
Fixed Endurance Aura tooltip
Fixed Infernal Resurrection timing
Fixed Anti-magic potion to give Spell Immunity properly

1.61d 8/8/18

Fixed an issue with the latest WC3 update breaking the custom skill system

---Solo Versions---
v1.41 Solo v1 20/2/08
v1.41 Solo v2 22/2/08
>>Shrine wasn't working properly
v1.6a Solo v1 23/11/09
Deprecated as of v1.61
Solo mode activates if there are no opponents on the enemy team, allowing for solo and team solo play!

So please visit our website at: Currently Down.. =[
where it is available for download.

Or the wiki at:
for more information, strategies and guides.

And of course report any bugs that you find. Comments suggestions are welcome too :rolleyes:

if you want to get in touch with me on bnet:
Baka-Ranger on US west


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Working As Intended
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I downloaded now, but, as I stioll have a week of school, I have to goto school now :(

I will test sometime after school, and come back with some thoughts tonight.

Just remember it will take some time for your thread to get some people interested in your map, who want to help/comment.

My thread must have been around for 3 months (Including the one b4 the crash) and had very few replys. Though, after that long wait, I have finally got 3 really good beta testers from TH, each of whom helped out a lot.

Be patient, young padawon!


New Member
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It's actually a pretty good map, never played a hero line map before. :D
I'd give it a 4/5. Great job!


New Member
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Well maybe I was just being stupid :p I don't know, but in your map I couldn't really find the attacks of the units you can choose from at the beginning. (Though I downloaded it somewhere else. Could it be a different version?) But I liked the style. :)
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stavious said:
Well maybe I was just being stupid :p I don't know, but in your map I couldn't really find the attacks of the units you can choose from at the beginning. (Though I downloaded it somewhere else. Could it be a different version?) But I liked the style. :)
what do you mean the attacks of the units you choose from at the beginnig?
and any suggestions on how to improve?


New Member
Reaction score
Well most of the time when you choose a unit you get to know what attacks they have first, but your map was different in this way.
I can't tell you what to improve though since its not my real type of map. :eek:
Its good so, and I recommend people to play it. :D
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bump~ theres an updated version of the map on the front... took me awhile but i got it done... eventually....


I've wanted some1 to do this for A LONG time! I cant downloaad righte now at job... :banghead: but will once i get home! :p


sounds awesome im going to have to download this map as all i really ever play are hero line wars, lol
Reaction score
yay ive got a few hits on this now :D

any feed back? from the guys who downloaded this version or any of the older ones?
Reaction score
oh im sure its not hopeless if you can host it on bnet just host it. trust me people will come, considering that crappy HLW lition version gets played so much :rolleyes:
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Last Update???

UPDATE!! probably the last major update for awhile added difficulty settings for more experienced players. :)
Reaction score
i know the last few posts have been bumps from me, but in my defense, they were from nearly 2 weeks ago :p

anyways just a small update with fixes and balances. check the first post :)


I will just say something.....

I dont like your Hero Line Version, its very crappy, because of to strong shrine, no commandos or just books, no exp book, layout dont look nice, some spells is to imba and some sucks like hell, try make it balanced, it make no sence for how many heroes there are when you can choose your own spells....

I hope you will fix all that in your new version, good luck with that.

I will give 4/10 point to that.



Your version is not fun, all can choose same spells, its not good, why do you make lots of heroes when you just need 6, 2 int, 2 str, 2 agi, just 1 meele and 1 range, it is very bad. I still prefere Lition, I didn't like Lition for 3 mounths ago, now its very cool =)

I think your map will be better when all shines are weaker and all heroes got spells when you choose them and Balance the spells!!!

Ty =) It would be nice when you make that.
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