Different Logos, Banners, and looks of the site throughout the years

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This graphic was used on the Site as of 1999 it is the earliest logo I can find for the site.

This Forum Post discusses the first Archive.org entry and talks about the original Special Members program and is great Historical Thread

The Following Archive.org entry from my old News Archive section is a great History of the site from 1999 - 2001 from when I was still a Blizzard MVP and my main source of visitors were for my Blizzard Tech Faqs. I did all that news stuff by hand back in those days and it was a total blast from the past going back and reading all that. I saved everything and Archive.org saved it for posterity.

Here is another very old Logo sometime around 2000 - 2001

Taken from this Archive.org entry where the sidebar was on the Right hand side

This Graphic was created by Chile in 2004 for a suggested site redesign

and a mock up for a site redesign suggested by Chile in 2004 - Chile is a mega talented media and graphics guy.

This is when we switched originally to VBulletin and the graphics were by Tender Fury and Chile 2001 - 2004 part of that time we were hosted by Wargasm at the-group.org as there was something going on with my web hosting

Here is an archive.org entry for the actual site of this above picture. The formatting is all messed up for some reason on my browser but check out the Advertising I was trying to do at the time. I figured if it was at the bottom of the page nobody would ever see it.

The above banner was used until 2005 then the Mods and Admins said they could no longer deal with the cheesiest and the Banner Contest was started. An Admin only thing at first got pushed to the regular forum.

The first one was the Winner. We used that Banner all the way until we switched to the Xenforo Forum Software - then it changed to what it is now - which is close to what it was but still varies.

Other Banner ideas submitted in the Banner Contest that were considered for the site redesign:

Button from 2008

2009 Christmas Banner

Halloween Banner - from the Halloween Banner thread.

Xenforo Switch Banner - or at least the one that won the Admin only contest to be the new banner. What we had as of 9-29-13 was slightly different.

Most Current Banner



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I been here since the 2004 theme... Although back then I had a different username to WildTurkey or Giv_me_rep but I could never remember what it was after I took a break from wc3...

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This has been updated with the Banner Contest submissions from the link I seeded here.


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Much of this pre-dates me. I've only been around since 2007, you know. Thanks for sharing!
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