Health Measles infected 34,000 in Europe in two months, says WHO

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    The World Health Organization on Tuesday said there had been a sharp rise in the number of measles cases across Europe in January and February of this this year, with more than 34,000 people catching the disease.

    Cases recorded across 421 countries resulted in 13 deaths. The number of cases was almost three times greater than for the first two months of 2018.

    In Germany on Tuesday, local authorities in the northern state of Lower Saxony said that an adult had died of measles, though they did not give an age or gender for the victim.

    The WHO is urging authorities to ensure that vulnerable people are vaccinated, with the disease currently spreading in many parts of the world.

    "If outbreak response is not timely and comprehensive, the virus will find its way into more pockets of vulnerable individuals and potentially spread to additional countries within and beyond the region," the WHO said in a statement.

    "Every opportunity should be used to vaccinate susceptible children, adolescents and adults."

    Read more here. (DW, Deutsche Welle)

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