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Writer's Corner

Reading and writing are two of my own personal interests. I love reading, mostly fantasy, and I also love writing it! So, I figured why not discuss it with others? :D

This thread is for...well...Anything literature-related! :D

Have a book you like?
Have a book you hate?
Want to start a book, but can't get that beginning down?
Or just want to talk in general about some story or book you like?

Here's the place! :)

Welcome to the writer's corner!
Oddly enough, I had thought of starting a thread like this just earlier today. But I don't feel like i have the authority or the longevity at this site to start entirely new topics, especially on a very unrelated topic.

I am writing a book, but it doesn't seem long enough. My first few chapters are only a paltry couple of pages each. Most books that are long and good load the storyline with plenty of detail, and conversations and descriptions that have no relevance to the plot in the long run. For me, just about everything I say is important, I jump right into the action. So am I to just stuff detail into every nook and cranny so my book doesn't seem weak or short-lived?
The idea is that you start with the basics like that, because that is the best book there can be...and that is for most men (wanting you to get to the point). But the women (most), they like detail. You have to go back and spruce up your paragraphs to contain useless nothing...with a very long way of getting to the point, sort of like what I am doing now :D

Either way, your book shouldn't be incredibly short lived. An action scene or famous bit of dialogue can't be several paragraphs long, but rather a page or two.

Me? My only finished ideas which haven't been built upon (could have more detail if I feel like doing so) are about 30-40 pages long. 8000-12000 words.
Rinpun said:
because that is the best book there can be...and that is for most men (wanting you to get to the point
Well your right about that, as much as I can't stand reading pages of meaningless details, writing it is nearly impossible. So, you go back and add detail to impress the ladies? Lol, good thinking Rinpun.
It's just like love-making.... just want to get straight to the point....

..while women value the journey over anything else.......
I actually just recently wrote the summary for Society's Shadow...Those of you who know me know this is like my 14th book idea. I'm still rewriting Corruption so it doesn't suck. And speaking of which:

I won't be on a lot...My internet connection is being really gay, so I don't know if I'll have access to this site from home, but I can type here in Computer class...Just telling ya so no one wonders where the hell I'm going! :p

Anyway, here's the summary for Society's Shadow. (BTW, I may copy my other summaries over from a different thread, just so you people can take a look! :D

Society's Shadow
In a shattered world, there are two kinds of people. There are the normal people of society, and then, there are the "shadows" of society. Freaks, misfits, mutants and outcasts, these people have to try their best to use their unique gifts and curses to try to survive in a world where they are hunted down like diseased, rabid animals. Brittany, one such child, must now learn to fight as she is taken in by a band of rebels. With only the ghosts of ages past at her side, she must do her best in surviving the war against society itself.
I don't think it's that women prefer the details while men prefer the basics. I think it's preference over what's being detailed. For example, my husband likes to read details about the story's battles and fights, (who was positioned where, who was fighting who, what was the killing blow and how did the killed character die and what was the overall impact of who lost and who won) whereas I prefer details that advance the story line more (I tend to skim the fight scene and get on with what did the winning side do after? what were their next plans? did the losing side come up with a scheme to win in the end?) and we both like details that let you into the soul of the character- quirks and traits that make the character interesting. But I think everyone can agree that too much detail on any particular thing can be a story killer. Like Nathaniel Hawthorne, Scarlet Letter is a pretty interesting story over all, but try reading the book....UGH! Who wants to read about how exactly a leaf is falling from a tree for two pages. So I guess I'm saying don't throw in useless filler to pad a story, come up with some new imagery that lets the reader picture your character how you picture them, or add in a side plot that reveals more of the character's personality or is just a funny idea you had that provides some comic relief. Then both guys and girls will enjoy reading your tale.
1JadedJen said:
I tend to skim the fight scene and get on with what did the winning side do after
Skim....through the fight scenes? In most fight scenes there are incredibly important bits of plot information, or dramatic dialogue, or important deaths. I guess I should extend my dialogues, so that more information about the characters is given. Right now reading it would make people confused, an effect I only want for a select few characters...
I, myself, like everything (details) but the "Romance" (they do a bad job describing that in pretty much every book I've read).

Others are a little more picky in their writing >_>


I personally can't read almost anything but fantasy and sci-fi...Everything else is just...Really boring :p But that doesn't mean I dislike the other genres, they all do whatever they enjoy, and that's alright with me! :D As long as I don't have to read it! :p
Marksman said:
Skim....through the fight scenes? In most fight scenes there are incredibly important bits of plot information, or dramatic dialogue, or important deaths.

That's very true, I do try and read most of the fight scene just for that but always just end up skimming over it to get an overall idea of what's going on and keep an eye out for the things you mentioned. I'll try and work on being better at actually reading those scenes but like I said, different details for different folks.
I tend to pay more attention to the conversation. Anything not in ""s is skimmable.
I actually did write a ~50 page novel when I was about 12 years old. The overall ideas were somewhat copied from lord of the rings (which I had just read at the time), and the writing style wasn't the best, but I was still proud of it at the time.

I then started on a sequel to it that had a much better writing style, but I didn't plan it out well enough so I stopped work on it.

I was thinking about redoing the story using a game engine, but it had a few too many flaws in it so I probably won't...........
Yea, you should have your own ideas :D

Any thoughts currently on your mind? I have a few, but I'm not going to release them unless people want them :)
I do yes, and I think its a very good one, one that I would like to realise through creation via a game engine. If games like Dragon Age or Dungeon Siege II come with decent modding capabilities, I might just give myself the green light to start working on it.
Heheh. Well I have some simple ideas and some amusing ideas which I might attempt to put onto the PS3 or the PS4 just for kicks. I was thinking an advanced Alien Hominid of sort. Except, no alien, no FBI people chasing you...just the platforming and coolness in the fighting :D

I imagine a Maya-created (I've been working on it recently on side of LoaP) pigeon that bobs around beating up mice gangs and Cat empire with 1337 martial arts. Definitely something for the consoles coming out in the next few years though--there is going to be eye candy like the pigeon when hit loses Feather collectibles that float slowly to the ground and can be picked up before they do. And when the pigeon loses all of his feathers, well, that's just one way of dying.

You might point and laugh at me, but I think it's a good idea :D

You know what they say..."it!"
...You know what else they say?

Wanna try on this straight jacket?! :D

Naw, I think it's a crazy idea, but hey, most are! Hell, I got a few laughs out of people when I told them I was thinking of being an author...Apparently, my books would be too 'goth' because I'm too 'goth'...Don't ask! -.-

Though, they do tend to lean more toward darker intentions, but hey, dark isn't evil. Just dark! :D
It's stupid what people say about vampires and all those ideas :rolleyes:

The whole Goth idea is mainly just a "lifestyle". If you say you are "Goth" you are "Goth". The main distinguishing figure is dark clothes.

Definitely. Dark isn't evil. While I don't prefer it, I don't exactly consider it "evil". If you don't like the Sun's rays, you are perfectly entitled to your thought. Now is that "evil"? I think not. Evil is better off relating to demons and merciless slaughter and lies.

Oh and speaking of "dark coloring" the Pigeon idea I had also includes the idea of astonishingly realistic on terms of coloring. Aka, no toon shading :D
Rinpun, I love you!


First off, I'm a Wiccan. Second off, the dark colors has NOTHING to do with depression. The HONEST answer of why I wear so many dark colors is to keep people from being jerks. When I was younger, I wore anything, but people complained I didn't "match". (-.-) So, I went to white, black, and grey...THEN! People starting being idiots because my white clothese weren't always SPOTLESS! So you know what?! SCREW IT! I WEAR BLACK!

And just to clarify a few things: Wiccans are NOT devil worshippers. We don't even believe in the Devil! We don't even beleive in HELL! Do we practice "magic"? Um, define "magic". I do most of the Sabbath (holiday) rituals, but I don't exactly call that magic...It's just our rituals, like Christmas is for Christians!

That had absolutely NOTHING to do with literature, but you know what?! THAT'S OK!
I never understand all these lifestyles :rolleyes:

:banghead: :banghead:

There, now that my head is emptied, I can continue on with my "I don't care what the heck everyone thinks" lifestyle.
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