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Discussion in 'Diablo' started by Oninuva, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Oninuva

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    No not from official blizzard representatives, but there has been a lot of talk about this on various blizzard forums, official and fan. What would happen if they did incorporate some sort of editor? I think it would be really great, imagine custom dungeons, or a pvp arena, DotA :D, sieges, all the possibilities!

    Only problems I see is people using this editor to make their characters really strong by exp or item areas. Know what I mean?
  2. Flare

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    According to an article on D3 in Total PC Gaming, I don't think there is going to be any form of editting

    If that is the case, maybe it'd be possible to develop mod tools and release them at a later date?

    Would be cool though :)
  3. Darthfett

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    I thought it was all randomly generated?

    DotA wouldn't work without computer allies. However, even if they did include an editor, I bet it would be really limited and not something you're imagining it would be. Probably just the "Terrain Editor" of Warcraft III at the most.
  4. Saintbob

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    I would pay silly amounts of money to have diablo 3 with an Editor.
    Take a look at Titan Quest and its Expansion Immortal Throne.
    A great game set in the mythical Greek Period, almost identical to Diablo 2, apart from a few things that make it a bit unique, but a very fun game still.

    And this comes complete with an Editor, to create your very own Custom games.

    If anyone has played Titan Quest or Diablo 2, the Editor for Titan Quest allows you to create a custom game the same size as the Singleplayer game, it also doesnt restrict you to 1 map and size. It allows you to link as many maps as you like to each other, with no loading screens when you pass through into different are as.
    Again if you have played the game you'll know what im talking about.

    There are a few issue however, such as 3rd party programs (Trainers) etc, and occasional toons that are OP.
    But im sure if Blizzard created an editor with Diablo 3, then they could more than likely do something as they do with all there games, to make it harder to use a 3rd party program.

    I for one would be chuffed to bits if they included an editor! :D

    Any thoughts?
  5. Lyerae

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    Parts of it'll be generated, whereas some will by static.

    Yeah, I can't really see much in the way of modding for D3.
    There's just not a lot of possibilities.
  6. Flare

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    Well, there are a fair share of possibilites (although, more in the line of modifying the difficulty and adding new things like items, abilities and creatures rather than redefining the style of gameplay) if the mods available for Diablo II are anything to go by (which do offer a refreshing new way to play the game, IMO). For example, the Median XL mod (the only mod I really played heavily) rebuilt all available classes from the ground up, with 30 (I think) new abilities each, along with new creatures, items etc. - gameplay is pretty much the same, but it breathes new life into the game.
  7. 13lade619

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    I would take a D3 editor over an sc2 one... theme-wise.
  8. punwisp

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    How dare you even HINT Dota on D3, how DARE YOU. The last thing we need is to have the diablo series completely ruined by a simpleton game with a community full of literally cocky 13 year olds.
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    Someone should do a case study of the democraphics for DotA. Average age, Average time spent playing the game, average time spent talking smack, average brain cells lost while smack-talking, etc. :p

    Okay back on topic. There will not be an editor for D3. There wasn't one for D1 or D2, why would Blizz include one with D3?

    While not directly supported, there have been many mods made for D2. I personally modded the game in different aspects a couple of times. I bet D3 will likely be the same way.
  10. Nenad

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    As far as i know D3 features the same system as in D1 and D2 with random level generation, by taking large bulks and adding them to eachother to create an almost unidentical level every time (although as you play you learn the patterns xD). There shouldn't be any editors as the game simply cause D3 isn't meant to be edited. Furthermore with blizzard taking extreme measures to antihack their games, i'd be surprised if you could even attempt to mod D3 later on.

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