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The DIY Ninja
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I prefer Degeneration because the armor actually ends up multiplying my damage output by a ton.

As for Incinerate, I did use the Wind of the North or whatever it's called. It's the one that slows your target and does extra damage. Not sure what it was called. It was decent. I may try replacing Incinerate with a different spell though as Incinerate only is useful on target death and if it's a tree, that may not happen.

I can only kill trees if there are other mobs nearby as I can target them and use Incinerate's insane damage to kill the trees.


WEHZ Helper
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I'm assuming baka-ranger isn't updating this anymore?
I'd love to see updates!

I host this on Garena and people still join and love it!


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I liked it! I'm no big fan of hlw because I think all the previous maps released are plain shit. But this is a large improvment just because it has a lot more different factors to it. Played it with my friend and we had a blast!
Thanks mate.


I didnt slap you, i high 5'd your face.
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Try playing on garena, just like but a 3rd party program that allows you to host without extra open ports...

My build: Crit-tank
Cleave: for aoe clearing that cuts through armor
Critical Strike: uhhh-duhhh
Endurance Aura: bonus atk speed + movespeed is great for stopping leaks and stealers, every now and then i have to use a trap to kill it :/
Spiked Carapace: Bonus armor is huge, late game helps reach 100% reduction. Damage return is also huge, can kill trees and the hexxer creeps
Drunken Brawler: Evasion is great for survival and the bonus crit ability grants exponential crit stacking, both triggering at once gets crits in the millions with 42x-48x damage i believe... maxxed out that is

I have debated on getting command aura instead of spiked carapace, the extra damage would be a huge bonus, but idk whether it stacks with bonus damage and if not it wouldnt be a huge bonus late game

Nivius Regular
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hi friend, we need an update to this map, tooltips are broken for everything. its still active, but does not show.

if you are not able to, please allow me to fix it for you
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