TD Mario Tower Defence


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Mario Tower Defence
Stop the evil bowser from destorying the land of mario build towers and kill his minions before they reach the land of mario.

If anyone wants to help out let me know so i can add you to the credits (if you help that is) people that made the models im using will be credited. Especially Dan for his mario models what would i do without them.

Suggestions and opinions are all welcome as i want to make this tower defence better then just another TD that noone likes to play once ive finished making the minigame i will be putting a test map up for people that have helped out to test. If there is noone ill be hosting it on battle net for random people to test with me and let me know if they find anything that seems wrong or needs to be changed.

Contents :


Thwomp Tower 5 upgrades - has AOE damage + chance to stun (Every upgrade makes AOE damage more and chance to stun increase)

Princess Peach Tower 3 upgrades - Frost attack (Every upgrade increases the frost splash and movement speed decrease)

Base Mario Tower 3 upgrades to Air and 3 upgrades to Ground - High damage (Every upgrade in air and ground increases damage and how fast he attacks)

Base Luigi Tower 3 upgrades to Air and 3 upgrades to Ground - Fast attack(Every upgrade in air and ground increases damage)

Boo Tower 5 upgrades - Poison attack (Every upgrade increases damage speed and poison slows movement speed more)

King Boo Tower 3 upgrades - Poison attack (Every upgrade increases damage speed and poison slows movement speed more) (WILL STACK WITH BOO TOWER)

Bullet Bill Tower 5 upgrades - Air Attacker (Every upgrade increases speed and speed)

Kamek Tower 5 upgrades - Magic attack (Every upgrade increases damage speed)


There is 30 levels at the moment every 5 levels is usually a air level except for level 15, 30 which are boss levels and level 25 which is a bonus level which is one unit that changes between star, red-green-poison mushroom, feather and flower and you receive the prize depending on which one you kill refer to the minigame for what each one gives.

There will be move levels as time goes on but during tests, etc 30 levels is enough for now.


Currently there is only 4 modes (shown below) but will add more like race random tower etc stuff like that but for now those 4 will do


Everyone recieves a Mario which starts off around the center of pipes. When you use the skill he has called Enter Pipe he moves to a different pipe within the center. Once ive finished making the minigame work during each level or at the end of each level or at certain times i havent decided yet there will be a bonus somewhere within the center pipes which everyone has a chance to get to entering pipes and picking up the bonus giving them a different prize depending on what it is but the bonus will move every 5-10 seconds and change what it is.

Star = 1 lumber
Red Mushroom - 1 Free tower Upgrade
Green Mushroom - 5 Free lives
Poison Mushroom - -5 lives
Feather - Endurance Aura On Builder +1
Flower - Command Aura On Builder + 1

Regarding Map Found One Little Problem With Red Mushroom Not Working Just Fixing it Up Before i Put Map Up.

Map Download is just below its just a test 30 levels bonus level at 25 air levels at 5, 10, 20 boss levels at 15,30 normal. Rest of the levels are ground i will be adding -air -boss -fast and if i come up with anymore ill post it here.

Suggestions on anything about the map post here please or email me

Beta Map Download


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i will be posting the beta up when i find a usage for lumber :p that doesnt require the use of towers :p

the minigame atm looks rather dodgey but whenever u enter a pipe it makes the warp sound which is a start.

but most of all that lumber thing lol xD any ideas? im out of them lol.


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hmm y don't you use it for special upgrades? idk um why dont oyu make this map also into a tower wars map? you can make it a mode? If you make a mode for either normal play or Tower wars play then for Tower wars play you can use the lumber to summon creeps for enemy units? and for normal it could be upgrades or you can buy spells for your towers that are kinda strong man im getting some really good ideas for this!
PM me if you want more ideas ok?


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im going to not use the lumber yet and later on put tower wars in i love that idea

theres plenty of space to put bases for spawning creeps and yeah

:) thanks for the idea :D :D


I abused the rep system.
XD np why dont you make it a mode like in the beginning of the game the host (I know a code that can detect host) and it will show to him a dialog that say Normal or Tower Wars then it will go to game difficulty dialog and there you go!


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Be sure to pm that code to me :D
thanks again :D

also if someone fins plenty of bugs etc and helps out alot ill be making login accounts to change skins and stuff (for builders and minigame char) I've made one for myself lol :D

its easy to do but ill need to make more creeps to make it more interesting ^^ as ive only got 30 levels theres only well 30 different creeps xD and prehaps 1 lumber summons between 1-5 or 5-10 etc

but im just saving the map now and ill post the link in here for people to have a gosie :D
be sure to let me know if u find any bugs and such :D.

also you need to be red to play it so prehaps ill change that as well in the next version


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I've just posted the BETA map download link up there

its currently at 3mb rather big but it has lots of custom skins / models in there.

Hope you all enjoy and post / email / pm bugs to me thank you :)


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i stuffed up one thing in the map :p i had to take it down for the time being but it will be up sometime during the weekend

its a large map cause theres alot of custom skins init and yes i opt'ed it xD saved 1mb


I abused the rep system.
Hey do you need any triggers done? Ill do it! lol in Jass if its okay?
(I'm in the middle of learning it so I want to test my new skills)


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Ok the map is back up again :)

spawns are done and all modes work so far

if there is something wrong let me know :D thanks.
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