My Warcraft Poems


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My Warcraft Poems:

My peasants are weak and ther'e tired.
My 50k mine has expired.
Red has got Chims,
I towered to win,
But siege killed them before they could fire.

The burrows are spiked,
The Peons are running.
My hero harass,
Teal knows it is comming.

2 Wolves on a burrow,
Its starting to burn,
I text " LOL noob "
Experience I will earn.

But to my suprise,
My FS is too weak,
Soft hero, hit by stormbolt,
From a MK that TP'd.

"WTF" I text.
"OMG" you noob
I clicked on a potion,
Instead I got screwed.

Now my hero is dead,
2 heros on there way,
My partner is tower rushing,
But spent 3 min AFK.

RT is for noobs.
Many they are.
Next time I will tower,
Before my hero goes out far.

-Curtis Walker.


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Last line's meter is broke.

Otherwise, excellent.


Innumerate towers bastion'd
With manifold apertures for en'my death
But the horrible rocks innumerate
Came and hail'd on my towers invulnerate
And strongly suggested to me
In ways most adamantine
That I should go back to playing TD's.


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My peasants are mining,
My peasants are mining,
If we harass, we will win,
Our strategy is timing.
Red, take the top,
I'll take the bottom.
UD went DK,
NE just went POTM.

Red hits with a wave,
6 foots and an AM.
He precasted elementals,
So with 2 he went in.

UD pulled his ghouls,
6 from army and 2 from wood.
The battle started raging,
The micro Uber good.

3 foots dead, 2 ghouls dead,
An AM on the brink,
Red trys to TP, A lvl 2 hero,
Instead of a fallback retreat.

His plan was foiled,
The death coil spoiled,
His TP before he could click.

His AM had fell,
A resident of hell,
And 4 footies,
Left in the thick.

But for me on the bottom,
Life is OK,
For this is RT and NE, AFK!
OMFG, WTF, a waste of my time.

My partner got jwned,
Yet the battle is fine.

I pop NE's tree,
I text "LOL"
"Your partner was a noob!"
"So is Red, I can tell"

But this is War3,
An unpredictable game,
UD is worried,
Another loss on his name.

Out of sympathy and dispair,
I really dont care.
For this is my smurf
And its time to blow some purple kush in the air!

I TP to red. PK PK PK
"OMFG noob, WTF are you doing!!"
"We were winning, and now we are losing."
Then I call him a n00b and take a hit of this Uber bud.

UD lags out. Poor bastard.
And we still win you see,
Because this is RT.

-Curtis Walker
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