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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Lyerae, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Lyerae

    Lyerae I keep popping up on this site from time to time.

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    I really, really, really need some new (free) games!
    Does anyone know of any good ones?

    Preferably RPGs, but (most) other games are good too.
    They need to be either compatible with WinXP or Ubuntu.

    HELP CURE MY BORDEM (and get some rep in the process)! :p
  2. ElderKingpin

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  3. Nigerianrulz

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    RUNESCAPE. LOL :thup:
  4. Lyerae

    Lyerae I keep popping up on this site from time to time.

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    Meh. If I had a membership, I might go back into playing it.

    (thanks for the links)
  5. Avaleirra

    Avaleirra Is back. Probably.

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    Counterstrike source
    Warcraft 3
    COD1 (the only good one IMO)
    wc3 battle.net
    half life 2
    left 4 dead (amazing)
  6. seph ir oth

    seph ir oth Mod'n Dat News Jon Staff Member

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    FREE games nub.

    It's not quite in your RPG market, but here's a good change-up game if you need a break from that genre:


    Go to "downloads" and get TM Nations Forever, the free version. The free version has plenty to do, however, and supports online play. People design some crazy race maps, heh.
  7. Venge22

    Venge22 New Member

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  8. Tru_Power22

    Tru_Power22 You can change this now in User CP.

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    Ew... Battleon.

    Go with:

    Any source mod really. There is some really cool stuff you can get.
  9. Avaleirra

    Avaleirra Is back. Probably.

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  10. Sim

    Sim Forum Administrator Staff Member

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    You can try Atlantica.
  11. Oninuva

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    World of Warcraft.
  12. LurkerAspect

    LurkerAspect Now officially a Super Lurker

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    Err... free games?

    If you're looking for free games, I'm afraid you won't find many genuine 'free' games. [del]You could torrent some proper games[/del], but that's also known as piracy :( I recommend heading down to your games store and checking out the 'budget' sections, there are some amazing games for really low prices that have been labelled 'budget' (like evolva, startopia, original war etc...)
  13. Flare

    Flare Stops copies me! Staff Member

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    I don't really know of (m)any good free games (other than a few flash games from Kongregate and Armor Games :p) but of the games that Avaleirrra has listed that I've played, it is very hard to go wrong with those (although WoW certainly isn't cheap so I'd stray away from that unless you really want to burn some cash :D). Most (if not all) of those should be available in a video game shop as budget titles, so you could probably pick them up fairly cheaply.

    CS:S would probably be my most recommended of that list since it'll keep you going for ages, I'm not sure what the multiplayer scene for CoD1 is like since I 'misplaced' the discs years ago :<

    There's also the Unreal games. Depending on where abouts you are living, you should be able to pick it up for a very nice sum. I got the Anthology (which includes Unreal + Return to Na Pali, Unreal II, Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition and Unreal Tournament 2004 Editor's Choice Edition) for €15, so I can't imagine it being more expensive than 20 or 25 euro in other regions (which still isn't half bad since you'd get 4 fantastic games from it).
  14. weblegend

    weblegend New Member

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    I strongly recommend dragon's call, it is awesome game, havent close beta yet, but soon, i am waiting
  15. Miz

    Miz Administrator

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    Please try to remain on the topic of Free, "Legally Free", Games, meaning you don't have to break piracy laws to get them.


    Though I think your selection of Games, besides MMORPGs (Which you will just get addicted to and pay them for the expansion or membership, etc.) and Flash Games is kind of limited, but yet again I play old fashion PC Games and that is rarely so my opinion is probably limited.
  16. ReVolver

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  17. Syndrome

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    Holy four year necro
  18. The Helper

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    Its a spam necro. Some spambot figured this would be a relevant post to spam a link in.
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