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Here is a skin for the Polar Bear i made.
Feel free to use it.

(Pics a little big)





  • Polar Bear
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An interesting view of polar bears you have here :). I'd like to see portrait picture too, if possible.

Good job :thup:!
Whoa never seen a polar bear that looked like that.

you made this with coloured pencil's??
Stylish. I like it, but I think it would only work if all of the other units and doodads were made in the same style.
Well, I like the cartoony design but it looks real bad on the model. :(

You should add shading and give it a more realistic feel.
Wow, lolz if people like things like this I should spam moar skins..
Very interesting... I didn't know Polar bears have hair and wears make-up...
Very nice! +rep.
Well doesn't look good in my opinion, not even for a cartoon. Yet you should rename the thread to CARTOON polar bear skin :p
Well, there aren't many skinners here... Thus, a lot of people would say "That is awesome" or "I <3 it" to anything... :p
I know, but if applying a photoshop effect, copy pasting a google rock image, and subbmiting it makes everyone say "OOH HOW GREAT IT AWESOM" and +rep you, I could submitt over 1000 without taking much time and work, and get as much rep as acehart... o_O

But I don't really care... I just make lots of skins and refrain from posting them because they suck.. And then seeing people post CnP's and other easy skins that I would remake myself faster then I could Download them probably... Lol.

Anyways, Im working on submitting my boat travel system and my hero packs wich include custom spells, icons, skins, and models so I dont really have time to do that..
I was wondering, shouldn't a polar bear has white skin all over the body?

The, grey spike looks ugly on my sight.
I don't like it at all....
Looks like it has a rock at the top of it. and all the 'cartoonish' designs just don't work in warcraft (I mean that they don't look good :p)

Also, on the unwrap, The green in the top left corner is very choppy. And it looks like you drew around the features on the original, made it all white except the outline, and did random coloured brushes inside them.
The texture is friggin horrible. Really...I would not post finalized works that only have about 2 or 3 basic principles in art. You need shading and you have no sense in balance.
This skin is interestingly strange.
It would fit excitingly well into a map with a circus theme.


I seriously dont approve of your approval. The skin lacks pretty much all quality principles.
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