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DM Cross

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My work

Since this thread was originally devoted to literature, I've decided that I'll, if asked, share mine with you! :D The following is the long list of my writing (poetry and book) you may ask about anything, and if you ask, I might post some poems, or maybe a chapter or two...

Beyond Death's Door
Dark Rituals
The Demonic Angel
A Druid's Tale
The Light in the Shadow
Lone Wolf Complex
Lost at Mind
The Lost Crossroads
Past Conflicts
Society's Shadow
Truth Hunter

Act 1 - The Fear Act
Act 2 - The Depression Act
Act 3 - The Rage Act
All Hallow's Eve
All I Want
All Mine
Blood Oath
Break It
Corruption (the poem)
Dark Street
The Demonic Angel (the poem)
Don't Help
The Effects of Music
Empty Wishes
The End
False Lessons
Fate's Dagger
From the Start
Held Dear
Hell Incarnate
Hurt Me
I Hate You
I Love You
I'm Not Okay
I'm Real
Imagine, Picture, Pretend
It's Time
Just Like Before
Keep Walking
A Letter to an Angel
My Insanity
My Last Fall
My Way of Life
Nightmare (published)
No Longer
One Day
Past Conflict (the poem)
Point of View
The Point
The Reaper
Shadow Zone
Shattered Love
Suicide Note
Thank You
This Road
Tried in Vain
Winds of Change
Wrong Way
Your Name


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Oooh. Well if it doesn't bother you, may I see the 3 "Act" Poems?

DM Cross

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(Edited for content)

The Fear Act…
Dedicated to my Demons, who I used to fear so badly, and now pity…

They’ve told me that the only thing to fear is fear itself…
But I’ve always had a lot to fear, myself…

Born into the world of two Demons, I had no reassurance
Nothing to shield my soul from this entire disturbance
I started my fear that very first instance

I woke in fear, slept in fear, and walked in fear
Afraid so much, I was afraid to even shed tears…
And so I was damned, to grow afraid for all these years

A sign of weakness would just make them press me harder
They would just see it more fun to push me farther…

There was no point in fighting because there was no way to win
No way to stop them in their hideous sin
I would just wait and brace myself to be stricken
After all this fear and pain, my soul began to sicken…

They broke my soul, crushed my will, and stole my sanity
All with these never ending acts of inhumanity…

And so I go on, a shell of a child from here on out
Too afraid to do anything; too afraid to shout…

The Depression Act…
Dedicated to absolutely nothing but total chaos…Or, in other words, my life…

Ever have a day where you just don’t know how to feel?
You’re so completely zoned out; you forget what’s real…
And you get stressed, because all this, you’re trying to conceal?
Do you ever just wish someone would tell you how to feel?

Depression, obsession, add a little insanity
Days like this, I wish I could destroy all of humanity

Break it down, blow it away
I just can’t figure out how to feel today…
What do I do, to make this all okay?
This is one of those days; you just wish you could run away

What the hell, why do I have to feel like this?
So confused, and pissed off, and wishing I didn’t exist…

It seems as though the fabric of my life has begun to rip and tear
And I’m so lost, and confused…that I don’t really care…

The Rage Act
Dedicated to anger, pure and simple, after all, I’ve got so much in me…

Screw you and all that you call real
I hate how you always tell me to deal
What’s your problem, why’s it my joy you have to steal?
I don’t care what I say anymore, or how it makes anyone feel…

So you wanna slap my face?
Try to put me in my place?
Just leave me alone, and give me space
And I promise I’ll disappear without a trace
Because I know I can’t win this race...
All because of my slow, methodical pace

So you’re gonna beat me down?
Scatter the shards of my heart around…
Crush me beneath this weight, pound by pound
Deafen my world, and rob me of sound
Move over Satan, a new devil be crowned…

I just can’t take what you’ve done to me
You’ve ripped out my eyes so I can’t even see
And you’ve broken my soul, so I don’t even want to be
I know what I am, don’t call me crazy

All this stuff you want to put me through
Can’t even let me do what I want to do
Just leave me alone, and forget me, too
Just screw your life, screw your opinion, and screw you!

(That last one had to be edited quite a bit! :D All those 'screw's weren't 'screw's before...Heh, angry times...)


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Heheh, sounded like the author had a serious mood swing :D:D

Not bad. :)

DM Cross

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Actually, those were written far apart. Each act is a different 'stage' of my life. Get it? Acts, like in a play? And hey, just because I SEEM silly and funny doesn't mean I'm ALWAYS silly and funny. Let's just say there's a lot you don't know about me...


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I know. :)

Not know much about you? Well you haven't seen what I've had to go through every now and then, so I suppose it's kind of silly to take that kind of stance :(

I'd say I'd fit that 2nd act quite well quite often. 1st act never. Fear is lame. Depression is lame, but I'd suppose I wouldn't feel like that when I've hit a mood swing :p

3rd act pretty much never. Last time that happened the results quickly didn't turn out in my favor.

DM Cross

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Saying you don't know a lot about me doesn't mean you haven't gone through some really bad s*** yourself. It just means you don't know a lot about me and my conflicts...

As for the acts?

The first one was when I was 8. I didn't really have much else but to be afraid of people bigger then me, which is mostly everyone. I'm a short, skinny dude.

The second one is almost always constant. I always feel and think it, I just tend to let it slide.

The third one? Well, let's say I didn't like that time of my life. And leave it at that.


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Have you seen your mom in chains when you were 10?

Please, don't remind me :(



Well I've continuously been short and skinny. It's dumb to feel fear, but I suppose you were eight and therefore incredibly stupid :D I recall feeling the same, so I was moved up a grade, where people were more considerate on intelligence than physical skill. Now I'm short and skinny, but "smart" and as far as I know the people I know respect me in that various particular :)

It's not that I'm depressed due to the amount of bad things that happen, but rather for no reason at all. It's annoying to suddenly find you can't think of anything but negative happenings. Good thing that's not the case now :D

DM Cross

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No, I haven't.

Ever been thrown through a glass door? By your father?

Hope not.

Depression isn't just...something I feel for no reason. When I'm upset, I have a reason, I don't recall a time I've ever 'just not felt good'. If I didn't have any real mood, I was alright...Not high, not low, just sort of there...It wasn't bad or good, just was there...Hard to explain, but the point is: everytime I'm depressed, there's a reason behind it. That's why I write the poetry. It gets a lot of feeling I don't want, out where I don't have to feel it anymore...My own personal medicine :)


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Ouch. Accident or on purpose? Twas a good thing my house is made out of wood, because I get thrown into it a lot...on purpose :eek:

I've never felt much physical anguish, I've been more of a dealer than a receiver on that part.

Heheh. My medicine is Music combined with Art--typically modeling. *Stares at city landscape* Oooh yea....


My point was that we've all had our troubles, therefore saying the line "well you would not want to know about me" is somewhat prideful and arrogant in and of itself, because everyone experiences troubles, whether they seem dumb or not (my younger brother has all the gifts in the world (he's smart AND big...he's six and as tall as I was when I was 8-10) and he complains every time you put one of his numerable toys, of which he has in many different variations already, out of his reach). Doesn't matter much to me, just pointing it out :)

DM Cross

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Heh...Accident...Oh, you weren't kidding?

Yeah, poetry is my medicine, but let's call music my life support! ;) And then there's a very special person in my life that I would never leave behind like that, so we can include her too! :D

As far as receiving ends...Um, yeah, I'm deffinately the receiving end of a lot. It SEEMS to me that your depression, however, is having to deal with the pain dealt to others. Now, I'm only going on ONE thing you've mentioned, so I will state right now: I'm probably wrong.

HOWEVER, I CAN state on MY experiences: It was never someone else getting hurt. Emotionally? Physically? Mentally? It was me. Always me.


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Hmm, well I honestly don't know what causes my depression.

I mainly get depressed when I'm misunderstood, onside of your mention. This misunderstanding is usually because Dad's a bit headstrong with himself...and likes to take his information from the more dishonest of the family. Basically, a sister says you hit her when you didn't even touch her, stupid stuff like that, and the next thing you know, your computer's gone for a day or two until you tell Dad that "oh I did do that. I was wrong. What do I have to do for my coughdemoniccough sister?"


And I suppose that's why I'm always on the computer. It's much easier to speak here than with incompetent siblings :D

Once I'm depressed about misunderstanding, I get more depressed based on other things. And then Depression quickly turns to anger and back, and then I'm back in my carefree mood.

Strange, I tell you, strange :D

*Bites into a muffin*


By the way, what music do you listen to?

DM Cross

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Music wise, I'm mostly metal and rock. Most people tend to say that it's just some idiot screaming into a mic, but not all of it. Disturbed doesn't scream, Godsmack doesn't scream. Slipknot does, but they also have their songs where you can really get the feeling out of it, and that's why I listen to music at all: To try to get that feeling out of it...It's great to know that someone made a living out of expressing the same feelings you yourself have felt before.


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Most (but not all) bands ARE some idiot screaming/talking into a microphone :D

Me? Hmm, what do I like? Quite a lot of different genres I suppose. Rock, but not Heavy Metal. I don't get pleasure out of hearing constant screaming, but that's just me. I wouldn't say Heavy Metal is horrid. Pop, but more in the meaningful side. I can't stand people talking about "oh I lost my nonexistant girlfriend/boyfriend" over and over again :D

(On another note, do you think the Blues is a much better way of expressing depression than Country or vice versa? I'd go with the Blues :D)

DM Cross

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Hmm, Blues. But this isn't the music thread! ;) Literature, and we HAVE already strayed far away from that topic...


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You are quite right. Hm, let me see if there are any other poems of yours that have interesting titles....

What's This Road?

DM Cross

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This Road...
Dedicated to ‘this road’, or my life...

In the fast lane of this life’s race
I feel so slow, I’m last place

Too slow to forget this pain
Too fast to love in the fast lane

The last race is about to commence
These roads are entwined, they don’t make sense

It’s too dark to find my way
Looks like I won’t be racing today

So I sit on the side
Holding my broken pride

Driving alone on a back street
Breaking the rules because these lines don’t meet

On this road, there is no happiness, no fun
There’s no light because I’m driving away from the sun

In this darkest night, I look to the stars to shine
To make everything better, to make it all fine

<A note: This thread is about LITERATURE, not MY literature! I just posted the list in case anyone was curious, because the only way you're getting most of it, is from me! :D And it IS literature. You can talk about any poem or book that you like, I don't care. Again: this isn't MY thread, it's LITERATURE's thread! :D)


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I know, it's just that every time I get to posting one of my ideas it leaves me.

DM Cross

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Oh, I know that feeling...A good 10 of those poems sat on a disk for about 10 days, unfinished and unnamed because the flow of words just sort of died. -.-



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It is very annoying :(


And the hitting myself doesn't help me remember exactly what it was. Either way it was something about how the Angels viewed things and...nope that's all I can remember :D

*Stares at Microsoft Word*

I hate you. Why must you stare at me with your white blankness? Why can't it be black blankness, or some useless gibberish? It's just so...mocking.
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