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Yup yup...might as well post something over here...i da 1st to post rap??? Its a topical subject about drowning.

Drown Topical

I put My Walkman Down And Stop listening to Written-Rhymes-Of-Wisdom
All Kitted Up Finally gonna Complete My Life-Time-Ambition
Man Describing the Sea-Of-Leisure, Safety-Prosedures...Ha! Who Needs-Em'!?
"Take This Seriour Sir" Its Funny...I Continue To Tease-Him'
I Frantically Clutch-And-Grab but It all Slips-Though-My-Hands (Water)
My Heart's-All-Distraught I'm Falling Gently As My Mind Leaks-With-Thoughts
The Water Depth makes An Old Cut Bleed...Oh Shit My Bloods Green! Starts to Reek-And-Rot
My Oxygen Tank Explodes! It Floats-Above, I Struggle…It Just Erodes-My-Gloves!
Under the Pressure It Feels like My Heart Twisted-In-Knots Ripped Til' Its Completly-Apart
So I Stay Still as The "Still" Drags Me Down-The-Sea
If I Died...I Solemnly Wonder Where Would-I-Be?
Waves Flow Transparently Through All The Organs In my Body I wanna Shout but Instead I'm Moanin
My Lungs are No Good Soon I believe the Strife-Will-Come-To-An-Endin
My Floating-Flow Fills Up-My-Nose and My Heart-Pounds to a Minimum
The Arms of Death Embrace Me…Soothes…It’s the Equilibrium

1: Blood Looks Green When you're underwater at a certain pressure.

Hate plz :cool:


"I give em the hip then I take it away"-Jim Thorpe

that sounds wayyyy more like a poem then a rap, not that there is much difference, but it just doesnt seem gangsterishy enough,

for a poem its not bad though;)
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